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  1. Also on the Gem in 2 days. Haven’t heard anything either, it’s probably pretty full, not many upgrades
  2. Your web page shows 23 weeks, the one i posted shows 24, so there was open interpretation as to how it could be calculated. It’s always going to be whatever NCL decides, I’m only saying that you have until 23w6d to be off the cruise ship. There’s not much on the topic so i figured I’d post the info i got from NCL personally. I only critique them on their wording. To avoid any confusion, they should just say 23w6d and not “entering 24th week” as that could be confused based on what is believed to be “entering”
  3. There’s other sites that will say you enter your 24th week at 23w1d... so thank you for being condescending while i was trying to help out other cruisers who may run into this post when they search “PREGNANT” on this forum... I’m simply providing an answer, as there was someone who posted earlier that 23w1d is 24 weeks as well. 🙄
  4. I know this thread is oldish, but if anyone is looking for their pregnancy policy they may stumble here... this is what Norwegian Cruise said to us for our August 2nd cruise “Thank you, your fit for travel letter from your doctor (with an estimated due date of 11/30/2019) has been received. Since you will only be 23 weeks 6 days pregnant at the conclusion of the cruise we are able to clear you for travel. Please carry the original doctor’s note to the pier.” this is how they do their math!
  5. Ha that’s funny. We are on deck 8 as of now also. Small world indeed
  6. Bid for a mini suite w balcony from our hull balcony for our august 2 Bermuda cruise. Went in at $80p/p.
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