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  1. If you're on Instagram, check out instagram.com/seasparkxfly. He is part of the media currently at Saint-Nazaire and is live posting what comes up in the presentations in his "story" (click his icon to view this story). Example of a post is attached below:
  2. The Sky does have the two newest production shows in the fleet so the newest tech and anything modern was invested into them, and older ships are not yet currently slated to receive them; therefore, the Sky shows may have more of a *bang* to them than others. But I do recall (months ago) that CD Alex mentioned that all of the crew were hand-picked to be on the Sky, and it may be hyperbole, but given what I've read from any Live reviews that stewards/waiters/etc. were transferred over, I am inclined to believe that this is probably somewhat true and may have also carried through with the production team. I've also seen the four Sky vocalists on social media and they've mostly all had extensive experience on a Royal-class ship. This isn't to say that any vocalists on other ships in the fleet are any less experienced or less capable, however, but I think past experience on their flagships is valuable to the team and those heading Princess entertainment. It's more likely to have newer members to the entertainment family join an older ship to gain experience before heading onto the newbuilds. To speak on your question about production entertainment consistency on a broader level, I think the physical space of a theater can also have some influence of how it feels for guests to watch a performance overall. Royal-class theaters (though packed as many can attest to) are grander in size, should have less sight obstructions, and are more technologically advanced/equipped to produce certain shows over older ships, so your overall viewing experience may also be affected by that.
  3. I love the way JourneyView looks, but I agree that it can be fussy and is definitely not accurate, and only gives you a rough overview of what could happen, but not what exactly will happen on each day. My expectations, like you, were a bit dimmed, when I found this out on my first Medallion cruise. For others looking for a solution: Whether I'm on a Medallion ship or not, I always choose to rely on the physical Patter and listen to any updates the cruise director might make about any misprints. If your phone can afford just some memory, I will scan the patter using an app (I use CamScanner) and will refer to that instead of carrying the paper around with me. The graphics and words come out really well, and I rely on this more than JourneyView.
  4. Those trams you're talking about, right? The trams will drop you off at the Mazatlan Cruise Terminal, where all cruise guests will be bussed to if you're taking an independent excursion or getting off at your leisure. You can't walk off to the cruise terminal because it's a freight pier. If you're using a Princess excursion, a bus will be right at the gangway, there to take you away, so you won't need to take a tram.
  5. Hey @Sameron! It depends on your loyalty level. But from what I can remember when I first boarded the ship, Platinum and Elites were given boarding permission pretty early, at about 11AM (assuming nothing goes wrong). That should be early enough for booking the Sanctuary and other things.
  6. Hey @red4u2! So I asked my steward about this, because I was honestly confused about it all. Apparently, the new beds were all installed during the wet-dock about a year ago (I think December 2018?). However, it just doesn't have that "sinking into it" feeling that I've had on all of the other luxury beds. This is the first ship I've been on where they add a mattress topper/pad thing on top of the mattress (that they then put a sheet over). The whole bed feels just the slightest bit firmer (and maybe the slightest bit bulkier) overall. However, I've slept pretty well and you can always get a feel for the bed, and then probably tell your steward if you want the pad taken off, or what not. Also, I think having a queen set-up and a twins set-up does incur different bedding options, but it was a little unclear to me and I didn't want to keep asking my steward more questions because he was pretty busy. But definitely get a feel for it first before making any decisions and then chat with your steward. They have been very accommodating throughout our time. Regardless of what happens, I really hope you have a wonderful cruise and wish you the best! Please let me know if you have any additional questions of the Royal Princess!
  7. Hey Vicki, I don't have any insider details, but I do think the release of Europe itineraries for 2021 has been a bit unprecedented as it was released earlier than expected in July last year but then they released more changes a few weeks back. For the specific voyage you're looking at, it will probably take some months for the ship's redeployment to be finalized. The route is already released (whether intentionally or not, we don't know) but it's not yet open for booking. I might anticipate sometime after the "best sale ever" ends? I've attached the itinerary that was released a few weeks back.
  8. This was installed on the Carnival Horizon and now the Carnival Panorama, and when it was first introduced about two years ago, many were left frustrated and confused at it, most likely caused by a lack of more precise instructions on Carnival's end. I think Princess could do this for their next generation ships down the line, but we'll see if Carnival Corp thinks it's a good idea to spread this particular innovation.
  9. For those curious of the elevator "ding!" and "ding dong!" noises, the attached videos are for your viewing. This was filmed on Royal and all Royal-class ships have the same elevator noises (but not announcers), given that they're from the same manufacturer (Kone) and are the same generation of elevator. But the sounds will vary across the fleet. Newer Grand-class ships (e.g. Ruby) have a more echo-y sound (reference, credit to Walking Tours: https://youtu.be/lIrZA-noNXA?t=2667). Older Grand-class ships (e.g. Star) will also have a different sound (reference, credit to NationalElevator: https://youtu.be/wIStkx4Fq9U?t=119). [Going Up] Princess elevators_Going Up.mp4 [Going Down] Princess elevators_Going Down.mp4
  10. Just like on the Crown and Ruby (which is slated to become fully "Medallionized" in just 3 days on 1/27), the construction project on Deck 7 by the Photo Gallery should be for OceanFront, an area that comes with every Medallion ship that houses a front desk for all Medallion-related questions, large portal screens, and Medallion accessory displays. There should be another OceanFront station by the Lido deck near one of the main pools, shielded from the elements, like this: Here is an example of an inside OceanFront (albeit on a different ship): Face recognition kiosks for the photo gallery will likely not be happening, as even the Royal and Regal Princess have not converted to that and they've been "Medallionized" for almost a year now. This would likely require the entire photo gallery area to be shut down for construction as the existing photo walls would need to be ripped out. As for your other inquiry: yes, all Medallion ships will no longer have a mailbox, as the new panels replace the older mailbox with the room numbers and deck names. During evening turndown service, your room stewards will either: (A) placing the next day's patters and other materials on top of your bed, (B) slipping it under your door so it's on the floor and you could step on it, so be careful [this tends to happen if you have your Privacy sign on], or (C) casually rolling it so it is sitting/hooked atop your door handle. If you have a preference/mind how it is delivered, just let them know. You should also be able to request that no papers be delivered to you at the front desk, if you choose to go the electronic way (as per another poster here on CC mentioned months before). Hope this helps!
  11. Hi everyone! I decided to launch a visual version of the Princess CD/ED list here for the visual learners and it can be found here: https://airtable.com/shrgry4ieUZ0p31qZ/tblG4mVF0lHDjW5po?blocks=hide I am the only one who maintains this, so it won't necessarily be any more accurate than the table posted above, but it's another way to stay updated and can be bookmarked for easier access. And of course, it helps put a face to a name! For those of you who cruise Carnival, you may be aware that they run a list of their cruise directors that is publicly accessible (https://airtable.com/shrxzucqLGHbpDmm8/tblZJCAW6us7UhDmZ?blocks=hide) and I took inspiration from that to make this list concept that we currently have, more informative and visual. Please let me know what you all think and if you have any questions. I hope this can help some of you out in satisfying your curiosity/plan whatever you need, although remember that schedules are always subject to change! Happy cruising!
  12. PRINCESS CRUISES CRUISE DIRECTOR (CD) & ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR (ED) LIST: as of 1/23/2020 Dates do not indicate any specific contract beginning or end dates, unless specifically noted. CDs & EDs work varying contract lengths of several months and can transfer ships at any time within a contract. Any date mentioned in the list only indicate the most recently observed sailing date that the officer was onboard. Who is a CD? They are your host, the main face of your cruise (besides your Captain). You will hear from and see them the most. Who is an ED? They manage and supervise the Entertainment team (including the CD) and onboard scheduled activities, among other responsibilities. CHANGES SUMMARY: Coral (future CD) Island (ED) Regal (ED) Sky (CD dates) Star (CD) Sun (CD dates) SHIP CRUISE DIRECTOR ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR Caribbean Princess DuVaul Gamble (leaves 2/2/2020; returns in late-3/2020) Bernie Fuentes (as of 1/3/2020 sailing) Coral Princess Fernando Cunha (as of 1/5/2020 sailing) Jody Miles (begins 5/2020) Mark Young (as of 1/5/2020 sailing) Crown Princess John Loney (as of 1/6/2020 sailing) Lisa Ann Richard (as of 12/17/2019 sailing) Diamond Princess Natalie Costa & Mikiko Ikemoto (as of 1/6/2020 sailing) Emerald Princess Aaron Hawkins (as of 1/2/2020 sailing) Lisa Ball (as of 1/17/2020 sailing) Enchanted Princess Golden Princess Victor Stevenson (began 1/10/2020 sailing) Matt Barnard (as of 12/20/2019 sailing) Grand Princess Steve Campbell (until 2/2020) Kevin Tugwell (tentatively returns in 2/2020) Matt O'Brien (tentatively 4/2020-7/2020) Lee C h i l d e r s (as of 12/18/2019 sailing) Island Princess Matt O'Brien (leaves 3/17/2020) Susan Rawlings (as of 1/9/2020 sailing) Majestic Princess Andrew Kadillac (leaves in 3/2020 before Singapore dry dock) Benny Yau (begins 4/18/2020) Tim Donovan (as of 1/21/2020 sailing) Pacific Princess Peter Tredgett (as of 12/22/2019 sailing) Regal Princess Daniel Falconer (as of 1/19/2020 sailing) Billy Hygate (as of 1/19/2020 sailing) Royal Princess Marcus Prince Juanta (until spring 2020) Ron Goodman (as of 1/18/2020 sailing) Ruby Princess Kevin Tugwell (as of 1/13/2020 sailing) Michael Kujawski (as of 12/13/2019 sailing) Sapphire Princess Matthew Baker (as of 11/26/2019 sailing) Kelvin Joy (as of 11/26/2019 sailing) Sea Princess Peter-John de Kock (leaves 1/2020) Andi Sanders (begins 1/2020) Gary Golding (will be on for 5/8/2020 World Cruise) Sky Princess Alexander Yepremian (now-2/1/2020; 3/28/2020-7/11/2020) Corey Moir (2/1/2020-3/28/2020) Adam Love (as of 12/28/2019 sailing) Star Princess Gary Golding (as of 1/3/2020 sailing) Neil Rose (as of 12/19/2019 sailing) Sun Princess Jody Miles (leaves in late-February or March 2020) Warren Smith (as of 11/13/2019 sailing) TO MAKE NEW UPDATES TO THE LIST: DO NOT "Quote" the preceding reply! It creates a copy that the next person cannot properly update. DO select and copy ALL of the text, including the above headings AND these instructions, from the most up-to-date list (the most recent reply with the list).  Go to the bottom of the latest post, to the "Post a Reply" box. Paste your copied text into that box. Begin making your modifications to the list. Please also swap out all existing changes from the "Changes Summary" and place your own. Confirm that everything is correct! You can edit for up to 20 minutes. TO POST YOUR UPDATE: click the "Submit Reply" button, just below the list you are modifying.
  13. Hey @Tucker in Texas! Thanks for writing your great review of Star on what I presume is the Sea of Cortez itinerary? May I ask what you thought of the sailing conditions? More specifically, I've heard that it's like sailing on glass in the actual Sea of Cortez but as a whole, did you think the overall itinerary sailing to this area at this time of the year was really nice? Also, did you ever stop by Skywalkers? Heard it's always been a nice day spot and I can't wait to try it out once. Lastly, what was the name of the cruise director? Not sure who the man was based on your description, but would be good to know. Thanks a bunch!
  14. Welcome to a sunny Mazatlan! The weather on this sailing has so far been great. For those who have never been to Mazatlan, you need to take a 2-minute ride aboard a shoreside tram to the cruise terminal itself, which is like another bustling hub full of shops, bars, and other activities. The trams are free and are not bad at all! Kind of fun, actually - you don't normally get driven on a tram through a port. Today (and every Mazatlan day thus far), there was a crew drill from 9:45 to about 10:45. This does include full emergency signal blasting and crew alert signals so it does you good to get out of the room anyways because you won't sleep in much after those blaring sounds.
  15. Hey @Jasperdo! Thank you so much for the kind comments! If you've done this itinerary many times, I might suggest trying a Royal-class someplace else for a better opportunity to have an all-fresh experience (or you can also make the ship the destination and the itinerary secondary haha). I think the ship has come to fit well for the market for this itinerary, and I feel that the cruise staff have taken it upon themselves to try to make it fun for the passengers. Of course, it's probably more crowded during high-traffic times (e.g. showtime) in high-traffic areas (e.g. theater, dining rooms, etc.) than say, Sapphire, so take that element highly into consideration. But overall, if you plan your days out well, you should have a great time! Thanks for stopping by and let me know if you have any other questions!
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