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  1. You're very thoughtful and I often think of the crew I've met and built a rapport with during my cruises as well. I think it's safe to say quite a bit of the entertainment crew (including dancers and cruise staff) have left the industry entirely for something land-based and more secure. There are two notable individuals amongst cruise staff that I can quickly name off the top of my head that have already left Princess entirely since the pandemic began. I also don't think any of the dancers/singers are on contract right now because I'm sure Princess doesn't want to be responsible for a group of
  2. I think you mean "close" them instead of actually removing them? haha because actually removing them would be kind of expensive, especially when playgrounds will be OK in the future. As for the ornate water parks that exist on these ships, I think they'd enforce crowd control measures, but I wouldn't fully rule out an entire closure.
  3. I think Princess won't fully cancel unless AIDA, Costa, TUI, and MSC all find out they can't operate either. Those lines have been operating in Europe for some time now and have experience in balancing the outbreak and operations, despite Europe not being perfect in the pandemic. Carnival also had just one ship in the region and it wouldn't have been as big of a loss for them to just redirect her itineraries back to the Americas. But Princess has considerably more vessels so a complete wipeout would be really damaging. If any cancellations happen, I think they'll take a more stead
  4. Regardless of the PR fiasco they might have to navigate, I think the companies are more and more likely to head in this direction, especially if more land-based businesses in the travel industry introduce the requirement as well. And IMO it's all about keeping business going and avoiding needless liability. Money always talks. And I'm completely unsurprised by Saga's action in taking on vaccines first, because its clientele is specifically elderly; one massive outbreak and that could be it for the company.
  5. Per this article, Sapphire entered dry dock in Singapore (and if you followed any of the ship tracking maps, you would've noticed). However, as of now, it has already left and is instead, anchored near Singapore. I'm also not entirely convinced they really made all of the changes they were originally slated to make in April 2020, which includes a massive capacity increase as per this document. I do know for certain that since Princess promised to make all of its fleet Medallion-ized by the time operations resumed, then this was the time to get it done for Sapphire. Crown also ente
  6. I love following the clever sleuthers here on CC -- guaranteed to get the breaking news on anything before the companies even make them public. I empathize with you all on having a cruise cancelled that is simply irreplaceable now. For Pacific, it feels like such a hard pill to swallow because it was THE last small ship in the fleet. And after Ocean was nixed just not too long ago (well, it kind of was, if we're coming to terms with that). And it made Princess what it was for the longest time--being able to balance both boutique-style options with its ever-expanding mass market lea
  7. I disagree. Equity firms like Sycamore have a very narrow focus of cost-cutting to keep brands upright without really putting any heart into their investments into the brands they own. I doubt Sycamore is looking to actually purchase any ships, given how strapped for cash Azamara must be in right now. Remember that Azamara's President & CEO Larry Pimentel fled the company almost a year ago (9 mos.) now so the problems were definitely building for far longer and COVID-19 just exacerbated them.
  8. @neverbeenherelol OP asked for '23, not '22. I'm positive the America-originating World Cruise will continue to be the same ol' ~111 day itinerary on Island for basically tens more years. Princess doesn't deviate for more unique choices, is likely to lose any smaller ship (probably forever), and Island/Coral fit those niches given their size.
  9. I don't think any of us can speak to this until someone gets some intel on it. I actually think the most logical thing would be to replace the lobster grill for mostly burgers, since it was already starting to do that when the ship made Australia jaunts. I hope the noodle bar gets to stay because it's unique, but my assumption is that it gets nixed in favor of the traditional pizzeria that's in place on her sister ships.
  10. IMO they still do, since I imagine the whole lineup of bridge crew would definitely be considered essential or part of minimum manning. The ships still move around quite a lot. Agree with both statements you made. The cruise halt has been why I stopped making my lists because it's so unpredictable. And I concur that the captain's demeanor and presence (or lack thereof) does reveal itself subtly through the staff. Hotel directors have a lot of influence of course, but in the end, overall management, priority-setting, decision-making, and work culture-setting really does start wi
  11. Jotted down the few notes I made from the interview Arnold Donald just had with CNBC (some of these points have already been repeated above or online): Q4 adjusted net loss is $1.9B Hopeful ships can sail by year-end (did not answer if he thinks all ships could possibly resume any earlier than that) RE: requiring vaccines for passengers (check NCL and RCG CEOs for their takes) currently aims to follow regional government compliance (i.e. that of their destinations and home ports) and is not yet taking a side on if vaccine compliance will be enforced on passengers
  12. Before the pandemic, I would much prefer a higher frequency of cruises over more amenities, so I was doing just fine with interior cabins. The uncertainty of the circumstances that we're dealing with, however, is leaving me hanging. I do feel that quarantining in an interior cabin would be somewhat stifling, but at this point, I think I still prefer more cruises over more amenities. But regardless of that, I also don't have a cruise itch right now, so I'm just in a wait-and-see mode with seeing how cruise lines integrate virus tactics into their day-to-day experience over time and how successf
  13. Jan Swartz promised most furnishings would be thoroughly cleaned or simply thrown out (such as sheets and mattresses, I believe). So I'd say that after it being the very first ship with the biggest outbreak, I'd hope it's less tired than you've been reading about. I can't speak to the actual infrastructure, though (like elevators or pillars) -- those just might not be as modern given the cost of total refurbishment. By the time you're cruising, it could probably use some R&R, but that's just like any ship. I agree with TM that you should take the cruise in stride and focus on the positives
  14. Might have something more to do with Saint Petersburg. All of the cruises from Copenhagen are still on sale right now.
  15. Among the topics that are really at the crux of this concern are the issues stocking enough vaccines in the Philippines and the new variant originating from UK and South Africa, the latter of which has prompted concerns of vaccine efficacy (whether or not this issue will be solved tomorrow or months from now, it is still a massive PR debacle if cruise lines naively went ahead without considering crucial medical guidance). One interesting tidbit to note is Indonesia has chosen to prioritize the working over the elderly for vaccinations to try and achieve its unique form of herd immunity. Regard
  16. Correct at the time when Princess was toying with the Grand all over the place. But after Grand was deployed to replace the Star entirely in Alaska, the cruise is still on and for sale right now. Whether or not the cruise will actually sail, well, that's up for debate.
  17. I think kettles might just be Sapphire-specific when it comes to the ships that have operated from Southampton in the past (as shown here and from what I've read before). Post-pandemic cleanliness recommendations/regulations may also prevent the usage of kettles in rooms, but that's just my speculation. Anyways, I recall seeing your post about choosing between Sky Princess and Celebrity Silhouette for your Europe cruise and I'm thrilled to see you have chosen Princess. I wish you happy planning and hope you have an amazing cruise with the family!
  18. Yep @Ombud, all ships expected to arrive in San Pedro have already arrived and are now chilling on the Pacific just west of Ensenada/Tijuana. The Coral has also already made her trip to Port Everglades from Curacao several days ago. Here is the current look at where the ships are: (22:24 GMT -- January 2, 2021) And this ship soup in the middle of the Atlantic, just surrounded by the Bahamas (very similar how they waited in March 2020 just after the shutdown) If anyone has details they think are credible (from crew or company sources) and that t
  19. People often like to mention the Wakeview Bar on Sapphire and Diamond, which is at the back of deck 6 and can be accessed via a quirky circular staircase at the back of Club Fusion on deck 7. Re: the great viewing area atop the bridge on Grand-class vessels that's been mentioned -- Grand, Sapphire, Diamond make it easier to access because you just walk up, but it's harder to reach on Caribbean, Crown, Emerald, and Ruby if you're unfamiliar with ship layout and the tricks to reach it. If your ship (I believe it's just Crown, Emerald, Ruby) has Adagio Lounge (on the
  20. Thank you for sharing this. I wasn't aware of the solid line that the loyalists had drawn with the Pacific. I'm sure a lot would be pleased with the ship, but I guess it's not much. Carnival could be hanging on by a thread later next year, but for now, I would hope the Pacific won't be sold just yet, for the sake of offering cruising variety within the umbrella.
  21. I had a thought when it came to Pacific and it's just that, so don't take it to heart or anything. This might have also been brought up before, so excuse this if so. But I was thinking, since Jan Swartz is now the leader of the Holland America Group, giving her more control over Princess and HAL together, could the Pacific be moving to HAL? The trend has seemed to be that HAL focuses on destinations (though much more scaled back from before) while Princess will continue to chase after the masses who want a "premium" feel a la Celebrity, which is arguably its biggest competitor. On
  22. Check out this thread someone else asked pertaining to the Emerald: I and others wrote some information there. Hope this helps!
  23. Hi! I saw your new post in the Star Princess roll calls forum, but I think you should request to move it to the Grand as most people would likely seek out that ship's forum instead.
  24. @John99 listed a great overview of the changes made in the most recent dry dock. Re: your question of the dingy MDR--yes. That will most likely never change. Most of the ship should also still be very familiar to you, except for maybe slightly more modern upholstery in places with heavy traffic. And of course, most notable of all, the Medallion!
  25. Yes, their pictures were taken right by the B Street Pier in San Diego, where the ships were docked.
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