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  1. Our cruise was cancelled by HAL so our agent advised them on March 31 that we wanted a refund (vs a cruise credit)...nothing yet....
  2. I have a couple decks of their cards from back in the 70's......will get them out and play a game of cribbage later!!
  3. That is what I surmised....
  4. Is this from Carnival corporate or Carnival cruise ships?
  5. It is 7:45 PM east coast time, Sunday, right now, so March 22. It is 10:45 AM Sydney time, Monday, right now, so March 23.
  6. Always, unless you already know exactly where you want to be from prior experience, check out handy tool on cruise deck plans dot com which allows you to see what is above and below the cabin you are considering. Never be anywhere near showroom...
  7. Worst cruise we took was a fancy guarantee balcony on a HAL ship....we ended up in the most forward cabin starboard, under the bridge, with shrieking wind thru balcony door that maintainance said can never be Fixed non-stop for 17 longgggg days. Never again.
  8. Thanks...that is not what ATT rep told me on the phone! Huh! The above referenced cruise ship package only covers USA, parts of Caribbean and parts of Mexico.
  9. The promenade deck cabins - which often bracket lanai cabins - are the only ones we book but, and this is a big but (hahaha), you really need to be 100% sure what is above you. Best way to do that is to use the nifty tool on cruise deck plans dot com which allows you to see what is above and below specific cabins. We have never seen the value of lanai cabins vs its near or adjacent neighbor (except for big glass door and bed position). The cruise you are considering was very nice...we were on the Maasdam from Montreal to Ft. Lauderdale and loved being able to zip in and out of cabin onto
  10. We are doing a transatlantic and we are getting an ATT passport rate for 30 days...seems like we can get email via lots of data thru our phones and not worry about internet packages. HAL offers something called cellular at sea but it appears that is only useful/good for Mexico and Caribbean cruises. Thoughts anyone? (PS...we do not tweet, facebook, instagram etc to begin with and watching videos not necessary for three weeks.)
  11. There is a nifty search tool on cruise deck plans dot com which will show you what is above and below specific cabins and, sometimes, will offer comments about noise/vibrations/etc. Sometimes photos are posted, as well.
  12. That would be great if morning stretch wasn't offered at oh dark thirty! Recommend you partake of Tai Chi before Mai Tai! Balance is key!!
  13. Does anyone know if It is offered and, if so, is there a fee? Many thanks.
  14. We like the TA's on the Windstar ships that do not stop anywhere til it is time to get off and come home...….we like being on the ocean and feeling like we are truly sailing rather than crossing the ocean in a big horizontal hotel...….to each his own, eh? Peace and quiet and decent food and cabins......
  15. Which cruise line operates Sky? Have you consulted the ship's website or posted this query over on the appropriate forum for the cruise line that operates the Sky?
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