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  1. They both smell good, love the lemongrass! However, the shampoo has sodium lauryl sulfate, which is a harsh detergent and we'll dry your hair out. I always bring my own shampoo but I love their body gel.
  2. Although the room is warm, the the lasso therapy pool will be comfortable.
  3. They recycle plastic bottles...I bring my own box of straws... Marne, the Cruisin' Fool CCL Dream 2022 CCL Vista 2019 CCL Breeze 2018 CCL Breeze 2018 CCL Conquest September/October 2015 CCL Magic April 2015 PCL Caribbean Princess 2014 CCL Magic Dec 2013 CCL Magic Nov 2013 CCL Magic 2012 CCL Conquest 2011 PCL Island 2009 PCL Emerald 2008 CCL Legend 2007 CCL Legend 2007 CCL Valor 2007 PCL Caribbean 2007 CCL Conquest 2007 CCL Conquest 2006 RCCL Rhapsody 2005 Celebrity Constellation 2003 Celebrity Constellation 2002 CCL Conquest 2002 CCL Elation 2002 CCL Triumph 2001 CCL Elation 2000 RCCL Monarch 1999 RCCL Rhapsody 1998 RCCL Sovereign 1997 RCCL Majesty 1996 Celebrity Zenith 1996 RCCL Monarch 1996 CCL Sensation 1994 NCL Wind 1994 CCL Holiday 1992 CCL Celebration 1991 CCL Jubilee 1991 CCL Celebration 1990 PCL Sky Princess 1990 Delta Del_Sud 1967
  4. Your post was exactly what I needed to hear. Thank you. I am looking for MDR menus from Breeze. We are booking 3 premium dinners and would hate to miss some of our favourite dishes. Again loved your spirit in the post.
  5. I will be on The Dream in January. Due to CCL cancelling a trip in 2020 due to 'rona, I get a whopping $300 OBC. I booked a trip solo. As I had breakfast with a friend, she asked to join. Great going solo-wake early or late, walk around the cabin naked (without any laughter or shrieks). Turn in early or party with those late ole cows-solo life is fun. But traveling with a friend is fun, too. Back to my question, will my $300 OBC for missing my 2020 birthday cruise (waa, waa, waa) does it remain ALL MINE or will CCL divide it between us both? My stockholder OBC has never been divided. Thanks! Marne, the Cruisin' Fool
  6. fax it asap, but my experience was prior to 'rona.
  7. I thought I had bookmarked this site, but cannot find it. It covered most cruise lines, but especially had greater detail, with photos, of Princess vessels. Anyone know of the website? TIA
  8. My picture was taken with the vessel behind me by my BFF and the name painted on it was "SKY PRINCESS". I will post the photo when I can find it...Harvey made us move and photos are mostly still boxed.
  9. Related, but does not address your question...I was on the Sky Princess in 1990 and it was wonderful. A true ocean liner experience and the last steam ship operated under Princess in North America. Ahh, I am showing my age! I hope you find all you seek regarding your request. Have a blessed evening, Marne
  10. Carnival pier. It is one of the longest piers I've ever seen, followed by a long store full of slow-moving people and a lot of boxed merchandise with vendors trying to stop you talk to you and ultimately sell you some of their products. I have no interest, we don't have enough time in Cozumel to do half the stuff we want to do. I resent forcing us to walk through a carnival owned set of vendors taking time away from me. Once through the store you have to walk through the open air area but I don't mind that because I can walk fast.
  11. Hi Everybody!!! Might one of you vast and unpaid cruise researchers have the flyer which is placed in your stateroom near the end of the cruise which is used to order duty free liquor for delivery to your cabin the last night of your cruise? Thank you and have a blessed day! Marne the Cruisin' Fool
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