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  1. I have a price drop question but it's different from most of the other price drop posts I've read. So I originally booked a mid-ship balcony on the Escape for an October cruise with my wife. About a month ago, I saw that the price of a mid-ship mini-suite had dropped and was the same price I paid for our balcony cabin. I called NCL and they switched our cabin to a mid-ship mini-suite (Category MB). Now, I see that the price of that category MB min-suite has dropped by $75 per person, so $150 less than what we paid. My question is, does anyone know if NCL would give us anything (onboard credit I'm assuming) for the price drop or would they say that they've already given us an upgrade to a better cabin so we're out of luck? I realize $150 isn't a major amount of money, but if we can get something, why not? Although I don't want to spend an hour on hold just to find out they won't do anything. Thanks for any help!
  2. Only 1?? For me, beer is like potato chips. You can't ever have only 1! 🤣
  3. Thanks for some great tips! We'll be on the Escape in 26 days and I can't wait!!!
  4. You got me at "They brew their own beer"! I will definitely be stopping by there when my ship docks there next month!
  5. Most of my cruising experience was in the late 90's to early 2000's on Carnival and I used to always look forward to the 2 formal nights on the 7 day cruises. That was something I really enjoyed. But next month, I'm sailing on the Escape and I'm so happy I don't have to worry about packing a suit, dress shirts, ties and dress shoes. I'll bring some Dockers for the specialty restaurants, but I'm happy I won't need a separate garment bag for a suit!
  6. All I know is that I'm going on my cruise, the cost is what it is, and I'm gonna have an awesome freaken' time!
  7. I'm not disagreeing with you phillyguy31. You're absolutely right about the not being able to add the perks charges in because they don't know if you're taking them. My point was more about the port taxes and fees, which they know in advance how much those will be. I will say though, that it is a bit of a surprise when you pick your cabin and then click to checkout, and suddenly there's an extra thousand dollars due.
  8. You're exactly correct that they do have lot's of add-ons now that don't show in the advertised price. Only difference is that if I click on round trip tickets for NY to FL and the fare shows $430, and I add in a checked bag for $25, giving me a total of $455, when I go to checkout, I'll pay $455. For my cruise, I added in the extra $700 to book the mid-ship balcony, giving me a total of $2,100, but when I went to checkout, I had to pay $3,049.
  9. The airlines currently have to show you your airfare including taxes when you look up fares on their websites so that the price you see is the price you pay. It would be nice if cruise lines did that too. What caught my attention and got me to book my upcoming cruise on the Escape was an ad I saw that at the top showed "Take all 5 offers for free" (drink package, 3 specialty dining, etc), and then it showed "Balcony cabins from $699!". I thought to myself, "Wow! A 7 night cruise in a balcony cabin for $1400 including free drinks!" (for the wife and me). I wanted to choose my own cabin as I didn't want us to get stuck in the very front or back of the ship or with an obstructed view. By the time I checked out and paid (with no other add-ons or excursions, etc), my total due was $3,149. So my $1400 cruise ended up costing $1,749 more than what the advertisement showed (obviously, I knew there'd be port charges and taxes and gratuities added on). Now I did book a mid-ship balcony, which added another $350 pp to the fare, but there was still an additional $1,049 in extra fees added to my $2,100 cabin. So doing the easy math, I was charged 50% in taxes and fees. I feel that is a bit deceiving when your cruise fare is more than double the advertised fare after adding in mandatory fees.
  10. Awesome! Thanks phillyguy31!!
  11. I've read this on other threads too. Does anyone know if Bermuda is a part of this? I'll be on the Escape in October and we spend 2 nights there.
  12. On our upcoming cruise on the Escape out of NY, we're plenty satisfied with just having the UBP, but in answer to the OP's question about Rum Runners, our last cruise was 5 years ago out of NYC on Carnival. We got 2 Rum Runners filled with Tito's onboard with no issues. I believe I placed items that were harder for the scanner to see through on top of and below them (shoes, hair brush, full shampoo bottle, etc.) and put one of my wife's hair clips over each cap to disguise the round shape of the caps.
  13. We're booked on the Escape, in October, in a balcony room, on the starboard side, on the 11th deck too! I'm happy to read what RedwingHockeyFan wrote about not smelling smoke.
  14. Thanks for the info mkerewski and Birdie and Sue! Ugh....I'm not a fan of straddling.
  15. Are the cash games $1/2 NL or $2/4 NL?
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