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  1. Exactly! Thanks for all the advice and comments everyone 🙂 We have our hotel booked at the Mercure Hotel at Sloterdijk Station We are good with it being in a quieter industrial area and have already looked at the trains and transit system. It seems convenient being one train stop from the airport (or cab depending on how we feel!). We will pack super light and use a luggage storage somewhere if the hotel does not have luggage storage available (have sent them an email but haven't heard back yet). Yes, we will book Anne Frank House when we are able to (2 months prior
  2. My husband and I are flying to Amsterdam this spring and our flight arrives at 8:30 in the morning. We need to get a hotel since we arrive on May 1 and our river cruise leaves on May 2. The questions are: where should we get our hotel? close to the airport or closer to the port? Also, do most hotels have a luggage room? Assuming we will need to store our luggage somewhere so we can explore a bit.
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