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  1. So abut meat pies, we had some from the local super market, I have talked about them before. We had lunch at Spitfire today (we are sticking with the same places for safety. They make an awesome seafood chowder, and we tried the scallops appy today very tasty. I also had the roast beef "sliders" which are served on mini Yorkshire puddings with gravy and a very mild horseradish cream sauce. I'm usually not keen on horseradish but that sauce is okay.
  2. No problem everyone was speaking their minds.
  3. Looks like they closed, oops we got political🤔
  4. Indeed, I was scheduled to be on Eclipse in January, Auckland to her home port in Melbourne and Solstice was to be home ported in Sydney. Now we are scheduled for Eclipse in January 2022 basically the same cruise except it ends in Sydney instead of Melbourne. And Solstice is somewhere else.
  5. Celebrity is showing cruises on Eclipse home ported in Sydney starting in October 2021.
  6. Abalone used to be plentiful here but was over harvested and the fishery has been closed for some time. Rest assured it was very expensive then (That's why I never tried it). I think you can get urchin on sushi here but I think it needs to be a little more posh than the sushi shops I usually go to.😟
  7. Sorry Les, oysters not so much and we have some pretty good oysters around here (I'm told by others who enjoy them) Clams, scallops and mussels yummy. I like most shellfish just not keen on oysters and I haven't had Abalone or urchins.
  8. Respect to you and your family for making the hard choice. Hopefully many more people will make the hard choices required to help slow the scourge down. Best wishes to you and everyone for a safe and happy holiday season even if that takes on a different dimension this year.
  9. Glad to see the hard measures taken have yielded solid results. In British Columbia right now we find ourselves with an alarming number of daily cases as we try to deal with the second wave. Here on Vancouver Island we had quite low numbers for a long time, Lynn & I felt pretty safe here. We kept to ourselves, only went to a few trusted stores and restaurants. Now we have cancelled our little get away in December, not going to stray very far from home. We will take the time off, go to a couple places we enjoy, have dinner at a Greek Restaurant we like (They were forced to move because
  10. Best of luck Brandee, such a long time between result and actual leadership. Is there any other country in the world that sits around for 2 months after an election to get on with changing the "leader"?
  11. It feels like Celebrity has had a couple of perks included in the fare for some time. Choose 2 of 4 "Perks". Classic Drinks, Gratuities, Internet, and varying amounts OBC. Of course suites get all 4 and the drinks package is Premium. We always choose the drinks and gratuities, sometimes there is a 3rd choice available. Our cruise in New Zealand scheduled for January 2022 already had Classic drinks, internet and gratuities included in the fare.
  12. We use fresh Strawberries sliced and with a bit of Amaretto, Whipped Cream and Maple syrup (pretty common in Canada)
  13. Excellent choice. I also want to try Australian beef un sauced. I have had Aussie Beef here and it doesn't travel well. I look forward trying it fresh.
  14. When in Belgium Don... We had frites there as well.
  15. There must have been Jameson or Bushmills around an Irish establishment. That is a serious steak. I have requested a New York strip from my butcher a couple times in years past. They have to cut it for you about 32mm thick and it takes some special care to get it grilled just right. Pepper sauce is not that common here but I have liked it when we it was available. I take it that it is quite common in Oz.
  16. The potato does seem a bit of an after thought Les. I have noticed that the potatoes served with steak dinners are rather plain boiled spuds. We would serve a baked potato with butter and Sour cream, bacon bits and chives would be available. And do the carrots have some sort of cream sauce? That is certainly an impressive slab of beast though. Is that a 12 oz. Porterhouse?
  17. You are correct Don, you win a personal tour of the highlights of Victoria BC. Of course you will need too get here on your own dime 😁. And you get to post the next Photo
  18. Europe yes, not Amsterdam or St. Petersburg.
  19. Well this seems to be a party of 1 now that Lyndon has answered the call of the sailing Gods. So I'll post something and hope to get some players before I go to bed So where was I
  20. I think that is Gasworks Park in Seattle
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