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  1. Just wondering if a press release or anything was published about the work done on the Escape?
  2. I do not like the look of the beds with the big dip down the middle. Super nit picky, I know, but it just seems like it would be a nuisance.
  3. OK good to know. I just want to make sure I am prepared 🙂
  4. Hello, I apologize if this has been asked and answered before. However, I was under the impression that when informing NCL that a C-Pap will be used in the cabin that NCL will provide both distilled water and an extension cord. I received an email from NCL stating they will provide water, but asked me to bring my own extension cord. The email stated they do have some available, but are 1st come 1st serve and could run out. I understand they do not have an infinite supply of cords, no problem. My question is what kind of cord is allowed to be in the stateroom? There are r
  5. I cant wait to try that place!
  6. We have a Tortola stop on our sailing next year and I was bummed to see the 1p stop. Has any ever found out why the stop there is so short? I just find it odd.
  7. 545 for us, we have a sailing with RC later this year though 🙂
  8. Yes! I was hoping for some sort of pool back there that could be covered during the night time parties back there.
  9. Look at that beautiful ship! And no race track!
  10. Does anyone know how long this dry dock is supposed to last?
  11. Does anyone know if they have done anything to help mitigate the cigarette smoke smell from the casino area? I am a former smoker so I get that people want to have their smokes. However, the smell was pretty bad when we sailed her in 2017. I am hoping for a better experience around that area when we sail her again next year.
  12. Oh please no go carts on the Escape! I want them to revamp and add a pool to Spice H2O on her. Leave the rest the way it is, just keep the ship looking fresh.
  13. I have heard that, but I am willing to take the risk 🙂
  14. That looks really nice. Eventually going to get into the Haven. We had it booked on the Breakaway for this past April. We had a strong feeling the sailing was going to cancel so we moved the money from the cruise to a week in Disney World and Universal Studios. We had a fantastic week, but we still want to experience The Haven at least once.
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