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  1. In the words of Boris Johnson, I would rather be dead in a ditch
  2. The issue as far as I am concerned is the fact that onbookings made in the USA, customers seem to at will cancel an re book with no financial penalty. This in my opinion is totally wrong and the deposit should be forfeited just the same as in the UK. It really is about time that NCL had the same set of rules in ALL countries
  3. Never indicated that it was a least bit helpful. I am always lost for words as to why so many (mainly Americans) make such a fuss about prices. It must be a cultural issue
  4. Cancel and rebook with no impact????? Maybe in the USA on their bookings. Not so in the UK. Any deposit is lost
  5. "Available" to get. On all the cruises I have taken with NCL , there has never been an opportunity to have the price reduced. On the last cruise I took in July, the price had reduced but when I happened to be ringing NCL on another matter and mentioned this fact, they simply said to me that prices do fluctuate based on supply and demand.
  6. The point I am making is that the price that was paid was obviously within their budget do why keep looking to see if the price has changed. Are you now still amazed???
  7. If the price had gone up $600, would you have wanted to pay the difference?
  8. I quite agree. There is certainly a much different attitude to what is considered "casual" between Americans and English.
  9. I am fully aware of the guide lines for the restaurants, particularly the specialist restaurants but having just been on the Epic round the Med. I was quite taken aback with the way that some diners "dressed for dinner". I dined at Cagneys one night and a guy opposite was in a pair of manky shorts that looked like he had just been on the beach. I know it is casual dining but at least make some sort of effort
  10. It always amuses me when I continually read of people wanting a price reduction after paying just because the price may have been reduced. Do they query the price if it increases? If you buy a TV from Argos or Curry's and the price goes down after you have paid for it, do you go back to the store and ask for a partial refund? I suspect no.
  11. I don't expect you to give me the name of the insurer that you use but I am interested in what kind of premium you pay to cover all that you would expect to get back if you cancelled
  12. Janus287, I note that you have not had the decency to reply to my question after you were so bold with your comment on post number 14
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