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  1. So far during this global health crisis the United States has been the leader in political grandstanding and the size of the outbreak there is testament to the success of that strategy. So far there has not been much "politics" involved with our response, mostly science. When a very right wing premier in Ontario is reading from the same page as the left wing Prime Minister then it must be a book of science not politics. What the decision did do was force the cruise lines to acknowledge that those cruises they knew were a no go, would not go.
  2. Gee Vader just a couple weeks ago Australia wasn't going to open up "For the foreseeable future" and cruises don't stand a chance until at least 2022 maybe longer. Now suddenly China will be great for tourism in Australia, do you have a trip planned to China and don't want to quarantine when you get home? Or have you planned a trip to Greece and don't want to quarantine when you get home because Greece has allowed tourists from zones not considered safe by Australia.
  3. Indeed Montreal has some staggering numbers as does the entire Province of Quebec. Ontario has been hard hit as well, It just makes you wonder how bad it would have been without mitigation measures. Montreal and Toronto have 2 of the highest population densities in Canada. They also have the largest outbreaks. That being said we as a nation have bit the bullet and have done a pretty good job. I think that every province also releases a daily report of the status in that province.. I think that the situation in Canada is pretty much public knowledge.
  4. Then I hope my reply was helpful, I don't really know about the East Coast, it's a long way from here.
  5. About 2 billion dollars in British Columbia alone. Any idea how much the Covid 19 outbreak has cost the Canadian economy? Your point is?
  6. Chrisclaire, I feel your pain. We almost cancelled our cruise but the price and perks were good and the "Revolution" had little for non suite guests so we stuck with it. Now we have the Pandemic that may kill the cruise anyway. Many of the things that have transpired over the last few months have really made me wonder about doing business with Celebrity in the future.
  7. Indeed you are an exception to my generalization, your situation is indeed untenable. I have to assume you got a great deal. Now you feel rightly betrayed, just as we did when they postponed the "Revolution" for Eclipse. We are fortunate that our cabin already exists. That being said we aren't at all confident that there will be a cruise in New Zealand at the end of January 2021 and yes we have accommodations pre and post cruise booked as well as air fare of over $8,000.00 already paid. I doubt it will help but I think you will need to call their ploy before final payment. I'm really beginning to have bad feelings towards Celebrity for some of their business practices. It started with the postponement of the Eclipse refit without notification. Then there was the Canada cruise re-route (even though that didn't effect me personally) it is still pretty shoddy to book an East Coast Canada cruise and then switch it to a cruise full of sea days and a trip to Nassau. That is NOT a similar product, not even close. Now the ridiculous lag cancelling cruises that they know full well will never happen. And then add to that the fact that they won't address the situation that they have sold cabins that will not exist. I know that the walls are caving in from every direction but they can't expect people to cough up final payment on the cruise to never, in the cabin that doesn't exist.
  8. It really has nothing to do with whether Canadians can cruise or not, it's about the many many Cruises that have been cancelled because of the our ports being closed. I dare say these closures affect many more international travelers than it does Canadians. Our next cruise if it happens will leave from Auckland, New Zealand. Not near by. I for one would be reluctant to travel to the most "near by" country for anything in the foreseeable future.
  9. I'm not at all worried about being safe. The issue is whether New Zealand or Australia will let our Canadian butts into their country. Let alone the ship we are supposed to cruise in. Our province has done very well and Vancouver Island where I live has done better than much of the rest of the province. We have direct flights booked, so it is direct from a low instance area to another. Still they could say no.
  10. In a word no, Canadian ports and international Borders are Federal Jurisdiction. The ports are closed. Best of luck with your cruise, it may be a watershed moment in cruising being the current state of affairs. I'm still not confident that our cruise in New Zealand will happen in January 2021 so any cruise in August is optimistic. I hope it goes and it is great, it would give everyone a window on what the future may hold.
  11. You haven't shaken me up at all, like I said it was a rant because so many posts on the thread were clinging to the hope that all the major elements would be done while the ship was just idle. Well those things take vast amounts of money that is not on hand. I think I put forward my opinion that if there is a refit it will be cosmetic and for required mechanical maintenance. I agree with you that it would be logical to install the new bedding and curtains, we have seen by the very design of the "revolution", logic may not be high on the priority list at Celebrity. I do understand that the "M Class" "Revolution" had many desirable components for all cabins, like the shower doors; other elements like the stupid big chair and the missing table were widely panned. Part of my rant was because of the tone that the thread had grown over the 400+ posts. Some had legitimate concerns that the cabin they booked would not actually exist, but they really hadn't made an effort to find out from Celebrity what would happen with their booking. Then others who whined that they weren't getting what they paid for; join the club we are booked on cruise that was supposed to be "revolutionized" but was postponed back in October 2019. And still others were wondering what compensation they were entitled to because their cruise wouldn't be on a shiny new refit but that Constellation was now obviously a tramp steamer unfit for their tourist dollar.
  12. I salute your optimism, I hope your cruise goes but there will definitely be an itinerary change. Canadian ports were already closed to cruise ships until July 1st and that has been extended until the end of October effectively ending the Canadian cruise season on both coasts. Expect a few more sea days and enjoy the cruise, assuming it does sail. Best of luck and Cheers
  13. The plan that I saw for Eclipse showed a very large 2500 square foot "Reflection" suite carved out of the Skyview lounge. The basket ball court was still there in the plan I saw. As I understand it the Sunset Bar is a smoking area that includes cigars, that put it out for my wife and many others who have severe asthmatic reactions to smoke. I did mention that Craft Social seemed to be one of the few "Revolution" features that would be for non suite guests.
  14. Did you read the 413 posts before my rant? I's all well and nice to want all nice shiny new. My wife and I booked a cruise on Eclipse for next year and we booked it last year. It was supposed to be "Revolutionized" before our cruise but that was postponed last October. We are wondering if the cruise will even happen with the current world health crisis. So not being revolutionized is the least of our worries. I would be very surprised if many of the "Revolution" plans are ever completed. Maybe a paint job and new carpets but major structural changes are doubtful. Many of the elements of the revolution have been widely panned. Now if they ever proceed with the remaining "M Class" "Revolutions"; I believe they will re-think those elements that other guests have panned. Things like that stupid giant chair in the cabin and the lack of a table that you can have your room service meal on. If Celebrity had plans to proceed with these refits, any time before any currently booked cruise...They would announce it. So if Constellation does make it to a shipyard it will be a short refresh and cover whatever mandatory maintenance that is required. If you're really lucky maybe you'll get the shower doors. But that would depend on whether they need to move any bulkheads.
  15. EVERYONE GIVE YOUR HEADS A SHAKE THE REVOLUTION REFIT IS NOT HAPPENING. Yes the caps are on purpose. Watching to see if the ship is on the way to the yard is stupid. If you are all pissed the revolution isn't going to happen and your "exclusive" suite bits aren't going to be there, then cancel the cruise and quit whining.
  16. My place is on the south side of Triangle at the base. I was living on Kelly Road at the time of the dump. Thankfully these snow dumps seem to only come every 30 years or so.
  17. We are booked on Eclipse in January, at the time of booking it was supposed to be "Revolutionized" before our cruise. Well that was postponed months ago, we were disappointed and almost cancelled. Then we looked more closely at the plan and realized there is almost nothing on an "S Class" revolution for the non suite passenger. It really is all about the suite guests; taking half the Skyview lounge for a ridiculously large suite, making yet another public area and making it suite exclusive and depending on your point of view, it screws up the suite class dining room and lounge. I'm kinda glad they postponed the "Revolution" of Eclipse, there was nothing in it for us peasants not in suites and it was scheduled to take a a huge chunk of the Skyview for a single suite. The only thing that may have been of interest to the great unwashed not in suites was the conversion of the always deserted "Cellar Masters" into Craft social. All in all if you're not in a suite the "Revolution" on "S Class" is a bust and even if you are there's no guarantee you'll like it.
  18. Of course here in Victoria (The Palm Beach of Canada's south west😉) we had the blizzard of 96 was memorable, it is very rare to have that kind of snow here. I remember another big dump in the mid 60's as well
  19. I think we have a few people who want to dismiss an article because the source doesn't fit their narrative, and that works both ways. The truth is the truth, every outlet can get it right from time to time. Some outlets have a very loose grip on the truth. Some people choose to believe that Fox news is the gospel, others would want to fact check that outlet if they reported that water was wet or the sky was blue. Others would dismiss anything from New York Times as liberal clap trap. I tend to dismiss those sources that have a loose grip on the truth. Just a hint when 20 different sources say X,Y and Z is the truth, and one says it's actually Y, X and C is the truth, I tend to go with the 20 sources.
  20. While what you say is true, I'm not sure the wet coast is what poffles has in mind. They want Canadian health care benefits and infrastructure but Caribbean weather (hold the hurricanes) and prices.
  21. Prairie humour at it's finest, I spent several summers in small town Saskatchewan when I was a pre-teen. It was definately different than life on the coast. Apparently passers by would just drive up to the gas station (set) out of the blue expecting to get gas. I Understand they finally demolished the set a while back.
  22. Okay so we may not have that here yet, also it may not be deemed "interesting" to the North American market. Mel Gibson, Mad Max...never, Braveheart excellent, Lethal weapon silly but entertaining American action films. We were Soldiers among his best work. (of course the man he was portraying was involved with the film, that puts the pressure on to get it right).
  23. I haven't seen that one Leigh, I do like Russel Crowe though. I think I first saw him in LA Confidential and one of my favourite movies is Master and Commander. I also enjoyed Mel Gibson until he got weird.
  24. Indeed the Airfare is a bit high, About $8,650.00 Canadian return in Premium Economy direct out of Vancouver. That price includes our connecting flights from Victoria BC to Vancouver and back and the flight from Sydney to Auckland. Some of my viewing is what is available and others I seek out. The historical stuff is personal interest, our schools teach about Canadian involvement in the world wars and of course there are no shortage of Movies from our neighbour to the south (of course most of those portray the Americans as the heroes, even when they weren't even involved) The Great Escape comes to mind. We don't know that much about the middle eastern campaign of "The Great War" and I have learned quite a lot from the recent productions like ANZAC Girls. Hi Leigh, I have been watching Murdoch from the beginning and still find it fun. I never really got into Frankie Drake, she was trying to much to be Miss Fisher and it just felt clunky.
  25. I think you will find that there will be plenty of people to fill those flights as soon as people are able to travel. Everything that made New Zealand and Australia a desirable destination is still there. And for part 2, yes I have seen Mystery Road and thoroughly enjoyed it. We also enjoyed Brokenwood and hope they make more. I understand the lead Actress for that show is calling Whistler BC home and when I read that story last year she said she would go home to do the show. I also watch the Snowy River: The McGregor Saga series back in the day. Also ANZAC Girls, and a few others I really enjoyed "The Lighthorse Men" movie. We have only seen the one series of Mystery road and look forward to seeing the rest should they become available to us
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