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  1. Please explain that reasoning. You are comparing well understood, well controlled diseases that have been around for centuries. They are not, nor have they ever been a worldwide pandemic within our lifetimes. You are comparing apples to moon rocks.
  2. Have we been in a worldwide pandemic for whooping cough, measles, mumps, or meningitis for the last year and a half?
  3. Because, quite literally, the anti-vaxers are far, far, far more likely to be having some kind of plague. 🙄 And that will potentially affect vaccinated individuals vacations! Now go get your shots so you can get your shots 💉 for 🥃
  4. I just took a 2nd look. I counted incorrectly. It's 178. Looks like 109 for up to age 13. https://www.cdc.gov/mmwr/volumes/70/wr/mm7003e1.htm This was originally published on January 13. Obviously the totals are higher today. My point still stands, 3m3ds is uninformed or intentionally lying. Cuz feedumbs or something.
  5. I was able to take advantage of this, and got a 'better' room, on Horizon. I was paid in full, but got the difference in OBC. Went from a standard interior to porthole upper/lower. I'd rather have a larger bed, but for the OBC, I'll gladly 'sell' Carnival that bed for a twin, portholes, and a couch.
  6. On both Victory and Liberty in 2019, I was able to stream without issues on the value plan, using a VPN. So if you already have a VPN, it may be worth saving a few dollars and getting the cheaper internet plan.
  7. 101 days and I'll check out that first ship!
  8. I've sailed both Carnival and NCL. 4, 5, 7, and 8 day cruises. Had a great time on all of them. However, most recently, I've done a 5 day on Paradise, then a couple months later a 4 day. Huge difference in demographics. The 4 day was over a weekend. Much more of a party atmosphere. The 5 day was mostly over weekdays, and was more of a chill crowd. Neither to me were out of hand, just people having a good time. I've also done a 5 day on NCL Jade, followed a month later by NCL Sky when it had open bar. Neither seemed to have any noticeable difference in the behavior of the crowds tha
  9. I've cancelled a cruise this way as well. Far faster than calling.
  10. It was Flavoraid, not Koolaid. The big Flavoraid lobby has really pushed The Big Koolaid Lie. 😅 So sad how many people are out there with the 'its my personal decision' attitude yet. No, public health isn't a personal decision. We'd have been cruising in some limited capacity last summer, already, if it weren't for that attitude. Like MSC and Tui were in Europe.
  11. I just tried having this done with a cruise that was cancelled a few days ago. The agent was working on it, then the call got disconnected. 🙄 He knew how to get it done, but wasn't finished with the process yet. So guess I'll call back later and try again.
  12. Just ignore the charlatan. Best not to engage with them, as anything they say is disingenuous. Some people just want to see the world burn. Others just want to go on vacation. I'm in the latter. 🍹
  13. With it looking that rough, they may as well paint it in the new livery. She looks just slightly rustier than when I saw Carnival Dream in Cozumel in 2019.
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