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  1. I cant believe how sloppy some of these guys look. main-qimg-b05db21633aae8c1c01d31e766c23489.webp main-qimg-b05db21633aae8c1c01d31e766c23489-2.webp
  2. kind of like your OFFICIAL BOARDING time printed on your boarding pass...which is harshly enforced (sarcasm)
  3. Well... guess again. The "LA" is for Louisiana..
  4. since u asked... because if you are under the age of mid 50's... everyone knows that a nice pair of dress jeans, black dress shoes and a black jacket is actually a much dressier look and sharper look than a pair of "khakis".. Khakis on a more formal night are tacky.. Have you ever seen a cowboy at a wedding, funeral, formal event in a nice pair of starched Jeans, boots, white starched shirt and a jacket and a black cowboy hat??? Prob the sharpest dressed people in the room. I asked because I wanted other input... carry on TAXman
  5. For Gala night.... I plan to wear the following as I do for business meetings, weddings, church, etc.. Black dress shoes Nice, pressed dark dress Jean's white starched shirt black sports coat Having said that, is this acceptable? This is a very normal way to dress in today's time for many occasions.... So lets hear it-
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