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  1. The article I read said "Strike Force Bast investigators were conducting inquiries aboard Ruby Princess" Les can you help this poor Canadian who are Strike force Bast?
  2. Geez more conspiracies from that guy. I'm guessing there are only a few laboratories able to extract the data from the "Black Box" and chain of evidence would log the unit in sealed wrappings throughout it's journey. Was there really a "Police storm the ship" headline? There wasn't enough melodrama already? Les, I suspect that this operation would be done by a police force not tied to the alleged "Criminal" activity that this investigation is meant to explore.
  3. To clarify my use of the word "Crown" Les pretty much has it right. Crown council in Canada would be like the Crown prosecutor or State Prosecutor in Australia. They would seek a court order from a judge to have the ship expelled and the Cruise company would be able to show cause why it shouldn't. If the court order is granted then the police serve and enforce the order. The police here couldn't just order a ship to leave without a court order. The State (or in our case Provincial)and Federal Governments make the laws. Courts interpret the laws and the police enforce the laws. Can the police just make up an order like that in Australia? Without seeking approval of the court.
  4. Indeed Bo but I prefer what you would call "Canadian" whiskey...Crown Royal or for a real treat Ron Zacapa rum, nectar of the gods.
  5. If she is heading in this direction the Dry dock is here in Victoria. If she shows up here I will be able to see the dry dock from the local beach. I will let you know.
  6. Les, I hope you don't think my recent comment was taking a run at NSW Police. I do think they could have handled this better. In my opinion the whole "ordering the ship to leave" was a bit much, shouldn't that order come from the Crown? With the police obliged to enforce it? What happened seemed like the commissioner acted unilaterally. Of course both our countries being part of the commonwealth the laws would be similar but different. So perhaps the Commissioner could make that blanket order. I did have a bit of a run at our own RCMP a few posts back, I can't understand how a couple of travelers who returned after the Quarantine Act was declared are blatantly refusing to comply with the self isolation requirement. Don't understand why they weren't arrested and charged. No use having a law in place if you don't enforce it.
  7. Pushka. I don't understand either; we are slowing the curve here. No new cases on the island in the last 24 hours, and the recovery rate is upwards of 70% so people here are trying and then we hear about this. Not cool🙄
  8. The Canadians came home this morning on a chartered plane, I'm not sure if they will be quarantined at a Canadian Forces Base like the Diamond Princess and Grand Princess groups were. The Canadians from Eclipse are at their homes to "self isolate", which is all well and good until someone refuses to comply. Story came out today that some couple here on Vancouver Island known to have returned from abroad (don't know where, or if it was a cruise, by air or by car) blatantly told the enforcement officer they were not going to comply. I'm not sure why the RCMP hasn't attended their home to arrest them for contravening the Quarantine Act. Grrrr🤔
  9. Well the optimist in me says 6 months from now is September. Doesn't Australian Cruise season start in November😉 and that is still 2 months Before the new year. And I really don't think I'm being unrealistic.
  10. Clearly you have never served in a ship, there is a reason why officers do not dine with the crew or do cleaning stations. I won't bother to explain why, but similar to the idea that you don't have lunch with the CEO of Woolworth's when you work in the mail room.
  11. I don't know the Millennium class ships at all but I do know the on the Solstice ships the "retreat" sundeck is just the existing top deck (I think above the Sky View Lounge) it's already there but open to everyone now. And the "retreat lounge" is a re-decorated Micheal's club. I understand you are in a suite so these things are part of what you expect, but I'm not sure how much actual meat is there when you peel away the big marketing fluff.
  12. That is a fair approach, we realized that as a Concierge Class passenger the "Revolution" had very little for us. Of course the whole "revolution" is much different between the Millennium class ships and the Solstice Class. I hope your cruise goes forward and you have a great time. Cheers
  13. We booked our cruise for January 2021 in June of 2019, thinking Eclipse would be "Revolutionized" shortly before our cruise. As it turns out they postponed that months ago. Absolutely no talk of compensation of any kind. We almost cancelled, but checked things out and as it turns out we had made a very good deal between future booking on the ship and our local travel agent. So we kept the booking hoping that we will be able to do the trip by January next year. After looking into it further not being a suite passenger I'm kinda glad the refit was postponed. Being they were going to take half the Sky View Lounge for a ridiculously large suite. The only think that the "revolution" would have done for non suite passengers was the change of Cellar Masters into Craft Central; I think that would have been good, Cellar Masters was empty every time I walked by it on our cruise. If the lack of "Revolution" is a deal breaker then you should cancel.
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