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  1. How does one get from IJmuiden to Amsterdam Centraal? Their website is pretty clunky so it is not clear how one does so. Thanks.
  2. That is a bit of a concern but we like that deck and we don't want to pay an extra $1,000 each for 322......Any further aft and you are under the kitchen which is where we were on another trip...….My brother stayed in 324 on our Maasdam trip and only time he commented on doors was when we were in a terrible storm (off Halifax)…...thanks for the heads up, though...…...
  3. Thanks all. Just got my agent to book us into 324, which we know is below the photo shop (like 322)…….
  4. That is same thing we saw......just concerned what, if any, negative effects this might have on us...…..thanks all!
  5. Thanks, folks....firsthand knowledge of 322 on Maasdam led us to believe 320 and 321 were also under low traffic areas....more comments much appreciated!
  6. Many thanks Ruth. Hiwever, I fear they are inside showroom doors...not sure if that is good or bad...thoughts, pleae.
  7. Greetings and thanks in advance....can anyone tell us what is directly above these two cabins? Have looked at cruise deck plans dot cm and it is unclear what is up there! Appreciate your help!
  8. How about starting a topic specifically asking if anyone has stayed in 3383 on the Amsterdam? Just a thought....
  9. Years ago we were a bit further forward than 3383 and we heard kitchen noise all night, every night. It sounded like big things being rolled to and fro. We endured but now will only book an EE near elevators as they are below photo shop so no noise from above. Just saying....
  10. Check out this link to halfacts which has photo of “view” you would get in 3383: .halfacts.com/amsterdam-lower-promenade-cabin-obstructed-views halfacts.com/amsterdam-lower-promenade-cabin-obstructed-views There are some cabins on this, our favorite deck, which would be unacceptable due to not only lack of a view but also due to being under very noisy areas. Go to cruise deck plans dot com and you can go cabin by cabin to learn what is over and below any given stateroom.
  11. Been a few years but our foursome rented a car which we picked up at dock and took a drive to Ste. Rose du Nord where we took a side road down to a small dock. There we found the Rose Cafe and we all tried poutine. Just as our order was being served a massive HAL tour bus arrived. After lunch, we just drove where the car took us and returned to town, got gas and were back onboard with time to spare. Very nice day except for the poutine!!!
  12. We prefer lots of uninterrupted sea days as there is something super relaxing about being bone idle! We like the Windstar crossings for two weeks that do not stop and the Hawaii loops that are five days out and five days back. Sea days sandwiched in between port days might be a good test to see if this is fro you.
  13. No dummy bookings possible as ALL categories are GTY which has been confirmed twice by our TA! Decided to bail as we did not want to take risk of getting one of those DAs above showroom...….could have spent a few hundred more each but to get a "D" but...…….
  14. Yeah, too risky so we are figuring out what to do. Many thanks all.
  15. As I feared...….not a good option between them and seems like an unpleasant way to spend your cruise days and nights......
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