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  1. I watched from my balcony both in and out of it. It was a highlight of the trip! some of my favorite pictures were from that port.
  2. oh that part was tongue in cheek. i didnt add the sarcasm font.
  3. wait so four from inside to a balcony... thats not the horrible. its not the best. but If it was me I might have jumped. who knows. My inner capitalist fights with my inner daddy warbucks self.
  4. I understand the appeal of both, as a foodie. but I also know you have to do you. I know you are asking but deep i in your insides you know what you want. just go wit hthat.
  5. They should contact the State Dept. but... hey.. lets crowd fund.
  6. When is a good time to print out my documents? I am 66 days from departure for our cruise. is its too early? does it even matter? Am I over thinking this?
  7. Looks like perfect weather to nap in for me. reminds me of all the times I went to the coast of northern california as a kid (and my proposal to my fiancee) and we would swim in the freezing waters with crazy winds. always loved napping in the wind.
  8. If only I could get one like that the soon to be wife, believes they are not for me and are not classy... women are strange because she tells me that there are no "that doesnt work for me" when I say it unless it is a white dinner jacket because of her thoughts about them. I wish to one day look as dapper as you good sir.
  9. 88 days. But the cruise was a gift from parents for our honeymoon. but we are paying for a wedding so the thought of spending more when we have vendors and all that comes with a wedding the offer isnt that great from where I sit. Since ive had this cruise since june when we put the deposit down.
  10. I got a upsell today for my 15 day hawaiian from a premuim balcony to a mini suite 600 per person 1200 total I sent that email to the trash. IF they want my room that has had no neighbors around me for six months (I have checked) then they are going to have to do more for me to move.
  11. Thanks! Thats what I thought but work has me driving pillar to post and back again.
  12. Princess sent me an email about obtaining a visa its a cruise from San Francisco to Hawaii to ensenda in 2020, I am from california myself is this just a reminder for those that need it? I dont need a visa for state side travel or baja california last I checked. It is just automated for those that do?
  13. yeah the price is off putting but I suppose i get it..
  14. Its ok posting on here is like jumping into a hornets nest it could be abandoned and a ok or they could kill you. I do hope you enjoy your cruise when ever it is!
  15. Some do I wasnt saying you want to, I have read on these boards the top tiers use it as a "I am elite tier blah blah blah" I wasnt saying you were I was just giving a reason it matters to some my apologies.
  16. Unless they want to flaunt their status like they are kings of the castle.
  17. You have no idea what you are talkingg about, Los Angles is the west coast hot spot for pop ups and award winning chefs from all around the world some of the best "americanized" fusions come from L.A. Its evident you either have a bias or are unsure what you are talking about.
  18. Awe video, Did he get fly around stock footage from princess or use a drone?
  19. "Look I have had 20 years experience at sea and know about noise problems and how to solve them. " WOW, You should be running the high seas maybe get a ship outfit it with cannons and pillage and plunder thems that dont follow your ways.
  20. Engines are complex machines you can make 10 engines all the same on the same line and they will all function differently. Kinks are to be expected at first minor things. Once they "break in" the engine things will be ok you can do sea tests all you want just like car tracks and such but until you drive/ use in the real world enviroment youll never know.
  21. wow... your words say a lot about you in loud volumes.
  22. This needs to be moved again.
  23. We have 11 days until final payment. I have checked for months on the grand hawaii in jan 2020 still no neighbors. and a lot of the suites are booked. I cant see us getting and upsale or upgrade. but I doubt I would take it with virtually no neighbors on the interior or the surrounding balconies. It would have to be very very tempting to get me to move at this point.
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