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  1. This is excellent feedback, thank you all so much. Given what I have seen, the Pacific princess appears to be a favorite of many while a bit small for others. While it does not have an International Cafe, it does have the Club Bar which may work for us. Also, it does not have as many entertainment options as the larger ships, but has a few options and thus should be okay. My wife and I do a reasonably good job at entertaining ourselves, I think we'll go ahead and book the 14-day option to Australia & New Zealand. Covid related restrictions were mentioned, this cruise is scheduled for February of 2022, I hope we have all in order by then. I'll try to get to Papeete a few days early, tough with work to take too may days off in a row but I suspect I'll be able to make it happen. I am curious about motion sickness as was mentioned up thread. I have a huge problem with motion sickness, I have to take dramamine when driving as a passenger in a car. Has anyone taken dramamine/bonine and still had an issue? I need to take meds regardless of the size of the ship. And we do enjoy sea days, albeit we have had one cruise thus far. This is probably a good step before a transatlantic. Thanks, really I appreciate all of the help!
  2. Hi folks, My wife and I are booked on a 14-day East/West Caribbean cruise on the Enchanted over the Christmas holiday later in the year. There is a good chance the cruise will not happen, thus I'd like to get something else on the books. We have only sailed once before, last year on the Caribbean Princess over the Christmas and New Years holiday via the 14-day Circle Caribbean. We had such a good time, we booked the Enchanted a week after returning. In terms of the "next" cruise, my wife would like for us to explore the South Pacific. I came across an interesting itinerary (for us) on the Pacific Princess 14-day South Pacific and New Zealand cruise. While the itinerary looks to be suitable for us, I'd like to understand more about the ship. On the Caribbean Princess we really enjoyed the International Cafe. we'd sit and drink tea during sea days while people watching. We also spent quite a bit of time in the various evening venues with the ship's Caribbean band. Every now and again we chose to visit Skywalker's at night. We are not "young", being in our mid-upper 30s. We don't crave a lot of activity on the ship but do enjoy a couples evening "out". So, what if anything does the Pacific Princess have that would compare to what we enjoyed on the Caribbean Princess? During the cruise, I spoke with a crew member to inquire about a pacific cruise. He told us to stay away, we would be bored out of our minds. Literally, a crew member told us this. Maybe he was right? We only have one cruise under our belts, over the winter holidays none the less. One more thing, while we are considering this cruise that ventures down to New Zealand and Australia, there is another cruise that I am looking at, the 10-day Tahiti and French Polynesia. Which would be more ideal if any? I've never been to New Zealand or Australia, thus this would be a great opportunity to see a little bit of both. Still, I hear French Polynesia is nice. Is a full 10 days warranted there? I'd love to hear thoughts on the ship and the itineraries. Thanks so much
  3. I ended up leaving the cabin upgrade as is, holding out hope for another.
  4. I took a look this morning, you were indeed correct, IB is more pricey than ID. Still, I prefer the aft location. My TA sent an email this morning confirming the upgrade. I hope I get another!
  5. Interesting. I know I paid more for ID as I wanted a location in the back of the ship. When I booked the cabin, IA/IB were a bit cheaper but they were up front, which we did not want. So it goes. I’ll leave it as is for now, hope they “upgrade” me once again 🙂.
  6. After watching this thread for a while and waiting patiently with fingers crossed, I logged into my booking a short while ago and finally saw a change in cabin! A DOWNGRADE it seems from and ID interior to an IB interior. I paid slightly more for ID, not sure why they’d move me to a cheaper room. What gives? Any recourse at my disposal?
  7. Thanks! Perhaps there is hope for me yet 🙂
  8. I'm curious, for those who have received upgrades, did you book directly with Princess or with a TA?
  9. Hasn’t cost me anything actually, I only lose if I were to sell, I’m sure you are aware of that though. I am confident that the stock will bounce back well before I reach retirement age, more than a quarter century from now. As part of my ira portfolio, I chose this stock. If you are closer to retirement age or in desperate need of cash, avoid it no question. For me, I am fine with the investment. If CCL goes bankrupt, so be it. I’ll lose $3,200, I’ll be fine. If they don’t, I’ll be fine as well. If they continue paying the OBC and the dividend, I’m in a net positive situation unless I need to sell right now. I don’t and I can’t touch these funds for a long time. Finally, I’m not encouraging anyone else to buy the stock, merely showing that the OBC is still in effect as there were questions raised about that. So yes, I’m good with it. Cheers
  10. Purchased 100 shares on Monday, faxed the required information over to Princess at 2:32pm today, $250 OBC now posted to my account. I’m good with it.
  11. I picked up 100 shares today, cost me roughly $3,200. At that rate, my minimum annual return will be 7.8%, as my wife and I will take at least one 14-day cruise per year. Further, with a $2.00 dividend per year (paid @ 50 cents quarterly per share), the dividends will pay $200 per year. In total, at a minimum, my overall annual return on investment will be 14%, perhaps higher if we cruise more. All of the above is only possible so long as the cruise line continues to offer the shareholder OBC benefit and continues paying dividends at the same rate. Good enough return for me :). Cheers
  12. Perhaps you want to consider opening an IRA? You’ll have the ability to choose individual stocks while also putting away a bit of cash for retirement. Also, depending upon your level of income, you may receive a tax benefit for the amount contributed to account ($6000 max for a regular IRA of I am not mistaken). https://www.investopedia.com/ask/answers/081414/can-i-deduct-my-individual-retirement-account-ira-contribution-my-tax-return.asp Good luck!
  13. I can confirm that Princess will email a copy of the final bill. I had to contact them in January in order to obtain the final bill from my cruise during the holidays. It took about three business days for them to send it. Easy enough.
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