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    Cruising while pregnant

    OP this is strictly a call between you and your doctor.....sounds like you are having a healthy pregnancy or you would not even think about going. Ignore the scare tactics that is all they are. Carnival's cut off date is 24 weeks.......anything can happen before that also. Ship happens regardless of where you are. Unless doc says you need to be bedridden you need to continue to live. Good luck if you decide to cruise and good luck with baby!
  2. Kurbanfan

    Cruising while pregnant

    LOL! Weeks:o:D
  3. I would cruise on any cruiseline if it is the right itinerary!
  4. Kurbanfan

    Cruising while pregnant

    When is your cruise:confused: Sounds like you are already past the cancellation phase and insurance does not cover pregnancy.....so it is totally your call! We had someone in our group that sailed at 27 weeks.....and back then I believe that was the cutoff....at 27 weeks.....it keeps changing..... Good luck!
  5. Kurbanfan

    Removing Automatic Tips

    When you have the tips removed they ask you why.......there should be no assumptions......
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    It's helpful to let people know which private tours are making people miss the ship if infact that is true.......cruise passengers are their bread and butter they could not risk this to happen;) So if someone posts this they really need to provide us with the facts..... The most useful board on cruise critic is the port of call board.....and they would be the first to provide this info.....it is not about debating, it is about giving out correct information......
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    So does that mean no linkage:confused:
  8. Kurbanfan

    Soda card on carnival

    Yes you can......
  9. Kurbanfan


    Those I would stay away from.....unless you are just looking for a taxi:D
  10. Kurbanfan


    Excellent strategy:D
  11. Kurbanfan


    Could you please link us to the private tours that made 2 people miss the ship........me thinks it was called...."Bar stools to go":D Nobody can give us the names or link us to these private tours eveyone hears about......I wonder why:confused: People miss the ship all the time.......but not from organized local private tours........they will be out of business in no time;) We ALWAYS hear about the Carnival tours coming back late......go figure.....
  12. Carnival is wrong then.........amazing how touchy some people are:rolleyes: Guests are encouraged to limit their checked luggage to two suitcases per person, with each suitcase not to weigh more than 50 pounds and not exceed 16"H x 24"W x 30"L. Please attach your Carnival Cruise Lines luggage tags PRIOR to leaving home and make sure that they are still on your bags when checking in with us. In many ports, guests have the option of carrying luggage on board at embarkation and off the ship at the end of the cruise as long as it does not exceed 24"W x 16"H x 30"L. This is an advantage you may want to consider as it will allow for quicker easier access to your bags. Please note that Carnival assumes no responsibility for carry-on luggage. Another thing.....you can overstuff a carry on and it will exceed the size limit........it happened to us before.....
  13. Carry on sized luggage is sized to fit thru those scanners.......
  14. Kurbanfan


    Not enough demand.......probably partly due to the violence in Acapulco... There has been more demand for shorter cruises to Cabo that is why they changed Spirits itinerary.......
  15. That's what Ken said.......