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  1. I just received a similar response to an email I sent this morning....... OfficeofthePresident OfficeofthePresident@crystalcruises.comHide To marc Cc OfficeofthePresident OfficeofthePresident@crystalcruises.com Good Day Mr. , We appreciate your email to the office of President, Jack Anderson, in regards to your refund status. We are responding on his b
  2. SusieQft, Regarding my October 26, 2021 cruise on Serenity which you have on your spreadsheet: Deposit of $3010./cabin for 3 cabins was made in January 2020. I cancelled on 8/3/20. I received a permanent credit of $2510./cabin for 3 cabins from Chase Sapphire Reserve on 10/4/20. This reflects the $500/cabin administration fee still held by Crystal. Marc
  3. I am at day 174 of seeking refunds from Crystal for 4 cabins booked for a July 2020 cruise that I had cancelled prior to Crystal cancelling the cruise. I had cancelled April 1, 2020 and have credit statements from Crystal documenting the money owed me. At about day 120 with no response from Crystal, I started the dispute process with Chase. Since then I have received credit, from Chase, not Crystal for $28,000 out of $42,000. The amount not credited by Chase is the money that was original deposits made in January 2019. Chase states that the charges are too old, and twice now I have dispu
  4. To: Truck Driver I have been dealing with Chase Sapphire Reserve for several weeks regarding $42000 + in cummulative charges for 4 cabins for a July 19, 2020 cruise that I cancelled on April 1, 2020. After waiting 110 days for Crystal to refund my money, I filed a dispute with Chase. They originally sent me a letter similar to yours stating that the dispute was too old. However, they have a "second look" dispute team that I requested to look at my situation. It took a few weeks, but since then I have had about $28000 permanently credited to my account by Chase. Still waiting on the o
  5. Dear SusieQft, Please add another refund request to your spreadsheet: Serenity October 26, 2021 New York to Miami Deposits for 3 cabins paid on 1/3/20: $3010.50 each cabin Cruise cancelled by me on 8/3/20 and have statement from Crystal dated 8/3/20 that they owe me $2510.50 x 3 (There is a nonrefundable $500 Admin fee for each cabin) As I am at day 140 waiting for refunds from Crystal for a cruise cancelled April 1, I did not want to wait until next year to possibly get a refund from Crystal for this cruise, and so I placed a dispute with Chase Sapphire Reserve card t
  6. This is an amendment to post #779. I called Chase today to ask if the credits to my Chase Sapphire Reserve card (CSR) received yesterday were credits from Crystal or from Chase. I was told that the credits were from Chase for transaction dates of August, September, and October 2019. So I am now at day 140 and counting with Crystal not refunding my money. The Chase credits were from a re-look dispute that I sent to Chase after they originally told me two weeks ago that the transactions were too old for them to credit me. I also received a letter from Chase yesterday stating that ch
  7. Update on my refund: Today is day 139 of my cancelling fully paid 4 cabins on April 1, 2020 for the July 19. 2020 Serenity cruise. I awoke to find that Crystal refunded to my Chase Sapphire Reserve (CSR) card approximately 2/3 of what is owed to me. I am hoping that the rest will appear on my CSR statement tomorrow. (At day 105 with no refund from Crystal I finally put in a dispute with Chase and after 10 days received a response from Chase stating that they could not help me because too much time had elapsed from my payments to Crystal and my registering the dispute. As others
  8. I am at day 128 waiting for a $34,000+ refund for 4 cabins on July 19, 2020 cruise. I have, only a week ago, disputed the transaction with Chase and am awaiting a response from Chase. So, as the saying goes, "Fool me once....etc." I have just cancelled 3 cabins for the October 26, 2021 cruise NY to Amazon to Miami and as soon as I get the formal statement from Crystal that they recognize my cancellation and am owed $9000 in deposits, I will dispute this with Chase also. Not gonna wait for 120++ days waiting for Crystal. If cruises resume next year and the onboard experience seems lik
  9. Santonio, Thanks for the reply. I have asked for a manager at Chase to call me regarding this. Marc
  10. Santonio, I am very curious about your reimbursement from Chase. I booked 4 cabins for a July 19,2020 Serenity cruise. I cancelled the cruise on April 1, 2020 and Crystal sent me a statement documenting that I was to be refunded all of my payments, less the $100 admin fee for each of the 4 bookings. Several weeks later Crystal cancelled the cruise. Up until July 16, I was patiently waiting for the refund from Crystal, but since as of that date I did not receive it, which would have been 106 days later, I sent a dispute to Chase Sapphire Reserve Card. I just received notic
  11. I will have to chime in and side with those who feel Crystal has treated their customers poorly. I do not buy into their excuse that they have been swamped with requests for refunds. If so, they should have kept a few more people in the office until all of the backed up refunds were settled. In the relative scheme of things, it would not have been that much of an added cost so that their valued customers could be treated fairly. I cancelled a July 19, 2020 cruise on April 1, received the statement from Crystal dated April 1 documenting that I was to receive a refund to my credit card
  12. I finally got fed up waiting for Crystal to refund the amount due me from their statement dated 4/1/20 documenting that they were to credit me. I just got off the phone with Chase for my Sapphire Reserve card and disputed the charges giving Chase the info about how Crystal's 90 days changed to 120 days or more. I have previously documented in this thread my info and will keep you posted with what happens with Chase. I am already on the spreadsheet. Crystal Serenity, Venice to Rome July 19, 2020 4 cabins
  13. Seeing the latest posts regarding a Covid vaccine, I felt I should stick my 2 cents in. As a physician, I am not anti-pharma and certainly not anti-vaccinations. However, I just do not see how a Covid vaccine could be deemed safe and effective in such a relatively short time span of just 9 to 12 months and so I would not be getting the vaccine myself until 6 months to a year after they started public vaccinations. With the billions and billions the US government is throwing at several pharma companies, the incentive to cut corners and manipulate data is great. From my understanding, vaccin
  14. These are the lyrics from one of my favorite Simpsons' episodes, where the family goes on a cruise. (Unfortunately, I cannot find a video clip of it) If you can find a video of the entire episode, as a cruise fanatic, you will enjoy it, recognizing a lot of it to be true. Enjoy It While You Can is the song that cruise ship director Rowan Priddis (guest star Steve Coogan) sings aboard the Royalty Valhalla to mark the half-way point of the cruise. The song is a reminder to the passengers that the good times they have been having will soon end, which inspires Bart to try and
  15. I have not previously posted on the topic of refunds in this thread or the other related threads because I believed that Crystal would honor its commitment to refund what was owed to me within 90 days of receiving my request. I had paid approximately $48000. for 6 of us to cruise on the July 19, 2020 Venice to Rome cruise on Serenity. The refund statement from Crystal is dated April 1, 2020 (please, no April Fools Day jokes). From Mr. Wolber's letter it is obvious that I will not be receiving my refund within the 90 days promised. It is also obvious to me that Crystal must be having a f
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