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  1. Thanks for the response. We’re back from our cruise now. We ended up doing the BC Bites and Sites excursion. It was ok. It was dark and rainy so only so much we could do. In daytime and with good weather I bet it’s a great place to visit
  2. Great thank you. So the Inner Harbor is walking distance from the ship?
  3. Great thank you. Given the long delay I’m expecting a reject. We’ll see
  4. Next week we’re sailing Alaska with a final stop in Victoria. Problem is, we arrive at 8pm and leave at midnight. I know nothing of this place. Is there stuff to do around the Pier? We have no excursions planned but would like to maybe shop and see what we can in that short amount of time. Weatherman says it will be raining. Any suggestions? Thank you
  5. Do they always either accept or decline offers? My sailing is Sunday and both offers still say Pending status
  6. You’re right Dave. I had heard you cannot upload 4K videos to iCloud but just tested and it worked fine. Any thoughts on shooting at 30fps vs 60fps? We will be going whale watching so maybe 60 is best? I’m new at this stuff
  7. Hello, I hope this is the correct forum. I searched and did not find any posts on this topic. We're heading to Alaska next week on the Bliss and obviously want to get some good pics and video during our trip. We both have iphones which is fine for general use but for excursions and certain other scenic areas I wanted to bring along a true camera. So we bought a Panasonic FZ300. Given the expected rain, the water resistance on this camera seemed important. My dilemma is regarding video. This camera can shoot 4k video and we do have 4K TV's on which to view it. However, we cannot upload 4K video to the Apple ecosystem (icloud) so I would need to downconvert to 1080 after the trip, potentially losing all of my EXIF and geotag data in the process. I'm looking for input on this. Should I stay with 4K video for best possible quality or just go with 1080 for simplicity? In the same vein, any recommendations on 30 vs 60fps? I understand that 30fps may be preferred? Thank you, mario
  8. You clearly didn't read my original post so let me re-post it for you "can't seem to find a definitive answer". I already saw the two threads you referenced and one says they are heated and the other says they're not. I'm looking for someone with first-hand knowledge of which is true
  9. Hi all, We're sailing to Alaska in early September on Bliss and were wondering if the pools and water slides will be heated and operational. I've searched around and can't seem to find a definitive answer. Any input would be greatly appreciated Thanks! mario
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