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  1. If you are there then maybe we could get together for coffee, we are going to start getting a better idea of what to do at the ports during the coming monthes. I so the next cruise after mine is the Sydney to south pacific cruise? So if you think good thoughts that our cruise will go and we think good thoughts your cruise will go maybe they'll go 😎
  2. I'll stand you a nice tot next year if you can name the building 🥃
  3. Absolutely correct Les, Ypres was sort of an after thought on our way to Amsterdam I'm so glad we stayed overnight there. I stumbled across a group of British Sea Cadets who were there to lay wreaths at the Last Post in Mennen Gate.
  4. Been there it is a moving place Last post is incredible. I did take note of the ANZAC section. And I looked for but didn't find the name of Alexis Helmer who's death inspired Colonel John McCrea to write "In Flanders Fields"
  5. Well the numbers here in BC really are unsettling, on the bright side for me they opened vaccine registration for my age group and I registered on line quick and easy, I got my registration number and now I wait to be contacted with an appointment time.
  6. Thanks Chili, we have all the accommodation booked, we just need to sort the car hire. I will of course be asking for some local knowledge about what is around the random places we decided to stay. We will also be going through the cruise itinerary port by port for input on what to do, depending on what we are allowed to do from the cruise.
  7. Thanks Les, I did mention that in a round about way. Our PM started out surprisingly well and then faded away to nowhere. Our most populated province has had some serious problems and their Premier who seemed a little iffy at the start but has stepped up to the plate in a big way lately. He has decided to lead and issued a 1 month stay at home order a couple of days ago. We in BC were doing well to start and then things really started to slide and as outstanding a Dr. Bonnie Henry is, the wheels are falling off her message. With the "variants of interest" having landed here and running amok, t
  8. I think as time went by many nations watched with envy as Prime Minister Ardern lead her country as you said. Some countries wished they had a small island nation with a gigantic mote. Some countries tried to keep a handle on it but we failed. I think as things unfolded most nations looked to the leadership in one large nation for lessons on what not to do.
  9. That would be cool but I'm a little miffed with Air New Zealand they kept $600.00 of my money from a flight they cancelled 😒
  10. I looked that up and that was probably another part of the many battles around this town which was leveled during that war. It was interesting to look at the dates on the buildings and hear the story about how the town was rebuilt.
  11. Yes they can, I have to assume it is for "essential" reasons, although essential really is open to interpretation it seems. On a more encouraging personal note my age group opened for inoculation registration today so I promptly registered on line and have my confirmation number...woohoo. Now all I have to do is wait for them to contact me for the appointment, I have no idea how long that may be, but I'm on the list😎
  12. Thank you. I'm starting to run out of pictures here, I feel like a herring in a school of Chinook Salmon. Let's see if I can find something interesting.
  13. You've probably seen more of Canada than me Marion. Yes Vancouver is one of four Canadian airports accepting international flights, the others are Calgary, Toronto and Montreal. We are not just accepting returning Canadians and our Quarantine rules are a little iffy. We do require a negative "molecular" Covid test before you board your flight and another when you arrive, you would also have to stay in an "approved" quarantine hotel for as much as 3 days while the results come back (approximate cost $2000.00) if you come back clear you may proceed home where you are expected to self isolate for
  14. Thanks Les, I can re-create the B52 at home except the snags they are particularly good at Spitfire, and there is much to be said about not having to cook it and being served with a smile. Take away is all well and good but by the time you get home it's past it's prime, fish and chips need to go in the oven to re-crisp the chips and batter, Thai food needs to go in a pan quickly to separate what has become a brick of noodles. Even a burger is past it's prime by the time it's been wrapped for 5 minutes.
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