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  1. We were booked on the Enchanted for January 30, 2021 but cancelled after reading what the CDC would require (see below) if one case of Covid shows up on a cruise. What do you think the odds of that Are? As a condition of operating, cruise lines will be required to advise passengers in all marketing materials, websites, and in materials for voyages, that if a threshold for COVID-19 is detected during the voyage, the ship will return to its U.S. port of embarkation and that subsequent travel, including return home, could be delayed. Sounds like back to the port and quarantine to
  2. Sky April 4th -- within last 4 days received all money back. Pre cruise purchases, cruise cost and airfare.
  3. Makes no sense. No refund for an April 4th cruise, but yet others are getting full refunds for May cruises.
  4. Took option 2 for an April 4th cruise on Sky. NO refund to CC yet!
  5. Still nothing on our April 4th cruise. Seems to be no method used for refunds as some with much later cruise dates getting refund.
  6. April 4th sailing on the Sky... filled out paperwork for option 2 on March 15th. Over 2K airfair Over 6K cruise cost Over 1K activities booked NO REFUND ON ANYTHING! Great job Princess.
  7. We are on that same cruise. Can't wait!
  8. All the overreaction trying to stop the virus with total fruitless results. Rather than waste time and effort trying to stop the virus, how about concentrating on preparing for the inevitable outcome. Panic never helps anything.
  9. Just received this from Princess... We continue to implement increased monitoring, screening and sanitation protocols to protect the health of our guests, crew and the residents of the destinations we serve. Our measures are designed to be flexible to adapt to changing conditions and recommended best practices. For your reference, you can read our Guest Travel Advisory. Nevertheless, we know you have questions about your upcoming cruise. Princess would like to share some policy updates that provide options and flexibility should you want to reschedule your currently booked vac
  10. My Point: According to Science Daily exposure to a low dosage of virus particles resulted in a small number of host infections (20%). In contrast exposure to a high dosage of virus particles resulted in virtually all the hosts (99%) becoming infected.
  11. That's not good if more kids/young adults are getting it. Families are usually in close proximity to each other so possible longer exposure to an infected person equals a worse infection. Two items that seem to be clear for getting it are, poor immune system and advanced age and those with advance age might be more susceptible because of poor immune systems. There are a few things I take to boost my immune system but can't mention them here as I was censored for doing so earlier. Ugh!
  12. I'm not talking total saturation of the population in 4 weeks but enough people will have it where quarantine will not be necessary or make sense. It could take months or a year or more before the majority have been exposed. Of course some who are exposed will not be effected or just slightly. Does not seem to effect most children. The cruise ship will most likely have some on board with it so exposure is possible but that's going to happen even when you go anywhere in public.
  13. Soon the c virus will be everywhere and exposure eventually unavoidable. At that time quarantine of a cruise ship will be unnecessary. One can take precautions to avoid it but sooner or later you will be exposed. Staying at home will just prolong the inevitable. I understand trying to avoid a cruise or air travel if over 70 or in compromised health. Just makes good sense but still just a matter of time. I wish the best of health to all. We are cruising in 4 weeks and by then the virus should be uncontainable and quarantines unnecessary.
  14. It's too little too late here in the USA. There are most likely thousands of cases already here in the USA but the CDC has refused to test people except for a few. But then the CDC comes out and tells us to prepare for a major outbreak. In my eyes the CDC is just about useless and incompetent. Yes I am being critical because the truth is being hidden from the American people.
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