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  1. SUMMER 2021 #WEWILLBEBACK For a version of this table with pictures, view: https://airtable.com/shrgry4ieUZ0p31qZ SHIP CRUISE DIRECTOR ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR 1st voyage date Majestic Princess Daniel Falconer Duke Christopher July 25, 2021 Regal Princess Matt O'Brien Ron Goodman July 31, 2021 Sky Princess August 30, 2021 Not really a huge surprise here (to me, anyways), but Ron Go
  2. Some suggestions of my own but the times may vastly vary when it comes to convenience or if they have some event/occasion that blocks these venues, and of course, things may change post-COVID: Deck 7 - Bistro Sur La Mer (I believe it might be a "suites-only" area for breakfast, though) Crooner's (known as "VIP Gaming" on the deck plan right now; again check for any possible events that might block you all out) This might sound weird, but the tables and chairs in the middle of the "Shops of Princess" area -- if you've been on Sky, they're identical, but if y
  3. Pre-pandemic, the stewards took care of everything. Store whatever is loose in your bags. Whatever's hanging will get transported on a rack. Everything gets transported. Very seamless. You can also move everything by yourself if you wish, but just make sure you speak to your old/new stewards about that so that you won't confuse them/impede on them. Now, I'd assume the process is the same...but who knows? Also, welcome to Cruise Critic! Hope this response helps! It's very brief but the process is really not too fussy and everything should be just fine.
  4. I think you're hitting the nail on the head here, but I'm no expert so my opinion may be as good as blah. But I've been thinking - the competition, namely Celebrity, didn't change their loyalty rankings last year, but did redesign the way they sell their cruises (basically "all-inclusive") and it seems like people have all been very much willing to pay a premium for an experience marketed as more offerings and better service. If Princess does away with, what has basically been the easiest loyalty ladder to climb in the cruise industry, perhaps they're going to begin offering more s
  5. I'm relatively bullish on the (possibly mid-)September dates to be the first ones to start. That one sailing leaving in August, maybe not. We probably won't get news on California-based sailings until the Alaska and Caribbean trips start going and we see how things go. You'll also need about at least 6-ish weeks for the dedicated ship management to start making their way onboard and setting everything up, and I use the recent Majestic and Regal entertainment officer arrivals as my reference.
  6. Indeed, and I'm so happy for him! He's a treasure and I'm glad he's staying with the company. I largely predicted this ever since he would get Regal after he posted his 'time to say my goodbyes' photo not too long ago. Now the question is, who will be his ED...hmmm.... SUMMER 2021 #WEWILLBEBACK For a version of this table with pictures, view: https://airtable.com/shrgry4ieUZ0p31qZ SHIP CRUISE DIRECTOR ENTERTAINMENT DIRECTOR 1st voyage date Majestic Princess Daniel Falconer Duke Chri
  7. Hello everyone!! It's been almost 16 months since I've last posted a chart here (and equally as long since any chart has really been updated), but I'm excited to finally get a new one rolling out as more crew begin making their trek onboard the Princess ships set to sail this summer! For this chart, I've only included the ships set to tentatively start sailing in July and August, but of course, things are always in flux. As always, I'll also be updating a version with pictures so one can actually see who their CD/EDs are (the link is down below). I'm the only one running that thing
  8. For those of you watching MedallionClass Mondays, here's a great video of what's to pertaining to the patter, so this debate is over for now: What he says pertaining to the patter is that you can now view the entire patter on the TV OR receive a paper copy. To me, this sounds like you can tell your steward if you'd like to request a daily paper copy and/or grab one by the Guest Services desk. And though he didn't address it, I bring up again that this hopefully means those paper advertisements are a bygone relic.
  9. Watching the fun, quirky safety video that comes on the TV on the first day won't ever be the same. He was such a charming man and he will be dearly missed.
  10. Interesting but very possible. I am not a Disney expert so I don't claim to have any sensible predictions. But I have to wonder if Disney will eventually send either Magic or Wonder to Japan and open up more room for its deployment patterns. Perhaps stationing a ship permanently on the West Coast from San Diego or Los Angeles as well. Maybe when the rest of the new ships join the fleet.
  11. Everyone forgets that there is already a similar precedent for this and that's norovirus. Princess has done the same thing so many times, terminating a voyage early and sailing back to homeport ahead of time. Of course, COVID is still a novel virus so the threshold is stricter for now and the statement Princess put here is likely designed to motivate guests to get vaccinated and not try to be Patient 0. I don't anticipate the policy to relax for quite some time because Princess is the last brand to need another huge PR crisis.
  12. I'd say this July if we're being very optimistic (they did that in 2019 for 2021 for the first time ever), but if we go by "regular" standards, I'd wait until mid-to-late Fall (perhaps October to November). If Princess is smart, they'd release early to take advantage of the pent-up demand but Princess certainly has a mind of its own.
  13. And you're right here, because she looks good; I'm not criticizing the overall livery at all. What I mean by "Mardi Gras font" is as the following: There's nothing distinctive about the branding of "CARNIVAL MAGIC" here. It's very stale. And I know most people here are not typophiles so I can understand some others are like meh lol
  14. Well, bumping this thread to just point out how Carnival is not embracing the new Mardi Gras-style font for Magic and likely, the rest of its ships going forward. IMO a big shame for not allowing the ships to stand out better as their own unique Carnival entity. Here Magic is in her final painting stages: Source: https://www.instagram.com/p/CPROqMwB3Wk/
  15. The type of entertainment you'll find on Princess is one that generally appeals a lot more to adults (I certainly don't mean geriatric, but there will definitely be some who will roll their eyes at the schedule), but that does not mean teens will automatically find any of them boring. Know your teens' preferences, scan the daily planner, and join them if there aren't as many friends to be made on the cruise. The cruise director's staff is huge and are all very young so they will definitely resemble the type of people you might find at a college spirit squad or something of the like -- they're
  16. Very interesting. I went to cross-check on Carnival and Princess' actual websites (Carnival Liberty, leaving 12/27 and Sky Princess, leaving 12/28) since CruiseMapper might not always be accurate, and there really does seem to be a conflict. What I'd bet on is either Carnival or Princess tweaking either one of their itineraries as you get closer to the cruise to prevent the conflict so that the island won't be a mess.
  17. I know the deck plan hasn't been changed since 2017 so I can understand your frustration. I know the "VIP Gaming" is effectively Crooner's now and the "Private Gaming" wasn't really open the last time I was onboard but it should be a very easy transition to Churchill's. I would try and rest easy with hope that Princess has (or will be) finished making all of the customized changes for guests.
  18. Certainly, and it makes sense since Disney's fleet is growing, barring nothing happens to the company. It's about time Disney works on expanding its itineraries and Port Everglades would provide DCL with much-needed space for its ships. Personally, I'd expect Canaveral to continue to be its proudest possession so Everglades will be tossed some of its simpler 3-4 days while Canaveral gets possible 7-dayers.
  19. Hi OP, I'm very hopeful the new beds on the Regal will have been fully furnished by your cruise (though I'm not sure when your cruise is). They started the mattress undertaking back in October 2019 for the ship and I'm sure that this couldn't have possibly extended for this long. I don't have evidence that they're complete, but I would assume Princess would be able to get this done if they've already rolled out the Medallion done for its fleet. I would rest easy and expect the best! Have a good trip 🙂
  20. I believe you answered your question here: Current consensus seems to be "this summer," but that is intentionally vague. But within the EU, the following have allowed Americans who've either shown proof of vaccination or a negative test into their countries: - Croatia - Estonia - Greece And again, since it's confusing, someone can correct me here if I'm wrong.
  21. https://www.seatrade-cruise.com/ports-destinations/disney-cruise-line-pursues-long-term-agreement-port-everglades According to the port's director, Disney is in talks with Broward County to possibly begin using Terminal 4, Carnival's former terminal. It was reported earlier last year that Carnival "amended its agreement" with Port Everglades, but we can comfortably assume that they've basically pulled out as there is no active ships based at the port in its current schedule through 2023. There is no set timeline announced yet. Talks are slated to begin on May 18.
  22. According to this, the Glory will be entering dry dock in June and will be the second ship to get the new look. They will certainly be putting more ships in dry docks this year prior to sailing again. And I would definitely bet on the Radiance getting the new look. Only thing to wonder about is when it exits its ongoing purgatory lol.
  23. 100% this, and maybe also allow us to select this option on the Medallion App. Regardless, it would also be incredibly hypocritical of Princess if they continued to allow paper advertisements in the case that they do start to limit patter dispersal in this scenario. No one wins here with the absolute needless pile of waste and I hope the ads are gone for good.
  24. Very normal, at least in recent years, and I would expect as such until they can get more ships in the fleet unless they trim deployment elsewhere. 2021 planning was an anomaly.
  25. This could just be me but I really hope it ushers in a new era for Carnival fonts and branding. I dig this move. The Mardi Gras font is great and has some identity to it, while the Arial-adjacent labels on the current ships is very bland.
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