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  1. The Unesco Byzantine mosaics are spread among 8 sites. I forget how many we visited, possibly 5 or 6? I know one site was closed that day, another is a bus ride outside of the city itself. Here is some info and the 8 monument sites: Ravenna, an important port, was known under the Romans and Byzantines as Classis. It developed into a major centre of Christian art and culture on the instigation of Galla Placidia, the wife of Western Roman Emperor Constantius III (and regent of that empire herself for a few years). She was a fervant Christian and was involved in the b
  2. We visited Ravenna in 20212 on Celebrity Solstice. Beautiful Byzantine mosaics in this city, along with Dante’s tomb.
  3. In 2018, we returned to Norway on the Koningsdam, 3rd time for us. We booked the Mostraumen fjord cruise in Bergen with Rodne company (same company who runs the fjord cruise to Pulpit Rock out of Stavanger). Below are some pics of scenery along the fjord. Carol
  4. we have been to Bergen 3 times on port stops, 2011, 2014, 2018. first time, similar pics to what has been posted. Second time, on the Viking Passage Eurodam 2014 trip, I arranged a tour to Grieg’s home, Lysoen ( home of violinist Ole Bull), visit to stave church (and a photo stop at monastery ruins). Lysoen is situated on an island, and the main room has very interesting wood detailing. The first 2 pics are looking out on the fjord from Grieg’s property, the next few are Lysoen, then monastery ruins and Fantoft stave church Carol
  5. Take a picture of the posted menu with your camera! 👍🏻 Carol
  6. I had bad experience on the Maasdam with the Pinnacle Grill manager, totally useless. Wrote an email, while onboard, to ask about the pop-up Sel de Mer discount for 4* mariner, to both Mariner Society and the office of the President.... was resolved the next day by tge Hotel Manager. - who asked for me to meet with him. Carol
  7. did you book once onboard or online? I am leery to leave it once onboard, as we are 7 people. Carol
  8. I was thinking to have a chat with the Tamarind manager ahead of time...
  9. $72.50 difference, actually and not worth it to change up, mess around with exchanging key cards to get back into the room, etc. We got excellent deals on our bookings - and the family room my son booked has 2 bathrooms - My husband has a saying... in the end we will not run out of money, we will run out of time - No use sweating the small stuff - I was just curious as to past recent experiences with this. Carol
  10. nice to know, hopefully they will still operate in the same fashion. Carol
  11. thank you, in the past when we have cruised with them, we have booked with one 4* mariner in each room - but the Rotterdam has family rooms that will accommodate 5 in a room - so this time no need to split ourselves up with one parent in each room. Carol
  12. 😀😀 hopefully that has not changed..
  13. We are 4* mariners, and will be cruising with son, DIL and 3 grandgirls. I would like for us all to dine in the Tamarind one night. I will make the reservation for 7, online, once the specialty dining opens up on my booking), which includes my son, DIL and grandgirls. Do I get 50% for the entire party, as I am booking and paying for it online with a HAL gift card, or only for my husband and myself. The others are only 2* at this point. I do realize any discount would be applied once onboard. I have heard mixed reports that sometimes the discount has
  14. Volendam Feb 2018 cruise around Indonesia. The first pic, lazy Komodo dragon lying right under the pier! Carol
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