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  1. I was just in a mini-suite on the Escape and from what I've read, the Bliss cabins are the same. If so, the room is identical to a balcony room, with only the bathroom being bigger. I will say, it was really nice having the bigger bathroom with the large shower and double sink. We'll be on the Bliss in 4 months and we booked a mini-suite again.
  2. ThxMomnDad

    1988 waterslide area.jpg

    I believe that is the Carnival Jubilee.
  3. Yeah, I'll keep checking probably up until the day we board lol!!!!
  4. I agree. We just love to sail out of NYC because we live in NY. Sailed on the Escape out of NYC 3 weeks ago and loved not having to deal with flying.
  5. Our final payment is due 11/16. We have a category MA cabin and the fare's dropped once, although we only booked it 2 weeks ago. Would be nice if it drops again before the 16th!!
  6. Well, it appears that all cabin categories are still available on our cruise, but it's still over 4 months away, so don't know if that's normal or not.
  7. Omg! There's 159 colleges with Spring Break during the week of our cruise! Ugh!!!
  8. Now you all have me a little bit worried. We booked the Bliss out of NYC for March 15 - 22. I didn't even think about Spring Break when we booked it. Hoping there's not a ton of college kids sailing out of NYC on a 7 day cruise that week!
  9. Yeah, it wasn't until the 2nd day of the cruise that someone told me about the login.com/logout.com. I just figured my phone was having trouble connecting!
  10. I just have to add that I was on the Escape 2 weeks ago and spent a lot of time at the Spice H2O bar. That bar was always pretty crowded and those bartenders worked their tails off!
  11. You know, Salty Dingo, the reason I mentioned that was because I had a feeling she was wrong, and you just confirmed it. We should have asked someone else to get a 2nd opinion. The strange thing is, that every time she tried to connect, it wouldn't work, so we just assumed that since I set up my wifi first, that was it. We'll be on the Bliss in 4 months and have the free wifi again, so this time I'll make sure we get both of our phones to be able to connect!
  12. We were just on the Escape 2 weeks ago and also had the free 250 minutes of wife. I have no complaints about the signal strength and was able to check email and look at FB without any issues. The only issue we had is that my wife wasn't able to use the wifi with her phone. We asked at guest services and they told us only 1 device per room. I had thought it was only one at a time could be using the wife, but not according to the woman I spoke with. We also left around 100 minutes unused.
  13. Hi! I know you said it was a few years ago, but do you happen to remember what dates were your NYC sailing that had all of the spring break kids on it? We just booked the Bliss out of NYC for March 15 and my one big fear is it being full of spring breakers. Also, when you say kids, did you mean college kids or young kids? Thanks!
  14. Excellent and informative review! Thank you!! We will be sailing the Escape to Bermuda this Sunday. Can't wait!!!!
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