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  1. Just did this on the Allure before moving to the Mariner. Check in at guest services when you board. Worth checking in again as we had a couple of miscommunications. They called us midweek to check that we would be at testing. Arrived at testing and we appeared on one list & not another. Still managed a successful test. Ask for written report to be delivered to your cabin that day.
  2. We were on Mariner last week. Check in was a breeze. We were in a balcony cabin on 7 & had empty cabins on both sides of us.
  3. I didn’t need to go very deep and think the 5 times swabbing is the most important part. It didn’t actually tickle or hurt but it was a bit odd feeling. The whole process went very fast. I like the fact that we had total control right from our kitchen table. Proctors were very pleasant & helpful. I would be appalled if they didn’t allow you to assist your son.
  4. Had our tests this morning with the best possible outcome-NEGATIVE for both of us. I used my Apple 11 leaning against a bowl on my kitchen table. Sailed through it. My husband, on the other hand, used his Apple 12 & had no audio. He canceled that test & used his MacBook Air that we placed on a couple of books for height. Worked perfectly.
  5. Good to hear you had a successful outcome with Binax. We will be doing ours in another week.
  6. Think RCI will sell them for less than what we paid eMed?
  7. Nancy is me & I am originally from the great commonwealth of Virginia😎
  8. Ordered Binax early evening this past Wednesday & after numerous updates from them & FedEx, it was on our doorstep this morning. Do I now download NAVICA or wait until Friday prior to departure on September 19th? Thanks from Nancy (couldn’t cruise without Cruise Critic)
  9. I hope that I get to meet her😍
  10. We’re on Allure 9/19. This fence I’m sitting on gets more uncomfortable by the day.
  11. We were on a Royal Caribbean ship a few years ago in traditional dining at a table for eight. The requests began the first night often interrupting conversations between table mates. All of us were frequent cruisers so we told the waiter we understood the drill & that he could stop mentioning it. He didn’t stop so we all made the decision on the next to the final night to hand him our tips & left the dining room to relocate to the Windjammer buffet. Far more enjoyable & relaxing.
  12. Thanks everyone. I will check with hotel for their shuttle availability. Good to know it’s walkable if necessary.
  13. Shuttle would be great as long as they run that late. It could be 10:30p before we could meet one.
  14. We arrive at 10p & staying at Crown Plaza by the airport. Is it walkable & safe at that time of night? If not, is a taxi willing to take us such a short distance? Should we look at another hotel that may be closer? We will be in the hotel for a very short time as we leave the next day to board the Serenade. Thanks, Nancy
  15. I stand corrected. You ARE a delight. Love your zest for life. Nancy
  16. Eager for any info we can get from this first sailing. The “live” reports from the Adventure & Celebrity Edge have been both informative & entertaining 😎
  17. Do all HAL ships have tub/shower combo in the balcony cabins?
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