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  1. Related, but does not address your question...I was on the Sky Princess in 1990 and it was wonderful. A true ocean liner experience and the last steam ship operated under Princess in North America. Ahh, I am showing my age! I hope you find all you seek regarding your request. Have a blessed evening, Marne
  2. Carnival pier. It is one of the longest piers I've ever seen, followed by a long store full of slow-moving people and a lot of boxed merchandise with vendors trying to stop you talk to you and ultimately sell you some of their products. I have no interest, we don't have enough time in Cozumel to do half the stuff we want to do. I resent forcing us to walk through a carnival owned set of vendors taking time away from me. Once through the store you have to walk through the open air area but I don't mind that because I can walk fast.
  3. Hi Everybody!!! Might one of you vast and unpaid cruise researchers have the flyer which is placed in your stateroom near the end of the cruise which is used to order duty free liquor for delivery to your cabin the last night of your cruise? Thank you and have a blessed day! Marne the Cruisin' Fool
  4. and I thought only I wondered the same thing. Haha
  5. In December 2018 I sat through a 2 hour presentation of resorts. Cruises were an afterthought IMHO. When I checked the prices against a sample I downloaded from the cruise line AND the big (biggest cruise company) websites, each time GEVC was considerable OVER. After the preso and three rounds of thumb screwing, err I mean friendly marking discussions were over I was given the coupon to book my FOUR day cruise. Per the cruise line website the fees were just over $50 per person (double room=$100 total), yet GEVC's literature indicated $100 down and $198 each or $399 for both of us. Hmmm. Anybody sat through a three (after 3 rounds of squished thumbs) hour preso and been able to sail for "FREE"? If so, please share your experience. This might have sounded a bit terse, but GEVC folks were nice to me during my three hours for the 40 booked preso. In fact, they lowered the price from ELEVEN thousand dollars to join, to NINE, then SEVEN-FIVE-TWO (with limitations), so they must have liked me! :) IF you visit resorts, this may be something you are interested me. I just want to cruise, so it did not make sense for us. Please let me know your experiences with GEVC.
  6. There are gila monsters on Cozumel, nothing like an iguana, on the southeast (near lighthouse) side of the island. They are on the rocks along the southernmost portion of the wild side of the island. They are poisonous, but are not interested in humans. I have seen them from the rent car sunning themselves on the rock formations east of the lighthouse. I would not walk up to one and they are set back > 50 feet from the road. At least in Roatan, you can maneuver around folks and the store is smaller.
  7. Be sure to check the expiration date. I got home and found the Retin-A I purchased was expired. I still used it and my face did not melt. Haha Check out the pharmacy at MEGA, they have most of what you might look for and it is the best price, as I have checked. Once my friend got sick day one of a seven day cruise. Took her to the infirmary and she received IV meds every day and in Coz was ordered off the boat and not to return until we had a bill of health from one of the two hospitals on the island. The first two pharmacies were crazy expensive for antibiotics (and I WAS checking, Retin-A, *****-for friends!, etc.), and last stop was MEGA, where they had it all and it was reasonable. Next door to MEGA is La Europea, their best liquor store on the island.
  8. Anyone beside myself not happy with having to walk through that looooong Dufry store, where we are not allowed to exit until we walk through the entire stinkin' store"-although crew can happily walk around the big building, and I find that we can only walk slowly as large groups stop and ogle the merchandise? I am not a hater, but have no desire to waste 15 minutes or so behind gawkers and repeatedly say, "excuse me", "excuse me", just to pass through a store I have NO INTEREST IN. Again, not a hater, but resent being forced through the store gauntlet when we are eager to get our rent car and hot foot it over to the other side of the island. Combined with the reduced time port, only 6-7 hours. We like to rent a car and see some of the sights, snorkel along the reefs on the west side of the island, then visit Chen Rio and Puenta Morena. If the Park Rangers are cooking fish, we like to say hi and they often share their lunch. I love the SE side of the island where you can view >180 degree of nothing man made and the only company are Gila Monsters sunning themselves on rocks. See we have a full day enjoying Coz and a round trip through Dufry's is a waste of the TIME we PAID for in COZUMEL and we resent some of it wasted in a store we have absolutely no interest in. Ahhh, I remember the days of docking at the International Pier at 7am and not sailing until midnight. Those were long and enjoyable days. Additionally, has anyone used the bycicle operated cabs to/from the ship and end of the walkway? If so, does that allow us to bypass the Dufry store at the end of the pier? I like the stores ONCE we pass through the congested Dufry store. Thank you
  9. Loved that the clamshells kept the bugs that fall from the trees overhead from hitting us (they don't bite) but it keeps the breezes out and the clamshells can get a bit hot
  10. I miss the days of ocean liners as compared to cruising. Give me diesel fuel odors, old socks and the smell of teak decks drying in the sun after their daily scrub. Some of the happiest days of my life.
  11. Any idea where muster station B3 might be on the Breeze?
  12. I bring a small bottle of Spanish EVOO to add flavor to pizza and other tomato-based products services. I was on the Carnival breeze last month, April 2018, and was saddened to see that all they offer is Lipton tea no longer a nice selection of Bigelow teas. So I welcome your thread to let me know I should bring my own TVs on my next cruise in September 2018.
  13. CCL's Sea Day Brunch is marvelous. Go early and late on another day. Very inventive and enjoyable menu offerings, try the Hendy Diablo, it's delicious!
  14. It's all there and it's all cheaper than Cozumel.
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