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  1. Excellent review! Very easy to read and good word choices! 👍
  2. I tried it again using the keyboard #, and not the number pad. I claim operator error. In any event it worked. Thanks SNJ!
  3. Hmmmm. "Oops. The Promo Code (4EVERYDAY1K) that you have entered is either not valid or has expired." Thanks anyway.
  4. We cruised on the Vista out of Galveston on Aug.21-28, and selected a 1:30 check in time, as we wanted to avoid the crowds. And indeed we did! We walked into check in time at 1:40, and breezed right on through all check in lines; photo, baggage scan, walk thru metal detectors, customs, etc, etc etc. We will NEVER try for early check in times again. Absolutely no stress on this one! 👍
  5. I've never heard of the term. I'd be interested to know too.
  6. This is exactly what we did. I too have seen comments that during boarding process, the phone results were accepted. But we still printed out the results, just to be sure.
  7. Thanks for the invite, but I'm a dedicated Scotch drinker. My folks used to drink bourbon, and I tried it, but didn't care for it as much as I do Scotch.
  8. Yup. It sure does have both. Ate there a lot and drank there a lot too.
  9. I'm loving this discussion! And I'm not even a bourbon/whiskey/rye whiskey fan.
  10. Then Sprite. Tastes the same to me.
  11. Saint Greg will know for sure. He lives there. Maybe he will be along shortly after the Saints/Washington game.
  12. You might find your answer over on the Princess cruise lines forum here on CC. This is the Carnival Cruise Line forum.
  13. You will have a great time there! And you can't miss the bar. It's directly on the way to the bus's. And I hear tell they make some pretty good food too!
  14. IIRC, Carnival does offers specialty dining for 3 restaurants for something like $68.00. On board purchase for the 3 only. I know the steakhouse is on there, but not sure about the others. Firefly I believe did it. Hopefully she'll be along shortly to clarify.
  15. Yes. I did Altun Ha on our Vista cruise back at end of August. I had a blast! Once we disembarked from the water shuttle and walked the port area we arrived at our bus. It was great. a/c worked VERY well. So much so in fact I had to turn off the air in my seat. The bus ride took about 30-40 minutes, IIRC. tour guides(3) took turns talking about Belize. I found it quite educational. Once we got there, we got off the bus, and the tour guides separated us into groups of 8-10 people. Then we started the tour. Altun Ha is beautiful, is not overly large; just how I like it. We spent about 1 1/2 hours touring the site, and listening to our guides give the history, and the restoration of the site itself. Once the tour was over, and we loaded back on the bus, we started back to Belize City and the port area. We stopped at a home with an entertainment open pavilion to have a genuine Belizean lunch, which consisted of chicken and a really good rice, cooked in coconut milk. Yummm. Then once back at the cruise port area, I started strolling towards the ship. I discovered a really neat bar on the way called the Wet Lizard, and had several bottles of the local beer, Belikan(sp?). And while was enjoying myself, to my surprise those same 3 tour guides walked by. I waved to them, and they came over, and I treated them to a round of that great beer. I bought a really cool t-shirt from them. In fact I'm wearing it right now, and my grandson is pestering me to give it to him! No Way. Looking back on it, I enjoyed the Belize stop, more than I did, Mahogany Bay, or Cozumel, although I had great times at both. I would like to go back. It's a great place! Enjoy your tour!
  16. Same here! Salt is salt, no matter what color it is.
  17. Would love to see them! And welcome to Cruise Critic! 👍
  18. Yes, that is correct. Carnival takes your picture during embarkation process, and is used every time you get off the ship, and every time you get back on it. It speeds up the process a great deal.
  19. Remember folks, that all Carnival ships are sailing way less than full capacity. We sailed on the Vista embarking Sat., Aug. 21. We had lots of On Board Credit, and we waited to make our steakhouse reservations until Monday, Aug. 23, and had our pick of the times we wanted to eat. There were only about 15-20 people dining at the time. Our first time too. The meal was fantastic! I ordered the small filet, med. and it was grilled to perfection, and had sautéed mushrooms as a side. I love to combine the two when eating. Had the cheesecake for desert. Wow! It was huge! I couldn't eat all of it, it was so big. And delicious beyond words. The moral of the story is, that if you have any OBC, and you want to try the fantastic steakhouse, save your hard earned money, and wait until you are aboard ship to make the reservation. Have an outstanding meal for..... free!
  20. Loving your review! Keep up the good work! 👍
  21. ^^^^^This. Words so true. We walked into the terminal around 1:20, and we started check in immediately, and did not even have time to sit down until we were on the ship. Very smooth embark. I'm never going to try to board before 1pm(unless we have FTTF).
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