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  1. Hi, I am trying to nail down a few last details as we get ready to leave for Seattle tomorrow morning. 1) I understand there is an option to do laundry by the bag? I know its expensive but probably cheaper than checking luggage. Is this true? Any more info on how this works? 2) I am trying to decide whether or not to bring a laptop. Is there computer access at all? (in the library?) Could I get pictures off a camera card? What else could I do/not do on those computers? Thanks for any help!
  2. Perfect! I think I'm just getting nervous as it approaches.
  3. Awesome! Thanks! So just sneakers or something similar would be ok?
  4. We are on ovation of the seas Itinerary and excursions hopefully show in the pic Glad to answer more specifics if needed.
  5. Hi, we will be going on an Alaskan cruise on August 9. As we are getting ready, any advice on shoes? Sneakers ok? Do we need waterproof shoes or serious hiking boots? Family of 4, so I'd rather not buy new shoes that will likely be outgrown if not needed. Any advice helpful. I have read conflicting information.
  6. Can you explain a bit more? Are each purchasing two days? Is that cheaper? Why not purchase 4 all together?
  7. As far as the one device plan, can you logout of one device and into another device with the same account number? (Is it tied to the reservation or the device?
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