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  1. So my friend and I are sending our husbands and two sons to go semi-deep sea fishing while in Costa Maya on our cruise in mid June. So, now we are looking for possibly a cat cruise excursion (possible snorkel) with inclusive drinks. Any suggestions?
  2. Is Royston still doing personal tours in St Kitts? If so, hands down he is the absolute BEST! Small group. Just him and his cousin. He was born and raised there in St Kitts. He charges so little for sooooo much only because his heart is to show people his home island. Oh gosh I hope he’s still doing tours. He will become your forever friend. We still periodically email each other. We are both Christians and he was so good to me and my family. Our tour was only like $50 and it included entrances to two parks, snorkeling, lunch, and plenty of waters, soda and beer in his stocked cooler. Look him up! You won’t be sorry. And just for the record, St. Kitts has amazing off beach snorkeling! It’s my favorite port and I’ve been to almost all of them in the Caribbean.
  3. It’s in the middle of that mall. At least it was on OOTS. Right in the middle sort of close to the coffee kiosk but after the giant car. They had long tables set up. They also had makeshift kiosks for the technology (wifi) purchases.
  4. It’s in the middle of that mall. At least it was on OOTS. Right in the middle sort of close to the coffee kiosk but after the giant car. They had long tables set up. They also had makeshift kiosks for the technology (wifi) purchases.
  5. Morning of first sea, or cocktails at 5:00 on embarkation. By 11:00 on sea day, most are planted out by the pool with no intentions of moving! 😅
  6. I actually find the apps, soups and salads to be more interesting than the entrees they serve anyway. So if I were to order extra of anything, it would be more apps. Seems like the chef puts more attention into coming up with new, more interesting, apps, soups and salads than he does the main courses. So for me, this change wouldn't make too much a difference other than lobster night!
  7. Has anyone fished with this group before? Thinking of booking husband and son as a father’s day surprise for our June 16th cruise week. They have a “Fish to Dish” excursion where they can fish and they bring you back and cook up what you catch right there at a restaurant on the beach. If you don’t catch anything, they’ll still cook up a fresh fish lunch. Has anyone been on this one?
  8. If you’re on an Oasis class ship, as soon as you get on board, the specialty folks are all standing right there at a makeshift kiosk of sorts and can take care of ALL your specialty restaurant needs.
  9. I Agree! You are going to LOVE the Oasis restaurants! Our favorite is 150 Park. We usually just do one night but decided on three for this one. Hoping I don’t over do it on three, hahaha. It’s tempting when you have three or four courses of deliciousness, lol
  10. I’m not interested really in MORE specialty dining. Three times during a cruise is plenty. I am particular about my food quality but can’t eat the enormous amounts served at the specialty restaurants. I’m the MDR, I have noticed oftentimes that the entrees aren’t near in quality as their appetizers, soups and salads. So I will order the app as my main and get a soup or salad with it. I splurge with calories on a cruise to some extent but I also have to make sure I don’t overdo it every night. (My cholesterol would be through the roof as mine is usually high even though I’m in shape physically) . I was just looking for the best deal for my three nights of splurging, lol.
  11. Hey, which cruise was this on? Was it hurricane season on one of the older ships? 🤣 Just saying, that's a deal I have yet to see anywhere!
  12. Do the package prices ever change? I "ordered" but didn't pay for a three night dining package. I thought it was $89 last Friday when I put it my checkout (but didn't pay for it yet) it but I think it went up to $99. Does anyone know if there was a price increase in those in the past week? I very well could be imagining things, haha. Just thought I would ask. Specifically, we are going on a seven night cruise on the Harmony in June. Any insight would be helpful. Just thinking if it was lower when I first placed the order, I'd wait until it went down again to purchase. There are four people I'm trying to cover.
  13. You said exactly what I was going to say! Yes, carry in your wine! If traveling with friends who plan to buy the package you can always get them to carry a bottle each in for you too. I’m exactly like you....not one for the fruity drinks except in the beginning🙄. They bloat me up too much with all that sugar and I feel really sluggish. I honestly don’t like soda at all. Water, probably purchasing that water package and restocking in ports. I don’t like sugary coffee drinks. Just plain coffee with “artificial creamer” (yes! Because half and half gives me the same feeling as all those sweet drinks!). Here’s what I AM doing: bringing on my Chardonnay, as much as I can, and I’m pre-paying as much on board credit as possible! (I’m already at almost $500 in OBC and cruise isn’t until June!😜) Plus we are saving on the side for overage.. This is my solution to not trying to “get my money’s worth” for the almost $900 we’d have to spend, and yet not having to sweat any extra “after dinner sipping drink” or occasional beer in the daytime. I know, it’s mostly a mental game but I know how my mind works and my husband too!! ONE MORE THING TO CONSIDER....how many port days you have and excursions...will they include open bar?
  14. Does anyone know where these rentals are located on the island? Are the chairs and beds near one another? My husband and I want to rent the double shaded lounge chairs and our friends have already rented the bed/palapa. We were wondering where they’re located and if they’re near each other. Anyone been there lately and know? Thanks!
  15. uhhhh, I personally don’t recall anyone here saying their kid is “ COMPLAINING.” OMG, this thread name should be changed to “contrarians unite“ 😆😜
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