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  1. It did say to call to find out about the offer so I’m guessing that the prices posted online are the regular prices and you get some additional bonus when you call.
  2. @lackcreativity Thanks! Glad to know that you found the included tours satisfactory, we’re actually inclined to go included for most of the tours, save for a couple we’d like to do in depth. We got into cruising and like organized tours because as a couple we could be far from organized - we went for a week in Paris and never got to see Arc de Triomphe and totally missed the Hall of Mirrors in Versailles. We also missed Waikiki in Hawaii and the Statue of Liberty in New York. We are that kind of traveller if left to our own. So for our 2 upcoming cruises, we’d like it to count LOL Fingers crossed 🙂
  3. Thanks for all your great inputs. Obviously a lot to think about but I think we have much better picture now on how to decide. Can’t wait to finally go!
  4. New to Viking and will be on an 8-Day Venice, Adriatic and Greece cruise. Just wanted to ask about quality of the included excursions/tours. We like to explore new places and we took to cruising to be able to see the highlights of every city we visit. We don’t need a tour to be in-depth nor too active, but it would also be disappointing if we simply drove around without being able to walk up to and learn more about even a few important places on each city up close. Do the included tours cut it? When is it good to take an included tour and when should we go for an optional tour? Thanks and we’re looking forward to our trip!
  5. Thanks for all your great suggestions! Looks like we’re keeping the DV1 and we’ll use the money to be more flexible on our trip, doing non-optional tours and maybe some shopping.
  6. We’re currently booked on a 2021 cruise on the Viking Sky. We’re on a DV1 on Deck 8 and there’s a PS1 on that deck for $2500 more ($8000 vs $10500). It’s our first time (or second, we’re booked on the Celebrity Apex for 2020) to cruise so we’re wondering if what we get by upgrading is worth that extra $2500? We know Viking is port-intensive so we’re concerned we won’t be able to make much use for a PS1 but since it’s our first time, what do we know? We’d do it if it was worth the money or is it smarter for us to use that $2500 for something else during the trip or for maybe a new cruise? Btw, I don’t know if it mattered, but we’re in our early 30s, like to explore the world and we thought cruises would open us to a new way of doing so.  Thanks a lot!
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