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  1. Hooray! Finally we got our refund on August 7, yesterday. HAL had cancelled our March 18 cruise on March 14. So not quite five months to get our refund. I am sad for all these employees because it will probably be a whole year before there's safe cruising.
  2. Just wanted to share that I just was credited on my AmEX my refund for a Gate1 cruise I had requested a refund for only 10 days earlier. Kudos to Gate1!!!! Still no money from HAL after cancelling 3/14 and requesting refund then.
  3. We're still waiting too. There have been all sorts of reasons. First said we were not eligible, then that we had not turned in our form asking for a refund, then that it's in process. This has been since March 14.
  4. Thank you Crazy for Cats. I think we finally have it straightened out. Yes the cruise was cancelled on March 13, same day we cancelled. HAI could not find the form we submitted to them asking for a refund and was putting us in the category of wanting an FCC which they haven't yet gotten to. As of now we are back in the group requesting a refund, so we'll give it some more time.
  5. We cancelled our March 18 cruise on March 13. The cruise itself was cancelled a few days later. On the phone with HA they said because we cancelled before the cruise line cancelled we forfeit the whole amount less the taxes. We had filled out a form in March where we were offered 100 percent of our cruise refunded or FCC. We elected the refund. Now they say we don't get it. We're going back to our agent now.
  6. Just an update. My husband and I got refunds of the taxes we had paid for our March 18 cruise that we requested a refund on. I am grateful and aware that we are at least in the chain. Let's see where HAL goes with this. Just happy not to be totally forgotten. It is so true how better communication with your public and your customers can circumvent a lot of anger.
  7. We cancelled our March 18 HAL cruise on the Zuiderdam the weekend before and then it was cancelled by HAL. We had booked through an outside vendor and have received no refund. Anyone on that cruise received a refund?
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