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  1. only thing that never changes is death and taxes... Hope you have fun tho.
  2. I wish princess would troll these boards and ban pax that blatantly abuse the rules of princess for their gain or that push others to not listen to princess suggested rules.
  3. as apposed to your bias which is the correct bias?
  4. I love this mind set, the whole my opinion is better/means more than yours/ I am correct you cant be... Its very mature and so helpful. Opinions are like socks we all have them and they all smell a way we are comfortable with.
  5. I love this mind set, the whole my opinion is better/means more than yours/ I am correct you cant be... Its very mature and so helpful. Opinions are like socks we all have them and they all smell a way we are comfortable with.
  6. maybe its a seahorse, would make more sense.
  7. Balloons are killing the world. Save the turtles.
  8. The ball has a masters! SWEET! I get what you are saying just being a jokester. Thats a nice gesture.
  9. You have to weigh what the right price is vs what you think they will buckle to... 17 percent is them taking a hit but not much if they know thye can fill your current stateroom. They arent blinking they realize suites are highly sought after in certain cruise ships. they spend millions on studies and researching the numbers from all there ships and itineraries. If you think thye dont they have already beat you in negotiations. Think of it as who currently holds the leverage. Now if you stare them down you might get them to blink.. but then again 17 percent might be enough for another traveler... I cant see you actually winning in this case.
  10. i havent fit on a single bed since i was 13. its not a plan just ramblings in my mind. i over think life because I never really tried in my 20s i just floated sans at my career. and were both fluffy. edited forgot part
  11. i think about it on our upcoming Hawaii cruise, with a lounger not a mattress Which is more me wanting to now do crazy things on vacations. I mostly think about it cause honeymoon and my future wife and I for religious reasons haven't ever slept in the bed together. so I being noble will let her sleep alone to get sleep over me cause if im tired enough I can fall asleep on a rock covered in sharp pokey things when I started roofing I would nap on the roofs sooo dangerous crazy places aren't new. I just like being a rebel. Cant say I would want the work of trying to drag mattresses around seems like way to much work just get tons of pillows and use a blanket on a lounger frankly. seems smarter.
  12. i booked under the sip n sail for jan 2020. honeymoon kinda determined our wedding date lol.
  13. You had a bad meal they happen even in land restaurants... I think you underestimate what princess knows they have to abide but food service rules... I think this post is you nitpicking one thing that went wrong.. if everything in your life is always perfect can you adopt me. in confused... did you not eat the rest of the trip or that night.. seems silly cause as a seasoned home cook its hard even for me to fried chicken but either you over blow things or you want theyr head on a platter for a mistake. so what is the point what do you want?
  14. Did you get to meet the OP? Alaska is definitely now on my cruise bucket list because of this thread. My parents were on the Grand to alaska in 2017. They still talk about it. So after my honeymoon we will be saving up for Alaska.
  15. Ever stop to wonder why they changed? You may be a avid cruiser, but their research and marketing teams spend millions on what works and what doesnt, proof you are a avid princess cruiser for a reason. Whilst they will value your opinion dont expect them to change it anytime soon. They have already weighed the pros and cons of this choice they dont at random just change things around.
  16. Yeah well they may have finished the app but Google store is notorious for being a swamp to get apps through at times from what I hear from some independent developers.
  17. true.. But I think they want to disconnect and not do work on a vacation at all. but i forget people work like that.. I have learned when I need to work and when I need to relax cause my body is smashed up from construction.
  18. If you want to put in 8 hours maybe ask the boos unless you are the boss to just come in early then get off earlier. I do this in the summer because in the sac valley the temps in the summer can get up to 107 like last week and if I start at 630 ill get off at 2 instead of 4 its the same hours vs coolerish temps. If the customer says no we cant start at 630 (which they rarely do) we just work more days at shorter hours. but most allow us to because they dont like people being that hot. 8 hours is 8 hours unless you are like a day trader... then I guess it wont work. but its an option.
  19. Had it happen to me because I priced out a cruise months before I booked looking for a figure to budget for the honeymoon. I ignored the emails and the calls they stopped after two calls and two emails.
  20. I keep hearing about this dirty banana as a avid banana lover what exact is it?
  21. My rule of thumb is you have to give it 2 to 3 tries for anything when you review/ form an opinion on things. A. bad things can happen once and that forms snap judgements . B. a second go will normalize the scales. unless its bad again then you know. C. the third then you've got a great sample to go off of... unneeded if youve had two but the third could be good like the second and it was a one off. This might not work for cruising but Its a general rule for me. It hasnt really failed me much.
  22. its been really hot over the whole of northern california this week its getting up in the 105's where I am about 2 hours from S.F. so the bay has been a little warmer than normal with this seemingly last gasp of heat tryign to remind us of summer. but overall a very very mild summer for most of northern california not like back east where they were in the upwards of 110 plus we use to have those summers but Ithink all my rain dancing helped stop that cause construction in 120's is horrible.
  23. Its canada so be wary of the MOOSES and GOOSES. They are like a crime gang they distract and pick pocket you.
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