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  1. Hello, Just wondering if anyone might be able to answer this question regarding shows. I know the Howl at the Moon performances are not something that can be reserved. What I am wondering is how many shows they will put on during a 5 night sailing? I would love to be able to catch them a couple times during our time on the Breakaway.
  2. Where are the HERO cards found? I do not remember seeing them when we sailed on NCL before. I am sure they were there and I just missed them.
  3. I will see if I can intercept the letter for sure. If not oh well. I will be using the regular luggage tags if I am successful in hiding the letter. For those who are not included is there a suggested amount for the service they provide? New to the Haven experience so I appreciate any information provided.
  4. Awesome, if thats when she notices then no worries. Who gets the prepaid gratuities in the Haven? I do not want to feel we are stiffing the waiter in the Haven restaurant.
  5. I am hoping this is true, we needed to cancel a sailing due to logistic conflicts. We are just waiting on the deposit and wifi upgrade charge. Cancelled yesterday.
  6. Good to know, I will talk with our TA to see what can be done. Thank you.
  7. Haven questions before sailing. Does NCL contact you before hand to ask preferences? Do they send anything in the mail about being a Haven guest? Are there special baggage tags for the Haven? I am asking all of this because I upgraded our sailing to the Haven as a surprise for my wife. I am hoping she does not find out until we walk into the cruise terminal.
  8. Ohh, good to know. I wonder where we will go if the new port does not open by the time we are scheduled to be there? I am not expecting you to have that answer. A lot of time between then and now. Either way we will be on a cruise 🙂
  9. @Topdog52I personally would pick the Escape. I really enjoyed my time on her. I am trying to find a cruise that works with our schedule so we can sail on her again. We are booked to sail on the Breakaway April 2021 and going to Puerto Plata. I love to look and see what the possibilities are in each port. However, I am not having much luck since all I see is info for Amber Cove. Maybe I am missing something, but I thought AC was just for Carnival. Anyone know where to look for information? Tripadvisor and the NCL website are not helping much. Google searches are where I am getting Amber Cove.
  10. No where near false. By touching and moving the mask around you are touching it, therefore whatever you have on your hands is transferred to the mask. The best possible solution is to wash your hands and not touch your face. The mask is a false sense of protection.
  11. Not if the wearer is messing with it all the time.
  12. 100% agree with this. Every time I see people with actual masks they are tugging at them, wearing them down on their chin or not covering their nose. They are becoming pointless. I hope cruise ships do not implement requirements for the masks. With eating and drinking there is no point to have them on.
  13. Just reading through the posts here, all great info and pics. Thanks for sharing!
  14. I plan things out well in advance as well. I have read rumblings about the price drop after final payment. I fully understand that, but there is no way for us to vacation looking for "last minute" deals on sailings. Too many factors that prevent it. When I find the price that works for us far enough out we book it. This also allows for me to get my panning hat on 🙂
  15. SMH, I never clicked on that. I always went to the travel blog. That is some of what I am looking for. I clicked on the itinerary announcement and it the same info as on the Travel Blog. Maybe I am overthinking it. I would like to know if there is news on the new class of ships and the Edge renovation project. Are all the ships getting the Edge treatment completed? Or are there more getting renovated? Again maybe I am thinking to much into it or just being impatient for news 🙂
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