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  1. I completely agree. I had mentioned in another post that the card was uploaded and they could see the doses. People are concerned about the wording of “final” and while I can understand it I think that if someone has had 2 doses (that one being two weeks prior to sailing) or 3 (at any point) there will be no issues. 😊
  2. They definitely need to clarify now that boosters are available. Given the importance, it is surprising to me they haven’t as yet (you know they must be getting inquires on the issue).
  3. Uh oh! Yeah, not sure of a way around that since it was an evolution 😂 I hope you enjoy it!
  4. I believe that the 2 weeks limit for the “last dose” by RCL referred to a second dose only and those getting a 3rd dose (booster) would not be penalized as it is not an expected/required dosage to be considered “vaccinated.” But like you, we moved ahead and got our 3rd dose under the lowered immunity criteria to make sure we had extra immunity for our Nov cruises since our 1st/2nd doses of Moderna are early in the year. Thankfully most reactions are mild and last about 12 hours, but never harm in being cautious! Agree would be great if RCL clarified this given the upcoming approvals for Moderna 3rd dose boosters to add to the existing Pfizer approval. It is causing confusion and we have enough confusion!
  5. From what I have read they expect to approve those mixed doses before November 8 when the border opens more fully. I knowthat they are changing regulations as they have new data, it must be super frustrating for those in your situation and I hope they move fast with this decision ☹️
  6. Yes it does crash. I started just backing out after each one. It has been doing that for a while 😞 There is a fax I used as a back up because of that issue. Form to mail/fax is here: https://www.rclinvestor.com/content/uploads/2019/07/RCL-Shareholder-Onboard-Credit-Offer-Request-Form.pdfhttps://www.rclinvestor.com/content/uploads/2019/07/RCL-Shareholder-Onboard-Credit-Offer-Request-Form.pdfhttps://www.rclinvestor.com/content/uploads/2019/07/RCL-Shareholder-Onboard-Credit-Offer-Request-Form.pdf Via Mail: RCL Investor Benefit Offer, PO Box 025511, Miami, Florida 33102-5511 Via Fax: 1-305-373-6699 Via Email: shareholderbenefit@rccl.com Shareholder Benefit Team: (954) 628-9325, option #3
  7. That is what I understand for the US in general. We had our 3rd dose (booster) of Moderna under the reduce immunity program (we were first dosed in Jan ‘21 under health care providers), but the Moderna should be available in the next few weeks for those 65 and over, those who have at risk jobs, and those with significant medical issues (e.g., diabetes). I had a little bit of a sore arm and redness, my husband had mild chills for about 12 hours (after 12 hours) as his immune system reacted (about the same as the 2nd dose). Fingers crossed they get a move on with the Moderna since so many of us had that brand vaccine. 👍🏼
  8. So precious! I cannot lie, the only part of that side to side we have coming up is worrying about leaving our three cats as we’re in a new house with a new pet sitter. Hopefully we all survive it! P.S. good luck on selling. We’ve just gone through that process. It is definitely easier currently than it had been before - we took a weekend away, had two offers the first night (one cash). I feel certain things will go well for you! 🍀
  9. it has been great fun, we thoroughly enjoyed tagging along! 😊💫 now hopefully sooner rather than later we will all be doing this in person! 🥳🤩
  10. I had a patient who was able to get one just signing up for the Moderno vaccine. Even though it was her third dose, they went ahead. I don’t know, maybe they didn’t know until afterwards. But most places all they do is have you sign that you have a lowered immunity, you don’t have to show them proof. Not the pharmacist’s decision really. Even so, I do think the 3rd dose Moderna is likely to be approved within the next several weeks (I hope so) for ages 65+, those with high risk jobs, and high risk health conditions.
  11. Yep. As I said, I was agreeing with @Blizzard54 that there was clearly something done far beyond keeping a list otherwise it would make no sense. I fully support the list, so many of us find it very helpful.
  12. About that I have no idea on that specific situation. I was saying that I know there are some who cross the line and it seems to me if someone was banned for life what was done was far, FAR more than keeping a concierge list. There is certainly not any problem that I can imagine anyone would have with the kind of list kept here as it doesn’t cross any lines, period.
  13. We enjoyed the TruBahamian one too - one of the few times we enjoyed Nassau!
  14. One of the Suite’s concierges told me that someone from a board had posted he was transferred - he called RCL and raised 🤬 about that and the transfer about which he learned second hand was cancelled. But he was steamed and I don’t blame him. Some people just go too far and ruin things for all of us. But certainly nothing wrong with keeping a list of which concierges will be onboard (and it is super helpful!). P.S. I assured him that the intent for 99.9% of us is to just know who will be on board and most of us have real affection for our concierges 😊 @Pumbaamd. We are so hoping that Carlington will be on Grandeur when we get back in 12/22!
  15. I think it asked about final dose or something similar so we put the booster dose date. Pretty sure either would be fine, but since our last dose was in September it seemed appropriate to use. They have the photo, they can see all doses if they have questions.
  16. So yes, definitely checking that one out! Unless “current users” dry it out 😂
  17. I am going to try my hand a 3 card in November. Gotta remember “Dancing Drums”!
  18. {{{ still searching for the “jealous” emoticon that makes it clear I am also just slightly ticked off that I am not there}}}
  19. Exactly! And how will you know the weather forecast?! @TYMAN if you stick around, we will be next door in Nov. 👯
  20. Well I wondered about the park as well, but I was saying the truth was I probably just wanted the casino. At least it’s something to do there. And our casino or any other won’t take much for me because I’m not gonna put much out there (not compared to what people spend on alcohol for sure, since I don’t drink I have a little more spending money 😂)
  21. Cruising with my parents in the 60s and 70s it was a prime location for all cruise ships. People begged for your money even on the ships and they definitely did so down on the docks. That was offputting particularly in the 60s. There also wasn’t a lot to see on the island so once you were done one or two tours what was there to see other than the Nassau market place. I don’t like to get off in Jamaica either (although our neighbors are from Jamaica and they’re lovely people) - the level of aggression and pushing us in addition to the scores of wooden phallic symbols and big boob women it’s just too much
  22. Not close enough I’m sorry to say. Costa Maya has Jamie’s blue reef which us super nice. I want to hear something like that thereare we might get off the Ship 😟
  23. Anyone know about passes for MLife and/or Ceasar’s members these days? At least day passes. Heck, I really am just interested in the casino. I did not like Nassau the first time I went when I was nine years old in 1969 on a cruise ship and I haven’t really liked it sense. But it would be something to do!
  24. Forgot to say Happy Birthday 🎉 - I think I should let you borrow Eric’s shirt that I made for him for our Adventure cruise for his 60th! I will send it on down 😂
  25. My all-time favorite - hope you get to see it! We are so excited for our Nov cruises, following along to know what to expect in this new cruise environment. Have fun 🤩
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