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  1. Sky was definitely a one-off with the generous allocation of Bellini's on the port side of deck 5; the rest in the class have always had Good Spirits there. But I read that people liked that Bellini's had more space so I'm not sure why they didn't just continue that. And I do believe those red chairs are part of the Crooners, as it fits the renderings that were first designed for Discovery. It looks like a nice space, but I'm just slightly afraid its location on Enchanted & Discovery present possible traffic chokepoints along the high-traffic starboard route. I liked that a part of deck 7's atrium on the port side was just all Crooners on Royal and Regal.
  2. You'll be able to find videos of this and its neighboring cabins on Royal/Regal/etc. on YouTube. I've also read that people did get to go on the balcony at any time (probably depends on the captain's discretion too, not sure), but you're much more likely to not go on it when the ship is moving anyways because of the winds, given where your cabin is located. Search some of the discussion here on Cruise Critic as well -- there are many thoughts, pictures, etc. all along, as these are pretty coveted rooms.
  3. Not a travel agent, so I'll let the experts share what they think. If there wasn't a pandemic, Princess would've likely released the summer '22 itineraries already (they pushed it out in July 2019 for 2021 and the trend had been to release things even earlier to rally excitement earlier). But Princess is still tweaking European itineraries right now for the summer of 2021 and they've wrecked everything that was basically planned a few months ago. And we have no idea what other ships could say bye-bye, which will impact Princess' traditional alignment of ships every year. So I probably wouldn't expect summer '22 to come out until late this year (earliest) or 1Q 2021 (probably even later).
  4. A Sunday update on September 20, 2020: Jan Swartz did an interview with Bill Panoff, CEO of Porthole Cruise Magazine. Among other things, she talks about the new ship -- so for Enchanted, she reiterates details most of us already know: DELIVERY: still scheduled for September 30, 2020 Virtual ceremony (kind of like how Celebrity Apex was delivered earlier this year) Princess' shipboard team is already on the ground in Italy to prepare for delivery Ship will move to Trieste for lay-up thereafter Start date for the ship is still not yet firmly established (Princess' 1st Enchanted sailing on sale is currently December 19, subject to change of course) - She also sidestepped the growing question of "will Princess restrict excursions?" (in reference to MSC's protocols) and left it to kind of a 'time and science will guide us to the best options when we get there' response. - She didn't give a forward outlook on if other online events (like Princess Connects) will continue in the near future. - She brags about Medallion Class cruising and really makes a point to emphasize how important it will be for their operations once they resume (in response to being asked how she would basically sell the Princess product to the average consumer). To me, it's pretty much obvious that this means they'll only start cruises on ships already installed with the system and will be highly reliant on the system from here on out to maintain service efficiency and optimization during the pandemic. So I'm really expecting them to give big updates to the app later this year and make it even more functional, glitchless, and seamless like they intended for it to be. ---------------------------------------------------- Here are some pictures of Enchanted seen at the Fincantieri shipyard: (left - Enchanted; right - MSC Seashore) Pool layout seems very similar to Sky here -- nothing looks different to me. And here, another design firm commissioned for the ship released a picture of their Ocean Front display.
  5. Well, everyone -- Now that it's all but publicly confirmed (by Princess/Carnival Corp.) that Sea and Sun Princesses are going away, who thinks that Crown will actually be deployed to partially fill some of that Alaska void? Like a mixture of some 14-day Alaskas and then a few Mexican Rivieras....or just, replace Sun directly, since I think Alaska is a bigger cruise draw in the summer. Maybe this is the reason why we haven't seen much news about San Pedro for next summer.
  6. I totally get it. What is language sometimes. I think your situation is considered the "after" one, but... don't hold me to that.🙃
  7. Thanks for dropping this link for us. The British Isles itineraries seem to be a direct replacement, but the TA itineraries are a shell of what they used to be (I get having to make last-minute adjustments). However, the Baltic itinerary is abysmal -- so many sea days, and Helsinki, Oslo, and Warnemunde are all gone. Celebrity's Silhouette doing the Baltic route from Southampton for 14 days with more to see is at least a much better value.
  8. Thank you for posting all of the charts that you have! Also, anyone notice that unique Regal entry we've got there? I'm really curious to see what trips Regal will be doing here in the Americas (could we possibly see a full season of Princess' short cruises in the Caribbean?)
  9. Another update from September 9 -- nothing substantial that I could see/find, but final touches will continue to be worked on, like decorative elements. (Diego Bormida)
  10. A cruise blogger who writes on FB (not sure if we're allowed to attach names of bloggers) blogged about her wedding on the Sky in December 2019. If anyone knows if we can link them, I'll be happy to share that with you. I don't recall if they discuss the very specifics, such as cost, but I think they could be willing to discuss with you if you messaged them.
  11. Given the state of Princess' fleet (read: decreasing flexibility due to increase in larger vessels), this might actually become an unfortunate (or fortunate, depending on how you look at it) trend in regards to their Baltic/Europe itineraries. Having Baltic cruises based in Southampton is more comparable to Celebrity's offerings (but they also usually have 1 ship based in Amsterdam). After so many years of having a ship homeported in Copenhagen though, it is kind of a bummer.
  12. Check out our discussion here: Your ship is being used temporarily btwn April & May for Crown's voyages.
  13. Wow that's stunning (well, maybe not -- it's Princess after all). So clearly Crown will NOT be in the British Isles this upcoming summer. And you'd assume that they'd be able to get a ship there in time to replace it (AKA Star, now that its summer schedule is zilch)....but, they apparently don't have a replacement and need to use Sky to make up for April/May. So....what does this mean for Star? Will she be unofficially gone-zo earlier than we expect? It seems likely. There goes another series of derailed itineraries (mostly the TAs).
  14. Some nice shots of the painting and artistry at work for the Amalfi Dining Room on Enchanted. The new blue and white carpet and paint scheme in the traditional dining room were introduced on Sky and are a stark contrast to the dark wood and red hues seen on the likes of Royal and Regal. If you're confused about which dining room Amalfi will be and you've been on other Royal-class vessels, just remember the A-C-S layout --> Amalfi = Allegro, Capri = Concerto, Santorini = Symphony. And for anyone who really keeps track of the details, Enchanted will have lifeboat tenders featuring a predominantly white/gray paint scheme with orange trim (instead of the usual orange paint with white trim) Credit for artistry and images: Diego Bormida
  15. Can also confirm that Medallion ships haven't nuked the patters. Instead, the periodic launch of medallions on each ship would coincide with the redesign of that ship's patter style and format, which is supposed to make things more streamlined and easy to read, though others have suggested otherwise. After watching some of the videos posted by a cruiser who recently patronized a TUI cruise on the Mein Schiff 2 a few weeks ago, I noticed that flyers were still being printed, and during the Diamond debacle in February, it showed how necessary it was to keep paper instructions flowing. So I think the Princess Patter is still here to stay, especially if mobile phones aren't made an absolute necessity on cruises. Princess also needs to significantly improve the design and accessibility of their Medallion app to supersede the paper patters. We shall wait and see.
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