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  1. That’s my biggest fear ! This was supposed to be a college graduation gift and our first cruise. Instead this has been such stress waiting and waiting. Hoping we all get our refunds
  2. I will probably ragain down the road. Moving to Florida by Tampa in 3 years so maybe I’ll try it from down there. Wasn’t thrilled with going out of NYC anyway. I doubt I’ll go with NCL at this point. I know they’re all taking awhile to refund but I’m left with a bad taste in my mouth from all this
  3. Cancelled water package and service charges 3/5. Said 7 to 10 days. Still nothing. And when I called them they said it was processing. Supposed to go 5/17 from Bermuda to ny. Waiting for a cancellation because I’ve never cruised before. This would have been my first and I’m turned off now. Dont have any interest in cruising now. Maybe in a few years. Don’t want a credit at this point
  4. I cancelled my prepaid charges and extra internet package on 3/9. They told me 7 to 10 business days. Still nothing. Called them on Wednesday and they said it’s still pending and they’re just behind. I’m really annoyed. This is supposed to be our first cruise ever going from ny to Bermuda may 17th. Just praying for a cancellation so i can get my cash back. Not planning to try to cruise agin for a very long time if ever. Don’t want a credit because I’m unsure if I’ll ever use it tbh.
  5. No you are missing the point. Its not possible to avoid EVERYTHING. It is possible to avoid places that may be huge spreaders of an illness and lessen the chances of coming down it. Youre ridiculing someone who has decided cruising is not a great idea right now. Risks going on a cruise right now is not equal to the risks of being in your own town and deciding who youre going to expose yourself to.Theres a reason why airlines and cruise ships are doing what theyre doing.Because its a bigger risk to travel than not travel right now.
  6. You cant control 3000 other people on a ship or in ports. You can choose to stay home and avoid certain places if need be. Just because you dont find it to be a big deal that doesnt mean others dont have hesitations. As far as the whole only older people and people with pre existing conditions thing goes, are their lives not as valuable as some cruise ships bottom line? Some of us have real reasons for wanting to cancel and I feel for that poster. Hopefully you go on your cruise and enjoy and dont come down with coronavirus and spread it to people who cant fight it off as well. Maybe even someone is your own family. Would that be fearmongering then?
  7. Thats what Ive found when I price a rebooking of my same cruise. It will cost me $1000 more if I rebook.
  8. Thats what Im doing. We are first time cruisers and really dont want to go anymore. We are going to Bermuda in May from NY. When pricing my same cruise later in the year its going to cost me 1000.00 more that what Im paying now. I dont want them to be able to hold 4500.00 of my money for a year or more. My daughter is on immune surpressing medicine and my 80 year old mother lives with me. No vacation is worth either of them getting sick. Im hoping for a refund. Theyre not doing us any favors. My particular cruises prices are jacked up in the future so theyll still make money off of me.
  9. Thanks for the heads up! Havent seen anything changing for mine yet but hope you get some OBC for that !
  10. Sounds good! Im planning to check every day
  11. I am going from NY to Bermuda on the encore on the 5/17 sailing. Final payment was made.This is my first time cruising. Are you all pricing them out on NCL's site? Right now everything looks pretty much the same price wise at least for a mid ship mini suite. Im going to keep checking I guess. But where is everyone seeing these price changes? Also does it matter if you booked through a travel agent? Are you still able to try to get a price adjustment? Would i contact the agent or NCL direct? I would have been interested in the obc more than anything. Sorry for all the questions. I have been reading on here for a few months but havent seen an answer on this yet.
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