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  1. Hi, We are considering booking a Caribbean cruise on the Jade for either later this year or next year. In terms of rooms we are looking at either a room in the Haven or Suite class. I noticed in looking at prices the Suite class rooms are considerably less expensive; however, it mentions you still get the butler and concierge service. So my question is what exactly is the difference betwen the two and is it worth the extra cost? Specifically I was looking at a S4 class Suite which would be a 2 Bedroom Deluxe Family Suite with Balcony vs the H4 (The Haven Owner's Suite with Large Balcony) or H6 (The Haven 2-Bedroom Family Villa with Balcony) class in the Haven both of which are around $1K more in cost. Obviously what something is worth can be subjective but just curious if what the differences between them truly are and if anyone has stayed in them which they would recommend. Thanks
  2. My family and I are traveling to Cozumel as part of our cruise on the Breakaway in April 2019. We have the double excursion credit as part of our package. I'm very interested in history and want to visit the Mayan ruins while we are there. Right now NCL is offering 3 excursions to Mayan ruin sites. Chichen Itza by Airplane Tulum San Gervasio (stops at the beach as well) I would love to go to Chichen Itza as I hear it is great but it requires a plane ride and at $499 per person would mean paying $1,900 (after the $100 credit) on 1 excursion blowing our budget out of the water. Therefore, barring hitting the lottery that probably leaves Tulum or San Gervasio. Curious if anyone has done these excursions and what they are like and which one you would recommend? Thanks in advance
  3. Thanks everyone for the responses. They were very helpful. Sorry for any confusion on the type of room as it is just a plan balcony room not a suite. One other question the ships is supposed to arrive back at Port Canaveral at 7AM on Saturday April 11th. Curious how much time I should allow for getting off the ship and to the airport so I can schedule our flight home without worrying about missing it? Debating between flying in/out of Orlando or the Melbourne Airport so not sure which yet. Thanks
  4. Not sure if this should be in the First Time Cruiser forum or not but since we will be on the NCL Breakaway I figured it might be better suited here. My family and I will be taking our first cruise on April 4, 2020. Being that we have never been on a cruise before that has lead to some questions. I have looked around the board and have either not seen an answer or the ones I'm finding seem to be all over the place or older so looking to get the most current info. The following are the questions that I have and for reference we will be in a category BD balcony suite on deck 10 : Location of outlets? I have a CPAP machine so wondering if the outlet will be close enough to the bed Do these suites have USB only ports? There is supposed to be a pullman bed in the suite and curious if anyone knows how much it holds weight wise? Also is it possible given the floor plan of the suite and the way the pullman is set up to just take the mattress out and put it on the floor so as to not have to worry about weight limit or anyone hitting their head? Are extension cords and multi-outlet plugs allowed as long as they do not have surge protection? I checked the NCL prohibited list and I'm not seeing them listed but then I see online mention of them being taken away during boarding Is the dress attire requirements for dining different in some restaurants? For the most part we will probably just be using the included dining locations with maybe 1 or 2 speciality ones Is it possible to book an excursion now but not be charged for it until the cruise starts? There are some we are interested in and I was thinking of booking now to reserve a spot but the app wants to charge me now. However, I would rather not go through the hassle of a refund, etc. if we change our minds and decide to do a different excursion. Thanks
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