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  1. Enjoy the rest of your day everyone it's near enough Midnight here and F1 qualifying is in the morning. I will be interested to find out the answer in the morning.
  2. No worries, It's getting late here so I'm cool. Seeing much bamboo so are we on an island in Asia?
  3. Thanks Leigh, I let it slide. Looking forward to seeing the next photo that comes up.
  4. I recall seeing this one Julie, Monte Carlo
  5. It looks like a miniature railway as found in some zoos or tourist parks
  6. I think they are at Bletchley Park because I have a paragraph of code on my computer.
  7. Thank you, I sometimes feel clueless, I may have been somewhere but it was for less than an hour, we did send a post card home and still have the pen with Etretat on it.
  8. I'm sure during the season it's a hopping place. I was going from Honfleur to another place (won't say where just now I want to use it later)
  9. Etretat is what I knew, it was just a suggested stop on the way to somewhere else. It was cold that day but there were a couple of surfers out. Sorry for the slow reply, the site doesn't let me know of edits. It is your turn and good thing because it's almost bed time 😴
  10. Hmm, I have not heard that, I was told I should go to this place because it was on the way to a certain site I wanted to go. I know the name of the town and that's what I'm looking for.
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