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  1. Good morning. Just FYI...April 27 cruise. Canceled April 4 via email. Got all the cruise $ refunded to credit card this week. So far have not received the cruise planner $ at this point. But overall I am pleased, I figured another month or so. I lost my job so this money comes at the right time. Hope everyone gets theirs soon.
  2. Awesome ! Great pics. We stayed in a JS on Adventure of the Seas in December 2019. Maybe our best cruise yet. Totally agree the staff was outstanding.
  3. Hi. Sorry I have taken so long to answer. The cabin was brand new, great shape. It was very quiet. No noise from Spa or Gym. I enjoyed it very much. But, will most often book balcony rooms - like them better.
  4. Great pictures. Thanks for posting them. I'm very excited. Sailing Oasis for the first time in December 2020. Can't wait !
  5. Cayman Islands, Costa Maya, Cozumel. Sting Ray City & Calico Jacks in Grand Cayman. Great fun. Sting Rays are cool and loved the Jerk Chicken at CJ's. Didn't do anything but walk around in the 2 Mexican ports. Mostly just chilled. This cruise was about relaxation. Busy year.
  6. Hey everyone...had a fantastic cruise. Best one of the 15 I've done. December cruising has become a favorite of mine. Something about the Christmas music. Really festive feel to the entire cruise. The ship is in great shape. Clean. Very friendly crew. I particularly enjoyed the MDR staff. Our waiter and assistant were top notch. Excellent every night. Stayed in a Junior Suite on deck 9. This was the best room I've had. I appreciated the extra space. The walk-in closet was probably worth the extra money on it's own. Starting to think I need this. Hahahaha. The tub and larger space to shower I didn't care about. That closet though. Awesome. The larger balcony was a big plus in my opinion. Ate too much. Drank wayyyyy too much. Had a blast ! Hahahahaha. Awesome. I wouldn't hesitate to recommend Adventure to anyone considering her. Wonderful trip.
  7. Hey Cruisers We have a Junior Suite booked on Adventure next month. First time staying in a JS. Do the Junior Suites board with the other suites ? Or will we be boarding with our Crown & Anchor status ? Thank you
  8. 2 per year. Usually March - April and again in Nov - Dec.
  9. I always give my bags to the porters. Watch them load the bags on to the cart. Chat for a brief moment. Nice guys I’ve run into generally. I hand the guy a $5 and head on my way. Bags always get to my room. I hope the porter buys beer with my $5.
  10. I stayed in 1101 on Adventure of the Seas in April. It is, of course, an inside stateroom. My response is addressing this new section of Deck 11. My opinion is that it’s super convenient. Basically right there at the Solarium. Same deck as The Windjammer. Great on At Sea Days. Also right at the stairway & elevator bank. Great place in my opinion.
  11. If you buy the drink package (I do about half the time) Voom is a perfect way to spend it. I also have a habit of picking up a watch to remind me of each cruise.
  12. I use it to offset the cost of many Red Stripes 😁
  13. Have to say I’m happy with the MDR. Tried the specialty restaurants and wasn’t impressed at all. The thing I was surprised about was the family style sides. Tiny portions. Our group tried to order more but our waiter disappeared. Hahaha. Oh well. No biggie. I’ll stay with the MDR. In 12 cruises the service has only been poor once.
  14. The TA I use sends me an email almost immediately with an Invoice number from the TA and it also includes the confirmation number from RC. Every time I make a payment I get an updated email. As mentioned above the charges on my credit card show up in a day or so from RC themselves. Ask your TA to email you an updated invoice. If they won’t something isn’t right.
  15. Just sailed on Adventure this past April. You will find it very similar to the Freedom Class. Slightly smaller but doesn’t feel like a smaller ship most of the time. Adventure is in great shape in my opinion. I am sailing on her again this December. You will no doubt enjoy !
  16. 1) Go to MDR and check out table assignment. 2) Drink a Red Stripe.
  17. I’m from New York and understand the concern about flight cancellations. Years back my flight would’ve been canceled due to a major storm. Taking good advice and having left a day early the travel went off with no problem. Miami was a bit chilly for them. 68° or so. The Caribbean was fine. Near normal. Having said that, spending an extra day in Florida in January can’t be a bad thing. Drinking by the pool beats shoveling snow. Have fun !
  18. I must say I really like the salad bar at the MDR during lunch. Great system. You tell them what you want and they build it. It's become my fav lunch on board.
  19. I recall being on Explorer of the Seas back in 2003. That area was the sports bar at that time. I look forward to getting back there and checking it out. Thanks !
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