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  1. Agreed! I did not like the curved walls, it made it feel cramped for just my sister and me...and we had a mini-suite! I'm pretty sure one (or more) of us would be sleeping on deck if we had added my daughter and niece!
  2. I'm also going to be on the Breakaway in December! Thanks for doing this review. Did you book Teppanyaki before you left or while on the ship? I want to go, but we have three in our party and it will only let me book four (and without the dining package I have to pay in advance!) 😞
  3. Is there a salon to get your hair done on this ship? I love having my hair done and getting photos taken. I was very disappointed when the Joy did not.
  4. I just got off the Joy and my mom and I got the drinking package and my 24 year old daughter did not. I will tell you that there was some confusion and the drink package was assigned to my daughter's card (along with my mother's name) and when we told them about the mistake they said my mom would have to pay for any drinks ordered while using my daughter's card but they quickly corrected it when I pointed out they even had the wrong name on the card! This might be partially my fault, because we added my mom late and I knew she drank WAY more than my daughter does, so I switched passenger 2 and 3. So be careful who you assign as passenger one and two.
  5. We opened it warm to add it to glasses with OJ and ice. How do you get it cold?
  6. I wondered how many times the bottles are "recycled" when they are left behind! I looked at my bottle and thought "How many times were you left behind?" Then I opened it and it exploded (warm) all over everything...and I wished I had left it too!
  7. I didn't see the brand, but the olives were stuffed with mini pickles
  8. Thanks for the photos...YUM!! I loved the clean plate club shot!
  9. How was getting off at the ports? Did you book Norwegian excursions at any of the ports?
  10. I'm on the Joy in August, so I'm really enjoying your review! Thank you for writing this! πŸ™‚
  11. When my daughter and I sailed on the Pearl a couple of years ago, she struck up a friendship with a young woman from eastern Europe who told her that what always amazes her is how Americans always say "Please and Thank you" for everything. She said "If you ask for something and I give it to you, the transaction is over, no need to continue this conversation". We were both amazed (not that it's changed how we ask for and appreciate things!) I guess my point is that different cultures have different ideas of what is polite or not...and people of all cultures work on every ship.
  12. You should have no problem booking on board. I understand that they only pre-book 30% of the specialty dining times. Do try an make reservations on the first day though.
  13. Thank you for doing this review! I'm not going until August, but I am so excited! πŸ™‚
  14. I would go...I took my mom on a cruise 3 weeks after open heart surgery...now if only I hadn't gotten the flu on the same cruise, we would have had a fabulous time!! 😞
  15. Thank you for the information! I am sailing on the Joy for my mom's 80th birthday. We are in an aft cabin on deck 14. I hope it's close enough for my mom to be able to get to the observation lounge easily. She uses a walker and I understand that the elevators are difficult to get on. I just want to make sure that she has the best trip ever!
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