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    With all due respect there are some pretty big issues with your post. 1) Spanish flu of 1918 was H1N1, not a "standard" flu. We only recently (2009) developed a vaccine for this type of influenza, and that vaccine is only good for 2 years. not the 10 as claimed. Also there are countless strains of inflenza, so it's impossible to keep folks vaccinated against them all... absent a universal flu vaccine like Centivax by Distributed Bio is poised to potentially become. 2) The flu shot is helpful at times but isn't always effective. It's a GUESS by the WHO at what strains will be common that year. They're frequently wrong, like they were this year. Your assertion that it's rare that vaccinated people die of the flu is incorrect. I'd also argue that our "Social distancing" isn't nearly as effective as people think. This video does a good job of showing how even a few folks going about their business, or having centralized meeting spots (like groceries/pharmacies) can largely diminish the effectiveness of a half-baked "quarantine". Not to mention the large number of people simply ignoring it. I'd argue that we have NOT learned our lesson well. In any event, using a Novel Avian Flu strain from a century ago as a representative of a modern "severe common flu" season is either badly flawed or intentionally disingenuous. Again, anyone comparing this outbreak to a "Severe common flu" season is spreading bad information and needs to stop.
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    If you and @helengpgoing to include asymptomatic carriers when calculating CFR with COVID-19, why are you not including it with common influenza? 1 in 3 carriers of Flu are asymptomatic* and not factored into its CFR either. Let's compare apples to apples shall we? Let's look at the numbers from the CDC : US Flu Fatalities: 61,000 est. (Worst season in some time) US COVID Fatalities will blow past that within the next week or so and will likely triple it within a few weeks. Hospitalizations and overall strain on healthcare will be orders of magnitude worse than with a "bad flu epidemic". Comparing the two is asinine. Also, your attempt to diminish fatalities COVID because many are in conjunction with other co-morbidities is equally silly, as the same phenomena applies to typical influenza fatalities. Please, stop. * SOURCE: Carrat F, Vergu E, Ferguson NM, Lemaitre M, Cauchemez S, Leach S, Valleron AJ - Am J Epidemiol. 2008 Apr 1; 167(7):775-85.
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    I view it like this.... Let's say my favorite pizza place is in a rough neighborhood. I love eating there. Now let's say I get a hankering for pizza on a Friday night and the news it talking about a rash of crime in that neighborhood tonight. Do I say "I have no control over if someone shoots me" and go anyway? Or do I say "You know what, I LOVE Pizza, but my own personal risk assessment tells me that I'll just wait until Sunday afternoon and get a slice then". I personally am not willing to enter an environment with a high risk of transmission of a virus that's 3x more contagious and 20x more deadly than the standard flu. We have seen exactly what happens when someone who's infected is on a cruise ship. The cruise industry isn't going anywhere. Our favorite ships will be there this summer/fall/winter when this dies down. Others may not be as well educated on the virulence of this particular strain, or their own personal risk/reward assessment might be calibrated differently. Everyone gets to make their own decision. There are certainly some great deals to be had for those willing to risk it.
  4. Nice Idea! Hang at the vent to Draw more of the cool AC air from the vent if you're looking to actually decrease the temp in the room. Hang over bed if you're looking more for the ceilingfan-like downward breeze / white noise effect.
  5. The AC works but often doesn't get the room cool enough in caribbean cruises. Also many like the cool breeze and sound that a fan provides and the AC doesn't, necessarily. 🙂 So Glad you enjoy! I've used the fan in many places. On a trip to Cuenca, Ecuador the fan helped me sleep at altitude (increased air in face at night), and also was invaluable during our Smoked BBQ Rib presentation on stage at a grilling festival. It was difficult to get fires hot enough at altitude, but the little fan aimed at the firebox vent stoked the fire and provided enough oxygen to run appropriate temperatures. 🙂 One of the advantages to hanging it was it blew on both of us, and you felt it even if you rolled over... much like an overhead fan.
  6. It’s VERY firmly attached. The ship would sink before this shook loose 😉
  7. That's a horrible example. Here's a better example: If I need/intend to purchase four tires and a store offers a deal to buy 3 and get one free, I'm guessing you'd argue that tire wasn't free, right? I was going to spend $1000 but ended up only having to spend $750 to satisfy the need/want. If so, we'll call it a agree to disagree. Cheers! 😉
  8. Advantages of many Credit Cards: - Travel Insurance - 3x Points on Travel Expenses - Baggage Insurance - No concerns over Holds - No foreign transaction fees - Less risk if lost/stolen They are numerous... No way I'd personally use a debit card for a cruise.
  9. Respect! I just like having a fresh dress shirt for dinner each night, but I agree it's not necessary. I can't bring myself to wear a Polo to dinner. Purely preference, I agree. 🙂 In the Caribbean I sweat a good bit (active + Big guy w/ boston blood) so re-using cotton/poly T shirts isn't an option. Performance fabric shirts hold up a little better. Others who aren't as active or in as atypically warm environment prob can get away with re-using Tees. 🙂 In cooler climates I'm definitely more efficient. Did 2 weeks (half business half pleasure) in Europe last November(Germany, Netherlands, UK, and Ireland) with a carry on suitcase and a backpack.
  10. While I agree that nothing is technically free... Drink packages can most definitely cost average drinks downward, or provide "Free" drinks to heavy drinkers (Depending on your preferred accounting method). Case Study (Round numbers for simplicity - Water is $5, Drink is $10) - Bob buys an $70 drink package. - Bob drinks 5 bottles of water and 10 cocktails per day. Unless you're an absolute pedantic nit, It's feasible to make the statement that Bob got 3 "free" cocktails and 5 "free" bottles of water (saving $55/day) due to the package. 🙂
  11. Are you used to sleeping with a cool breeze of a fan blowing down on your face, or perhaps like the soft audible hum of a fan? WHAT YOU NEED: Strong Magnetic Hook (What I used) Small but Efficient USB Powered Fan w/ rotating arm (What I used) USB Power Supply 4000mah or larger (What I used) HOW IT WORKS: Place a magnet hook on the ceiling over your heads Open stand/arm of fan and hang from hook, adjusting so fan points at desired angle Place battery in overhead storage and plug in fan (if no overhead storage, use magnet or gaffer's tape to affix battery to ceiling/wall) Turn fan on or off using button on fan That fan provided a great breeze each night and a soft hum of white noise. That battery pack probably provided ~50hrs of use... an easy half dozen evenings of sleep. Take it down to recharge during the day as needed. Worked much better than just setting on a bedside stand. I swore I took a picture of the setup but apparently I didn't. It's fairly unobtrusive and very effective. Our steward even commented on it being a good idea. Cheers 🙂
  12. We brought 3 suitcases, a suiter, and two backpacks on our first cruise. Text time it will be 1 suitcase each + a suiter. For me for an 7nt Caribbean cruise: 2 Swimsuits (Suitcase) 3 casual/nice shorts (Suitcase) 2 pair nice pants (mix/match nightly) (Suiter) 7 nice button down shirts (dinner nightly) (Suiter) 4 nice short sleeve shirts (polo/button down) (Suitcase) 6 T-shirts (Suitcase) 8 pair boxer briefs (suitcase) 7 pair dress socks (for dinner/evening only) 1 pair each shoes (dress/casual/flops) (Suitcase) Backpack: Electronics (Chargers/etc), toiletries, travel docs, change of shirt & swim-trunks - Suitcases fit neatly under the bed. - Drawers held most stuff - Closet held hanging stuff nicely (use cheap metal wire hangers for shirts in suiter so you have extra hangers in the room). - Metal Magnetic Hooks worked for hanging travel clothesline, hanging shirts in bathroom while showering to de-wrinkle, hanging attire in room while getting ready, etc.
  13. If you haven't read it elsewhere, it deserves mentioning that while it's a low risk, you MAY be left behind by the ship if your tour runs late (traffic, poor planning, breakdown, etc). If you're on a Ship-organized tour the ship WILL wait for your group to get aboard. Many tours have you back at the port WELL in advance of all aboard, some can cut it a little close.
  14. Short Version: Fishing with Pedro was a huge success. We booked the 36' Tres Hermanos for a full day (~6hrs). We were greeted at the dock at 7:30am promptly by the captain (not Pedro, for this day), and two mates. We boarded, and took off for deep water immediately. We paid $475 +tip for the day and found it to be worth the money. Full disclosure, some charters at the pier claimed to be charging $350. Not sure they would have provided this experience. The vessel was in great shape and is a functional fishing ship. If you're looking for posh accomodations, this is not the charter for you. These guys have their eyes on the prize... catching fish. The vessel reflects that. The on board head is a nice plus, though using it in big seas can be entertaining 😉 We ran with 6 lines out (two outriggers, two downriggers) and trolled the deep waters between Cozumel and Playa del Carmen for a while. We got a couple hits but lost both unfortunately. After ~2 hours we headed toward shore and began working the shallower waters off Playa del Carmen. Immediately we began landing small/midsize fish one after another, Mostly Barracuda (~2-3ft) and Bonito. After an hour and change of landing fish after fish, the captain came down and cut up one of the Bonito to make a delicious sashimi dish using white onion, Jalepeno, and soy with some spices. VERY good. He's apparently a chef by night. After eating, we headed back out to deep waters to go after bigger fish. The captain spotted a school and began making passes back and forth when suddenly 3 reels began screaming. The mates (who worked their butts off, and were awesome guys) leapt to action...setting hooks and handing off poles. My father was in the chair, my brother off to the right and I was to the left. The mahi mahi on my line leapt 3 times and managed to spit the hook. He was a beautiful specimen that the Mates estimated at 5+ feet. I hated losing him, but picked up the camera and got footage of Dad and my brother working their lines in. Dad's Bull was on board first, coming in around 4'. Sadly they didn't have a scale aboard. My brother landed his female a min or so later and she was over 3' as well. Since we were having to board the ship we gave the Bonito and Mahi to the crew as a bonus over the cash tip. I can't recommend Fishing with Pedro enough. Anet is excellent at communicating before the excursion. The captain did a great job of putting us on fish. The Mates were both extremely hard working, friendly, and were awesome about offering us beers, waters, etc as needed. I'll say I'm glad we booked the largest vessel. The deeper waters off Cozumel can be pretty rough, with 6-10' swells pitching even this good-sized heavy vessel pretty well at times. If you're sensitive to sea sickness I do suggest non-drowsy Dramamine on hand, at least... if not taken preemptively. My brother who lives in Florida and fishes a good bit got sick later in the day. Bottom Line: If in Cozumel or Playa del Carmen, I highly recommend hooking up with Fishing with Pedro.
  15. Confirmed.. Martini Bar was jammed last night. $5 held out with my seapass and nice gentleman behind the bar Immediately came over and made our martinis. He also immediately served me two other times that evening when we stopped by the bar after the show. Other folks were definitely waiting both times. Later in the evening I wanted to thank the gentleman behind the bar in ensemble lounge for taking good care of our group so I tipped him $5 midway through our stay there (watching a band play). On my next pour he made eye contact and kept pouring telling me to let him know when to stop. I told him to pull up the bottle at approx a triple pour. My next glass (on the way out for the night) was the same size. If you’re looking for quicker service or better drinks taking care of your bar staff definitely goes a long way... at least aboard the Celebrity Equinox so far this week 🙂
  16. Random question : We have a party of 6. 3 are going Wahoo Fishing with Pedro, 3 are heading to Mr Sanchos. We're planning on having Pedro drop us with our catch at Mr Sanchos around 1ish to hang for a bit (possibly cook up our catch) before heading to the ship at 2:30pm for 3:30 all aboard. I assume there is a dock of sorts to hop off our boat (36')? Or will we need to hop in the water and wade to shore (not the end of the world). Will Mr Sanchos allow us to sit with our group for an hour or so and order a drink or two? Finally: What is a realistic transit time from leaving Mr Sanchos to get to the Ship? We have an All Aboard of 3:30. Thanks!
  17. Thanks man! We're cautiously very optimistic at the price point. Hope the weather is solid. Absolutely will take a ton of pics and post a thorough review when we return. Thus far they've been excellent at communicating.
  18. Odd... mine says PALL, CALL and my GF's says CALL, PALL.... Is that normal?
  19. I love a good dive bar as well, but many in Manhattan (Back in the heyday of the Village Idiot, one of the best in America) or good dive bars in most college towns tend to be 3-4 deep the full length of the bar. My regular haunts locally always result in my drinks being delivered immediately upon being seen, over the heads of people who had been waiting longer. I hate waiting for drinks when I could be socializing with my friends. I put myself through college as a bartender and I usually had half a dozen folks pretip when it was going to be a very busy night. They always got served immediately no matter how long the wait was. They'd usually include assorted tips along the way. There's not a better job in college than slinging drinks! Not sure what a fern bar is.
  20. Depends on the bar and the crowd. If you've never had to wait for a drink due to crowds then we're likely going to different bars (I strong suspect we are anyway ). If the service is slow at the Martini bar, I'll make an attempt to speed it up. If it's not, I'll reward good service on the back-end. :) Easy peasy ☺️
  21. Sounds great. Feel free to DM Me on here and we can exchange contact info.
  22. Excellent! Are you on embarking on Equinox coming up this weekend? If so I'd be happy to have a drink one weekend to chat whiskey. Can even share a pour from my personal "stash". :) I know very little about scotches but would love to learn more about the styles. I do enjoy Ryes and some Irish (Redbreast) and Japanese (Hibiki) whiskeys as well. I'm just dipping my toes in the tequila waters, but am developing a taste for them as well. My good friend is a bit of an aficionado for them and has been widening my horizons.
  23. Going on a cruise with my family. Brother and I (separate rooms) are considering splitting a Surf for 2 Devices. Is this possible? We'd both sign up our personal cells. Also, has anyone had luck tethering their laptops to their phones while the phone is on the network? Thanks! EDIT: Nevermind! Found a thread that says they are logins that can be shared between folks as long as only 1 (or 2) are online at the same time. Feel free to delete :)
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