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  1. It depends on how you define refurb. Medallion upgrades, some refreshed carpeting maybe, and new soft mattresses, yes. Everything else, though? No, it looks basically like what it looked like back in 2014.
  2. Hey @Cruise Wonderland! Do you know of any other dry docks in the fleet this year? Princess is very comparably low-key with their news, so it'd be nice to anticipate anything. Thanks!
  3. Excited to see her develop, but I'm also excited to be done with the Royal-class phase. I know the new orders have already been made for the next vessels to come online, but I'm really hoping Carnival develops an actually innovative and mindful concept for Princess that doesn't indulge on the many flaws that plague most new ships today. But I'm not holding my breath.
  4. Well, Discovery and Emerald are in two entirely different classes. Discovery is much larger and you'll find many opinions that conclude the ships in this class don't have as much viewing space and can feel more crowded. So Emerald, being a part of the Grand-class, is usually ranked better suited for such purposes, especially on scenic cruises such as Alaska. However, the biggest thing you have to ask for yourself is what is your traveling group like and what would they want out of the trip? NCL and RCL famously deploy larger ships with all of the fixings to Alaska because they have become big
  5. You're right! They fixed it later; the PDF I linked has the correct sailings now as they just uploaded the new file with the same URL. Still a mess but not as big of a mess.
  6. Actually, it's even more complicated beyond just 2021. Here's the official PDF release, along with the replacement cruises in 2022: https://www.princess.com/downloads/pdf/plan/impacted-and-cancelled-cruises/pause-extension-southampton-sept-2021.pdf Princess has offered to replace cancelled Regal cruises in 2021 with what appears to be near-identical ones in 2022, also from Southampton. But Regal is supposed to be sailing in the Mediterranean during the same timeframe (as of now). So that means more cancellations and "uprootings" across the summer deployment in Europe.
  7. Thanks a bunch for sharing this. Good to see them churn out more deployment news and still commit to these regions despite their fleet reductions. Also, on a slightly unrelated (and very superficial, so not a big deal) note, but is anyone else not really falling in love with this new Times New Roman-adjacent font? Biggest thing is that it's still easy to read, so I'll give them that. Nonetheless, it's rather plain and nothing like the more unique font they employed before. I know Princess' marketing direction has shifted very gradually in a new direction since last year; it has me
  8. Fully agree with this stance. It's understandable that we may resent older traditions suddenly falling by the wayside, which were already in progress long before the pandemic happened. But old tropes are often forgotten rather quickly; people change, companies respond, then people react, and so on and so forth. Just like commercial aviation was once viewed as glamorous, now it's as mass market as can be. Cruising has long been headed this way and people still headed towards it in droves before the pandemic. Parts of the market could be priced out or lose interest altogether in the industry, bu
  9. Just adding something else I'd read (possibly here, so it's not the most trustworthy speculation), but Discovery could also transit the Suez Canal and arrive in LA via the Pacific. I don't think the Panama Canal would ever allow a Royal-class ship through. Carnival's Panorama also made the full Cape Horn trek. We'll see what happens.
  10. Ah, yes, you make a great point in that the wood and brass don't necessarily combine to make for a dark ship. They're merely prominent accents in an otherwise bright, beige-ish environment. And the Regal will be a lot glitzier and shinier relative to the rest of the older fleet, so yes, the brightness definitely envelops the place. And you're so right about the concerns you listed. I want to tell you that by summer 2022 in Europe, you probably won't have to worry about excursion restrictions. But of course, nobody really knows what will happen by then. And I'm sure your friend wil
  11. Great itinerary. 7 days go by way too fast on this cruise. That one sea day was direly needed. 1. Yes, technically you could. I made the trek, but I personally wouldn't recommend it unless one has the motivation to do so. Since I'd never been to Boston before, I found the walk rather insightful to soak in the city simply through the sights and sounds. 2. Yes, you can. It should be about 20 minutes on a mild stroll (~1 mile). The thing about the Cheers bar closing can be fact checked here. The one at Beacon Hill (the original) is the one remaining open and the one I'm a
  12. Hi there, I'm no expert so I appreciate you reaching out to me. But I personally think it's definitely fair game to consider HAL will offer the Panama Canal (or Hawaii) trips if Princess can't (and vice versa); it's a core market for Carnival Corp. and it's a big loss either way if neither can do it. I'm not sure of this "team up" you're thinking of, though? Perhaps you could explain further. Before we consider these aforementioned itineraries, to begin with, when the cruise lines resume ops, I'm sure the longer itineraries will not be the first ones on the table, so the focus will
  13. Hey @Cruise Wonderland, I welcome and trust your expertise in Princess deployment intel. Sapphire, Emerald, and Diamond were all interchangeable to me (and felt like the most susceptible to unpredictable change). So if Sapphire is headed for South America, that means Diamond probably will go back to Japan for the winters after all. And Emerald will either have to take over the LA trips (as mentioned above) or do Panama Canal round-trip voyages. OR Diamond will take over the LA trips and won't go back to Japan! Anyways, there just aren't enough ships for either full-LA or full-Canal on a regula
  14. Princess's 2022-2023 Australia & New Zealand season AND 2023 Coral Princess World Cruise PDF brochure is here! NOTE: I'm pretty sure all prices are in AUD. Tread carefully. According to the brochure, all info is correct as of February 12, 2021. HIGHLIGHTS: Majestic and Royal will be the two main Sydney-based ships Grand will be in Melbourne, marking a first Coral will sail the 2023 WC (emphasis on Europe, with trips to Iceland & Greenland) will also do special Hawaii trips from SYD/BNE and Round Australia The only repositioning cruise
  15. Hi @shipgeeks, May I ask what is the link to the Valletta webcam you've been using? I may have missed this elsewhere, so I apologize if this has been shared before. Thanks in advance.
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