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  1. It honestly would not bother me a bit either way. I live my life like normal and I never think about who around me is vaccinated or not vaccinated. It’s just not something I dwell on. I know many unvaccinated people who have never caught COVID yet and I know vaccinated people who have had COVID even after they were vaccinated. I am vaccinated and have never had COVID, but I figure I will get it at some point in my life. Life is too short to be divided over these things.
  2. So do most vaccinated people really feel this way? They avoid kids because there is a small chance they might get exposed to COVID? What a crazy way to live. I am vaccinated and I don’t spend one minute worrying about who around me is vaccinated or not. To each their own I guess…
  3. I’m confused…As a vaccinated person, why do you need to avoid unvaccinated people and kids? Both vaccinated and unvaccinated people can still get and carry COVID. Vaccinated people are getting COVID all the time now. This is the reason why they changed the mask policy recently. The main benefit of the vaccine is to protect you from a really bad outcome and keep your symptoms mild (hopefully).
  4. Does anybody know which nights are the elegant nights on a 6-day cruise? Maybe 2nd and 5th night?
  5. Yea, I’m sure I am just overthinking it. I’m sure things will be opened up and pretty normal by then. I can always cancel it if need be.
  6. Ok, thanks for the tips. I will check that PDF out!
  7. I didn’t really mean to get into politics. I have just heard different opinions from other people who line in Canada. I guess it all depends on your view of the role of government. Either way, that’s good news about the vaccine percentages being higher than I thought. Maybe it was the second dose I had heard about. I’m sure everything will be fine by next summer. I can always cancel if I need to and book something out of Seattle if that’s an option.
  8. I am thinking about booking my first Alaska cruise and first Holland America cruise on the Koningsdam for summer of 2022. it will be wife and i and possibly our 16 year old son. Where does the third person sleep in the verandah rooms? Is there a pulldown? Do I need to choose only certain rooms? It is very hard to tell anything from the pictures online and I can't find any information. Thanks!
  9. I know this may sound ridiculous, but am I the only one hesitant to book a cruise out of Vancouver in 2022? That is my preference, but who knows with Canada. They are so slow with vaccine rollouts and are STILL under lockdowns. Who even know if they will allow cruising by next summer. I'm sure it will be fine, but it gives me pause for sure. I guess, it doesn't matter as long as I can get my money back. On another note, how far in advance do people usually book Alaska cruises? Is a year about right? 6 months? I just don't want all the good balcony cabins to sell out before I decide. Who know how busy they will be next year if things get back to normal...
  10. I think I am going to go with Holland America out of Vancouver in July of 22. I like all the stops and times. The price is also quite a bit cheaper for a balcony room than Princess (which gives me more money for shore excursions). Now I just need to decide when to book it. When is too early and too late to book an Alaska cruise? I have no idea how fast the balcony cabins usually sell out. Maybe nobody knows in 2022 since things will be (hopefully) back to normal. The only thing that makes me nervous is the Vancouver part. Canada is so slow with vaccine rollouts and are STILL under lockdowns, it makes me even wonder if they will allow cruising next year.
  11. Sorry for the long post…I am thinking about putting a deposit down on our first Alaska cruise for July 2022. I was wondering if some Alaska veterans could help me out between 2 or 3 itineraries (and maybe a few other questions). I am deciding between a roundtrip inside passage from Vancouver on Holland America, or a one-way trip on Holland America or Princess. We need keep it to 7 days and will not have lot of time for land trips before or after because it is hard for my wife and I to get off for my than one week at a time right now. Our 16-year-old son may come with us also. Just from my research, my priorities are Glacier Bay, Skagway (train), and either Juneau or Ketchikan. It would also be nice to go to one more glacier area. The one I am leaning towards is a July trip on Koningsdam with Holland America. Starting in Vnacouver with round trip inside passage with stops in Tracy Arm Inlet, Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, and Ketchikan It seems like the roundtrip would makes things a little simpler for us now and maybe we can come back again and do more land-based activities next time. The second choice is a one-way trip starting in Vancouver and ending in Whittier, or starting in Whittier and ending in Vancouver. These both have all the same main stops at Juneau, Skagway, Glacier Bay, and Ketchikan. This is where it gets more confusing to me because both Holland American and Princess offer remarkably similar cruises for these trips. I tried to list my main questions below… 1. What are the main differences between Princess and Holland America? Would that matter much? We are really going to see the sights and I am not overly concerned about the ship. Our 16-year-old son may decide to come if that makes any difference. 2. Is there any difference in the shore excursions between these two lines? Or are they all about the same? 3. It looks like if you travel Northbound, you make an additional stop at College Fjord (in addition to Glacier Bay) and if you travel Southbound, you make a stop at Hubbard Glacier instead of College Fjord. This seems to be true for both lines. Any favorite between those two stops? 4. It appears that if we choose the round trip with Holland America, it makes an additional stop at Tracey Arm inlet in addition to Glacier Bay. But upon looking closely, it looks more like a drive by, and you must take an excursion to see the inlet? Is this worth the extra expense? If you do the excursion, how does Tracey Arm compare to College Fjord or Hubbard Glacier? 5. How would the Tracey Arm inlet excursion compare to just going to see the Mendenhall Glacier in Juneau? Much better? 6. Is July a good time to ensure we see the glaciers? And time better than others? I will stop here so this post does not get any longer… Thanks in advance!
  12. My cruise got cancelled by Carnival and I have the option of 100% refund, or 100% Future Cruise Credit + $600 OBC. if I choose the FCC option and book a cruise in August, what happens to my FCC if that cruise also gets cancelled by carnival? Will I lose the FCC? Or, I assume it will just keep transferring to new bookings?
  13. Yes, I understand that the refund will take up 90 days. I was just trying to figure out when the refund process starts. We have until December of this year to choose one of the two options...for example, if I wait until August and choose the FCC option, I will get a refund for all shore excursions and ports expenses, but...does the 90 day refund period start then (in August) Or does it start today? i really don’t want to rush choosing one of the two options, so I was just trying to figure out when I should expect the shore excursions and port expenses to be refunded. Within 90 days from now, or within 90 days from the date we choose an option... it’s not a big deal either way, just wondering if anybody had any info, but most likely we are all learning together.
  14. I apologize if this question has already been asked, but I couldn’t find it. Our June Carnival cruise to Alaska just got cancelled by Carnival We have the same two options as most people, with either, the 100% refund, or the FCC credit and $600 OBC. We are not in any hurry to decide which option we will take at the moment, waiting to see how things shake out. My question is not about the two options or the cruise fare itself, but about the refunds for taxes, port fees, shore excursions, etc. Carnival’s emails states, “Regardless of the option you choose, your taxes, fees and port expenses, Carnival Vacation Protection, pre-paid gratuities, pre-purchased Carnival shore excursions, beverage and Wi-Fi packages, and Fun Shop purchases will be automatically refunded to the original form of payment.” We had pre-paid our gratuities, bought several shore excursions, etc. It sounds like we will be getting several refunds no matter which option we go with...My question is about the timing of this refund. Do they initiate this refund right away, since they cancelled the cruise? They will have to issue the refund at some point either way...Or, do we have to choose one of the two options before these refunds will be sent out? Hope that makes sense... Thanks!
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