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  1. Thanks Sandy. I've never had any previous health issues, so the insurance provided by my credit card seemed sufficient. Buying Cancel Any Time is fairly expensive, and buying coverage for pre-existing conditions at the time I booked wasn't necessary, as my pancreatitis attack occurred after my final payment had been made. I don't mind that people disagree with me, but some of the vitriol leveled at me seems a little over the top.
  2. Thank you for your informative post.
  3. I didn't know that they had refused others. I'm not sure how I'm supposed to know that, and I never said I was special.
  4. I don't have quite as much money as NCL, and they can resell my room and recover most, if not all, or their money.
  5. I had coverage as soon as I booked. My policy excludes pre-existing conditions. I have read my policy wording multiple times.
  6. I believe that company only sells policies in the USA and I am in Canada. I guess you didn't see some of the previous posts that indicated where I am from.
  7. Thank you very much for your kind words and good wishes. Safe travels to you as well.
  8. The wording for that is as follows: "This exclusion does not apply to a Medical Condition controlled by the consistent use of medication(s) taken as prescribed by a physician provided that during the six (6) month period before Your Coverage Period began there has been no change in any medication(s) and no other Treatment has been taken or recommended. A new medication or an alteration in usage or dosage of a medication constitutes a change in medication. This exclusion does not apply to the Flight Delay benefit". I interpret that as meaning that you have been taking medication for six months prior to your departure date, and it hasn't changed. My medical issue came up three months before my departure date. Thanks for your feedback.
  9. The travel agency I deal with uses Manulife, and their medical insurance is worded the same way. They told me that the Manulife product is one of the best on the market. This might be something that exists in Ontario, but might be different in the USA.
  10. If I got hit by a bus, my Travel/Medical coverage would take care of me. What I fear is a recurrence of my pre-existing condition costing me a very LARGE sum of money out of my own pocket. Thank you for the good wishes, and safe travels.
  11. Here is a copy of my Travel/Medical insurance. The out of province coverage section starts on page 30, to save you some reading time. Let me know what you think. https://www.bmo.com/pdf/World_Elite_Cardholder_Agreement.pdf
  12. Here is a copy of my policy wording, which I have read several times. It's pretty clear that the pre-existing condition, as it pertains to out of province medical coverage, is excluded. The section for out of province Medical coverage starts on page 30, to save you some time. Let me know what you think. https://www.bmo.com/pdf/World_Elite_Cardholder_Agreement.pdf
  13. The insurance would not have paid if my pre-existing condition reoccurred. I would have been on the hook for all the costs, which could have been substantial, and my Trip Cancellation coverage will not kick in, as I am physically able to travel.
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