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  1. Actually I am not concerned now that I have read the experiences of other cruisers. I will go through our mobile test site by my house which gives results in two hours instead of my healthcare provider, who said they may or may not have the results in two days. That was strange but whatever. We still have until December and the way things change like the wind, there may be different rules by then.
  2. So sorry to read this. At least our November cruise was substituted with a different Carnival ship and a 1-day change in leaving.
  3. I keep looking and hope springs eternal for the Miracle out of Long Beach. We had it on the Radiance and alas when the cancel notice came so did the loss of the FTTF to be refunded. It was a shame we could not move it over.
  4. My daughter and I love the age separation as well.
  5. I agree with you on the family factor. The husband and I tried different cruise lines without children which in my opinion makes a difference as we only do adult things. We loved MSC but then again we went with friends w/o children and grandchildren for a strictly adult cruise. We sail in the YC which also makes a difference as you never have to go anywhere as it is a self-contained bubble, though we did go out and about. Everyone from employes to fellow travelers were nice. It was a different atmosphere as they are a privately owned European shipping company, so the employees were more low-key. When sailing with my granddaughter we stick with Carnival and NCL as she likes these ships and the kids club if she goes is great.
  6. We have driven from Nor Cal but now we just take a short SW flight down. So agree about the convenience and the stock. 🙂
  7. I have sailed on Carnival, RCCL, Princess, NCL, and MSC. The prize for the best relaxing no dress clothes needed goes to Carnival. The money issue answer is it depends for me because I sail in different cabins depending on the cruise line. Sorry, but I am 70 and I am really attached to relaxing on a balcony and the cabin must have one. My DD and I sail mostly on Carnival (perfect for the short cruise out of Long Beach) and we are booked for the Miracle and the Panorama (7-day). I do not have enough loyalty points which will give me anything to write home about, but I love the casual fun atmosphere of Carnival. We also sail NCL which I am Platinum and the perk of free laundry is a perk for me. The dress code is loosening and long pants still are the norm for the dining rooms at night. Top picks for the daughter, granddaughter, and me trips Carnival and NCL.Great value and lots of fun for multigenerational travel.The pick for the husband and I when we travel alone together is NCL and MSC . We do not mind dressing a little bit for dinner and we have perks on both of these cruise lines (Diamond on MSC). We have worked hard and we are now retired. It does cost us more but after several health issues we look at cruising together as a celebration of life, so yep, we spend more money here.
  8. Yes, it is a suburb, you are spot on! We live close to the Roseville border. by the 80 but I know where Mather is/was. The husband is retired Navy. We moved from So Cal (Flinn Springs - San Diego east area) years ago, to be closer to the adult offspring. Yippee!
  9. We did rebook on the Miracle to try it out. My daughter is a special education teacher so we cruise around her school schedule and the Miracle fit both that and her birthday. I feel blessed that we were able to book the last extended aft balcony. We still plan to cruise on the Radiance one day.
  10. Us as well, but we are set to rebook on the Miracle.
  11. I sure it remains for our cruise in November.
  12. Great information. When we return in December the husband and I both will renewing our passports and Global ID.
  13. In the beginning of back to cruising there are changes but no deal breakers for me. Since my first cruise will not be until November I will take the wait and see approach. Cruise, J.D. thanks for sharing.
  14. Glad everyone chose the Havana. We will enjoy the Havana twice on the Panorama in 2022.
  15. We have two cruises booked but I think it was a blanket mass emailing to anyone who shared their email with NCL.
  16. We loved the Wind. We once pre-strectch and once after. We could not really tell a difference because we were so focused on the wonderful people who made our stay on the ship so enjoyable.
  17. We have been able to just switch our dates with the airline each time, however Southwest gave us a credit for the flights from one city in California to another.
  18. It certainly guarantees you will most likely book with MSC again. We had to rebook our canceled cruise and hope to sail in December. For sure we will book and sail with MSC, because we are spoiled in the YC.
  19. I know the kennel/hotel for our fur members cost as much as an additional cruise passenger sometimes!
  20. Too funny! Our offspring are all at 50 or knocking on it with families and/or live too far. Now that we getting even more long in tooth, we decided to not adopt any more furry offspring.
  21. You are so right about the pricing! I am sure you and your wife will enjoy the suite. Having sailed in suites on Carnival I was happy with the extra space, but did not mind sailing in a balcony cabin on the next one. I have missed the extra perks (ok maybe the Butler). We no longer book the Haven on NCL, because the price became more than we wanted to spend. MSC has the best suite perks and is perfect for the DH and I to enjoy for just the two of us as it is more than Carnival but less than NCL. I hope you spend a day in New Orleans. My DD and I loved our extra day there and the food and sights was spectacular!
  22. Thank you for answering the Perks question. We sail different cruise lines depending on family members or it is just the DH and I cruising alone. I admit the laundry perk is a plus for us on NCL (Platinum), but it will be a very long time before we get it on Carnival, if ever. In the emanwhile we enjoy all of the cruise lines we sail with perks or not.
  23. I am trying to talk my husband into taking a partial Journey cruise (we have 4 pets to board, and it gets expensive). We will not be anywhere near Platinum as we sail on various cruise lines depending on what type of cruise we are looking to enjoy. I am going to continue research into the Journey cruises. Cruisin 4 Ever, we sailed the Wind in 03 and 09.
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