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  1. Actually, I am the poster and YES we were sitting on the boat, non stop until they finally took us to Nurembeg. See my second post. The part of Roth they tied us too was an industrial waste dump. The trip to Nuremburg did take two hours. But thank you for making assumptions on something you know nothing about. It is well known, (see the other posts here) that Tor was tied there for several days before our swap, and didn't move until our last day...and only then by backing down the canal. What else would you like to discuss? I only asked why the other boats we were encountering did true swaps while we were tied there, not moving...
  2. I am so happy that AMA treated you so well in the face of disruption. We had done a previous viking and it was spectacular...which is why we booked again so soon. This one was such a let down. Truly poor service.
  3. Here is another post about how TOR was tied up...this guy did the reverse swap. https://www.cruisecritic.com/memberreviews/memberreview.cfm?EntryID=660036 Or do you think he made this up as well looking for a free cruise because he missed a shrimp cocktail. At least they got to get off..but his is pretty much ours in reverse. He went to VAR and did get to cruise. back to Hungary. We never moved.
  4. For all of you asking: They DID not do a swap and continue on. This was on and around the first of July. VIKING VAR/TOR. We were taken from our boat for a swap, but once we got there they left us tied up for 3 days. The pics of the bus....yeah let me tell you about that day: They took us on a 2 hour drive to a city (Nuremberg) and told us we could have ONE HOUR to look around. At that point we all revolted! And told them FIND another bus to pick us up at 5 or we would all take taxis back and they could have the bill. Wanting a 'free cruise"? Nice try.. NO I paid $10,000 to sit in a drainage ditch for 3 days? The tied-up ship is the Viking TOR. You can sit in the picture of the crane. We were on the Viking VAR and after we were moved, we were tied up for 3 days. There are other posts about this experience here. How many pictures do you need for this? I have tons, including a satellite photo of the area we were tied in. Roth is a damn industrial waste site and our drive was 2 hours long - not the hour you are all swearing about. They weren't even going to take any of us anywhere, but so many people were fighting with the staff, that the brought in 1 whole bus! This was.....AFTER a 6 hour transfer trip - yeah we were told that the transfer would be about 3 hours. You can all sit there and act like you know what happened. But I can give you names, dates and times. Our captain hid in the wheel house. Our poor CD was left to face a bunch of angry people. And yes, many other boats did exactly that swap and continued on. THAT was my point....WHY WERE WE TIED THERE for 3 days. TOR, we found out, had already been tied there for 3 days before we got there for the swap. What else do you need? We were told the boat would just turn around. NO, they finally on our last day, had to back it all the way down the canal. So you all think we are just lying? Nice try. Viking treated us like ***** and you think we are bitching about a shrimp cocktail? Wow... You tell me why the never turned it around and had to back it out. You try sitting in that canal for 3 days and listening to trucks rumble by. And have trash float by. Then find out it had been there as long as it had, not moving. UNREALISTIC expectations? For $10,000 I got to see below....and you think it is a joke? Try it....see what you would say The ship is 450 feet long and that canal was maybe 100 feet wide. We got screwed bad...and you think we are all just making it up. WOW.
  5. They really did. I saw 3 other posts on here about the VAR/TOR awful 'ship swap' where we were tied in a drainage ditch for 3 days and did not CRUISE. Finally got an offer of an amount (not allowed to say how much thanks to a NDA) let us just say it barely paid for one day of sitting in a drainage ditch. No amount of arguing changed that. So we are going to just let our 'credit' lapse. Viking does NOT deserve the amount of money it would cost to do Viking again. Even with our pitiful credit. They blew it. And they really don't care. At all. To pay $10,000 to sit tied up in an industrial waste ditch for 3 days and then get nothing but poor treatment by 'customer service', I wish I could sell my credit to someone who would use it. Heck, I would donate it to a charity but I can't transfer it. There are at least 12 other cruise lines who were in our exact same situation that didn't tie their passengers up and leave them stranded for days. Guess I will just be looking at them next time. look at the pictures and think" Romantic Danube?" Thanks Viking. Great service. Never again.
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