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  1. A bit related to cruise crud - on the Indian Ocean Explorer voyage, roundtrip Singapore - my eyes were irritated, red and bloodshot the entire cruise,. The only relief was when I put a cold cloth across my eyes when resting - they would clear somewhat AND they cleared when I was off the ship for a long day excursion (probably humidity helped that). I had Systane Ultra eyedrops, which I use when my eyes are dry, but this was more extreme.. Usually I get 1-2 days of slight dryness from long flights - but I never had a problem with my EVA air flights, both coming from and going home. So, I tend to question the air quality/air filtering system - I had no infection, drainage, pus, only very dry, irritated red bloodshot eyes.. First time on a HAL ship that I experienced this,
  2. we were in cabin 661 MAIN deck....cabin was cold (especially on entry during the day when the ship tended to get humid) - for nighttime sleeping it was perfect.. We noticed one evening in the Lido that the corner where small plated appetizers were offered - water started dripping.. and dripping.... as it is not attended to much by staff except to restock - my husband notified the manager.. plates were taken away, some maintenance staff were called, and they removed a ceiling panel, fiddled and then water just GUSHED down..... that whole section was out of commission for a day or so.
  3. The inside back cover of the current Cruise Planner clearly names the dinners included in Mariner discount (Sel de Mer is listed) and also states the exceptions .. Onboard, if there is a problem with the PG manager acknowledging this - I would escalate the issue to the Hotel Manager and Guest Services Manager..
  4. When I had my meeting with the Hotel and Guest Services officers - the Hotel Manager pointed out the most recent Cruise Planner, and on the inside back cover page, it clearly states under Mariner benefits that Sel de Mer qualifies.. Granted the print is small (and I pointed out that this could and should be made more prominent) but it is there in black and white.
  5. Hi Susan, it's John and Caro(CJcruzer) sailing with Btimmer - our third year in a row - 2017 together in Japan, 2018 in Indonesia, and now, 2019, in Sri Lanka, Malaysia and Maldives. Looks like we will have to find another cruise together with you and Bruce, it's been too long!😊
  6. what got my goat, was when the PG manager said that the policy changed last week.. yeah right, how convenient.. kept my mouth shut and sent out a blast of emails.. I felt I was being fed a "fabricated story". I did not mention this in my emails, just asked for verification, yes or no on Mariner discount for pop up Sel de Mer.. no names mentioned, no he said-she said, no pointing fingers. And I came up smellng like a rose, possibly cannot say the same for PG manager and restaurant manager.
  7. The problem seems to stem from the supervisory/lower level management aboard the ships.. I get the feeling they want to have their own juridiction and interpretation of policy.. Just my opinion.. I cannot fault HAL top brass - I think the ship mid management want to exert their authority.. Self importance is of no importance at all. I must say the hotel manager was extremely embarassed on my behalf over this occurrence, and some of the conversation/details which were revealed.
  8. and I must add, the hotel manager and guest services manager were most gracious - and apologized profusely for the "incident" - And I am enjoying the cruise immensely - no matter what the outcome would have been.. but I never imagined that my inquiry would escalate to this extent. As Feb 2 is/was the N. Statendam naming day, I am impressed that this problem was addressed urgently - considering all the other hoopla that must be going on.
  9. I had a meeting with the guest services manager and hotel manager, by their request. My emails to Office of the President, Orlando Ashford and Gerald Bernhoft were read, taken seriously and addressed immediately!. Apparently my request to know and define fleetwide, except for Pinnacle class ships, the status of Sel de Mer pop-up dinners with regard to Mariner was the main topic of the day! I have heard from the hotel manager of Maasdam that this has been resolved, from this day forward - fleetwide this has been resolved AND Sel de Mer is INDEED entitled to Mariner discounts on non Pinnacle class ships.. In addition, it is being looked into to have this information more prominently displayed in all Holland America material.. It is in fact in small letters in the back of the current cruise planner, but it is felt it should be more self-evident.. Head office, and I do mean HEAD office, are taking this very seriously. ALL ships have been notified TODAY.
  10. MAJOR FLASH -UPDATE 7:30 AM,cancelled allPG reservations 9:35 AM returned from thermal suite with message waiting, and a note in my mail slot Called back and was told they got in touch with Seattle, and ALL mariners will be entitled to Sel de Mer discounts (on this sailing, I cannt speak for others). I was offered to reinstate my Sel de Mer reservation.. I asked if I could use my complimentary Pinnacle Grill lunch towards the Sel de Mer.. Then I was offered FREE Sel de Mer and not to worry, in lieu for my "troubles". I actually declined the freebie - I told them I do not so business like this - but thanked them anyway,. They poo-pooed me first, did not think Iwould take it any further, and then want to air-brush the incident with a freebie.. I Said all I wanted was what I am entitled to - and the PG complimentary lunch from TA going toward Sel de Mer - I also more or less politely told them that the line "policy just changed last week" is a lot of crock - because this has been said before, on various ships, at various times. How many last weeks are you going to go through? And some people did get their issues resolved once they came home, through the Mariner Society department, perhaps some did not. I let them know that this is no way to do business - but that I appreciated that they did indeed go further with the Mariner letter to actually inquire. I have to give them that much credit. SO all I can tell you us that for this cruise, Sel de Mer will be covered under the Mariner Discount. I cannot speak for future cruises, nor other ships. When I get home, I will talk to the Mariner Society further.
  11. I was offered Mariner discount on only one Sel de Mer dinner, as a "courtesy" (how patroniIng).. The second night of Sel de Mer would be at full price. Seriously, I am not one of those suckers who is born every minute,. My husband says he doesn't need any "favors"- we have decided to cancel the one Sel de Mer we booked and also our upgraded from PG complimentary lunch to PG dinner with adjustment, If we lose the $20 that the TA paid toward the PG lunch, I guess HAL needs it more badly than we do. We are booked Zuiderdam and Nieuw Statendam this coming fall, and the Westerdam in April 2020 - and that is just for starters, I can wait for Sel de Mer on the NS- I won't die of starvation in the meantime 😏 you would think I was trying to fleece the company - I am just trying to enjoy the perks I have earned by being a loyal passenger.. My husband was very turned off to the attitude - we do not want handouts and I am not going to be beholden to the "powers that be, or he who is playing god" for granting an "exception" ..... it either is, or it "ain't" .. and if the policy has changed, then the procedure manual/email should be updated to all pertinent departments. I will take this up further with Mariner Society, Gerald Bernhoft, Office of the President, and Orlando Ashford through emails and once home, on the phone.
  12. update to situation: I tell PG manager I have screenshots of posts on CC on this matter, especially one from fall Maasdam where hal finally acknowedged. the discount and reimbursed after the cruiser once home. PG manager says as of "last week" the Sel de Mer is not applicable.. 🙄 how convenient NOT.. if you believe that, I have many bridges to sell you.. received a reply from Mariner Society within 24 hours. Dear Carol, Thank you for your recent correspondence with Holland America Line. We are sorry for the misunderstanding while on board. The 3 & 4 Star 25% discount and 5 Star 50% discount for the surcharge does apply to all evenings in the Pinnacle Grill, Le Cirque, de Librije, Sel de Mer, Dutch Cafe and Farm to Table. Please note that the two 5 Star complimentary Pinnacle Grill dinners do not include the Le Cirque, de Librije or Master Chef Table evenings. To make reservations please log onto www.hollandamerica.com and sign into your My Account, or call our Ship Services Department toll free at 800-541-1576. Your discount on pre-purchases will be credited to your onboard bill. For additional terms and conditions of the Mariner Society benefits please log onto www.hollandamerica.com. Please let us know if we can be of further assistance. We look forward to welcoming you back on board in the near future. Kind Regards, ****** ( I deleted the name for privacy reasons) Mariner Society Holland America Line 800-547-9139 206-626-7359 Monday-Friday 8:00am – 5:00pm PST Savor the Journey so i am a happy camper and call the PG manager - still no way but he would like to see this.. i get front desk to make 2 copies, one for PG manager, one for Hotel Manager Hubby is so annoyed he said to cancel our PG dinner, (which I upgraded to a dinner from my TA complimentary lunch). I have written an email to the Office of the President and to Orlando Ashford email address..
  13. I have taken screenshots of these posts and will show to Pinnacle Grill Manager and front desk. Thank you for your responses, keep them coming! Have emailed Mariner Society also Here's hoping..
  14. There are 2 scheduled pop up Sel de Mer dinners currently on the 20 day Maasdam EXC in depth cruise, The one girl said I would receiver 4* Mariner discount,. Went to find hubby to discuss dates - went to Pinnacle Grill to book, and another girl said no.. I called guest services, who in turn called the Pinnacle Grill Manager, and the answer was NO Mariner discount for the pop up dinner events. So those of you who have received discounts in the past, good for you that you were lucky, I am not so impressed with the lack of coordination in information on various things..... The right hand sometimes does not know what the left hand is doing!. Enjoying the cruise, and you can read more about it on Btimmer's blog (I believe he posted the link in another thread).
  15. I forgot about the return......although it is also close to 330 days out, I may be off a couple days.... will try in January and both start and end dates should be valid. Thanks for the reminder.
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