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  1. OK, I just wanted to make sure. Yes the wording is vague. But, I am happy to hear it is included.
  2. @AllisonJamesdid you have the Hawaii Beverage Package on your sailing? Did it include alcoholic drinks? The language attached to the package does not mention if alcohol is included or not.
  3. I am going to have to find this podcast, sounds entertaining
  4. Listened to a review on Cruise Radio and the reviewer mentioned the same thing @Beachiekeen said above. Port gives better/longer views of the coastline. We are sailing on her in a few years with friends who booked a starboard side balcony. We have the port balcony. We all will be able to enjoy the view coming and going 🙂
  5. @sunny aurora @Steff79 @shof515 @dexddd Thank you for your insight. I will try to be a bit more patient :) I am eager to see if I can find a date that works for us on the Breakaway.
  6. Good to know. I hope more are released soon.
  7. Hello, Any news on the rest of the 2021-2022 schedule? Or has it already been fully released? Royal is releasing there sailing schedules so I was wondering if there was an update for NCL. Thank you for any information provided
  8. TL;DR are there pictures of the Vibe Beach Club anywhere in this thread or elsewhere to look? With the small pool deck area, I was wondering what VBC offered.
  9. TL;DR are there pictures of the Vibe Beach Club anywhere in this thread or elsewhere to look? With the small pool deck area, I was wondering what VBC offered.
  10. I do not believe the perks are free at all. Plus the gratuities are added upfront. My perspective is that I see total cost of the sailing right away. I like that, gives me a better idea of what I am paying for as a total for the sailing. Minus shore excursions and other additions that we might want to indulge in.
  11. Just to clarify, the Forum App for CC is no longer active? I came to this area of the site to figure out why I cant sign in.
  12. I have been to Cozumel once, and I wasn't impressed. I am going back in April 2021, but I think we are going to go to Nachi for the day so hopefully we have a better experience. I would like to go to Tortola at least once, it would be somewhere new for me.
  13. I think the two different styles of ships might be what they are going for. With what they did with Encore compared to this reveal makes the marketing a little confusing to say the least. I heard NCL has a new ship design in the works. I hope they stay away from what they did on Encore. Encore will appeal to some cruisers, I would sail on her if the price was right. Its still a cruise vacation. I would prefer the Spirit treatment though. That H2O space looks so much better than what is currently offered on the breakaway class ships. When I was on the Escape there was a water feature that seems to be standard in that space. I thought a pool would be so much better there. I get they use it for parties at night and people love them. Just my own thoughts one it.
  14. Personally I would avoid the Joy going to a Caribbean destination. The pool deck is lacking from the pictures I have seen. I would probably go with Escape since I sailed her already and loved every minute on her. I think I would be really tempted to try the brand new Encore though. Might end up being a toss up. I prefer more to pick a sailing for the ship not the destination. I am going to find something fun to do in port no matter where I go.
  15. They should do this to the other "smaller" ships. I think I would be more interested in sailing on them if they did.
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