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  1. My cruise got cancelled by Carnival and I have the option of 100% refund, or 100% Future Cruise Credit + $600 OBC. if I choose the FCC option and book a cruise in August, what happens to my FCC if that cruise also gets cancelled by carnival? Will I lose the FCC? Or, I assume it will just keep transferring to new bookings?
  2. Yes, I understand that the refund will take up 90 days. I was just trying to figure out when the refund process starts. We have until December of this year to choose one of the two options...for example, if I wait until August and choose the FCC option, I will get a refund for all shore excursions and ports expenses, but...does the 90 day refund period start then (in August) Or does it start today? i really don’t want to rush choosing one of the two options, so I was just trying to figure out when I should expect the shore excursions and port expenses to be refunded. Within 90 days from now, or within 90 days from the date we choose an option... it’s not a big deal either way, just wondering if anybody had any info, but most likely we are all learning together.
  3. I apologize if this question has already been asked, but I couldn’t find it. Our June Carnival cruise to Alaska just got cancelled by Carnival We have the same two options as most people, with either, the 100% refund, or the FCC credit and $600 OBC. We are not in any hurry to decide which option we will take at the moment, waiting to see how things shake out. My question is not about the two options or the cruise fare itself, but about the refunds for taxes, port fees, shore excursions, etc. Carnival’s emails states, “Regardless of the option you choose, your taxes, fees and port expenses, Carnival Vacation Protection, pre-paid gratuities, pre-purchased Carnival shore excursions, beverage and Wi-Fi packages, and Fun Shop purchases will be automatically refunded to the original form of payment.” We had pre-paid our gratuities, bought several shore excursions, etc. It sounds like we will be getting several refunds no matter which option we go with...My question is about the timing of this refund. Do they initiate this refund right away, since they cancelled the cruise? They will have to issue the refund at some point either way...Or, do we have to choose one of the two options before these refunds will be sent out? Hope that makes sense... Thanks!
  4. I called Carnival and surprisingly, I only had to wait on hold for about 5 minutes. They were able to re-book our June cruise under the new early savor promo. We now have until 30 days out to make our final payment. 😀
  5. I doubt it, that was just a quick effort to keep their ships sailing, but it didn’t work. Once we get the virus under control, I would be surprised if they still require that. But who really knows?
  6. Is this automatic for everybody, or do you have to ask for it? I booked early savor rate back in January for our June cruise, and so far the final payment date still shows March 25th....
  7. We have a Seattle cruise booked in late June leaving from Seattle. With all the cases in Seattle, I am wondering now about the possibility of them cancelling cruises out of Seattle. Anybody have any guesses about the likelihood of that happening? Honestly, unless things get really bad, I hope they don’t. We are looking forward to going to Alaska!
  8. I am planning on booking the longer tour with DyeaDave tours and then riding the train back. At least that’s the order it looks they do it in. Is there any disadvantage to riding the train back in the afternoon, instead of riding it up? Does it go on the same route?
  9. Great! Thanks for all the helpful info. I will check into the Port Valet option.
  10. Great, I was hoping it was easy like that. Thanks for the feedback!
  11. That’s a good question I hadn’t even thought of. The Vista was the ship we were on that had it, but I hadn't thought of other ships not having it. How does it work if the app can’t take reservations? Do you just go to the dining room and tell them how many?
  12. After reading a few other posts, it’s looks like I will be booking a tour with DyeaDave tours and riding the train back. Very excited! How far in advance should I reserve a spot for cruise in June? Is too early to do it now? Lol I’m ready!
  13. After reading a few other posts, it’s looks like I will be booking a tour with DyeaDave tours and riding the train back. Very excited! How far in advance should I reserve a spot for cruise in June? Is too early to do it now? Lol I’m ready!
  14. We recently went on our first cruise with Carnival and used the app to make our your time dining reservations. I liked this feature, but we are going to be going on a second cruise with my elderly parents soon. We also chose YTD for all of us... can I still make reservations for all 5 of us (3 in my room and my two parents) using the app? They have a separate booking number, but I am helping them manage it through the carnival website. How would I go about getting a table for all of us during YTD? Sorry if this seems like a simple question, just never cruised with anybody else before. Thanks!
  15. That is an awesome picture! Do you remember which lake that was? It looks there are two possible bus routes, one that goes from Skagway. One that goes to summit lake and is 2-3 hours long, and then one that goes to emerald lake and is 6 hours or more.
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