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  1. My B2B Transatlantic Cruise from Southampton to New York for 24th May was cancelled and last night I received an email from Cunard to say that my full refund had been processed and they were sorry for the delay and full of apologies because they had so many refunds to get through …. then this morning a Cheque from Cunard with the full amount dropped through my mail box 🙂 so that is a total of 60days for my refund ... I am also booked on the identical cruise for 1st of December but not sure if I shall be travelling on that.. might cancel if my doctor advises it. But happy day
  2. It sounds like a delivery from Donald Russell frozen foods …. when I first started using them years ago when I lived in Nairn I had never before seen dry ice and like you say there was mist everywhere … and it kept going on and on... but I wish I had thought to add washing up liquid !! … I shall on my next order ...their meat is absolutely brilliant though …. keep enjoying your Ibiza disco … 😉
  3. No not a down payment …. I did pay for the cruise in Full last June … why would I not … I do not like paying things up or waiting till last minute to pay as I see no sense in that.. but that is just my opinion.. I had the money so paid it … same as I always take travel insurance the exact same day I book any holiday … in fact when I booked this May cruise I also booked a 2nd Cruise for December this year … yep in Full ! my bank manager does not have a problem with me spending my money and I have no husband telling me not to spend .. when he died he gave me his blessing to spend his money as
  4. Never ever would I book a cruise with a debit card … there is no comeback with that .. a credit card would get your money back … not a debit card.
  5. I paid for my 24thMay cruise in full last June but lets face it … it is only money … everyone will just have to have patience and wait it out, you will get your money back one way or another …. I am cancelling my May cruise as I have pre-existing health issues and a few months under 70 so cannot take the chance in being ill, I phoned Cunard on Thursday and they were going to get back to me within 72hrs as they had put me on the cancellation list but no one called back, so today I phoned them again and I realise why they never phoned back, they are dealing with people that were due to sail wi
  6. Cunard UK is paying out in Full to the over 70's and for people with pre-existing medical conditions (that is me) so not credit vouchers towards a new cruise … I am in middle of getting my May Transatlantic Return Crossing cancelled … have the same crossing booked for 1st Dec but shall leave that for the moment and see how the next few months go.
  7. I am 5months short of 70 when I travel in May on 14 night Cunard Transatlantic Return Crossing … I had already phoned Cunard up today before Boris made this speech, and they said if I cancel before 29th March then I would not lose anything, although I would have to take half of the refund money I paid for cruise in cash (£1,800 probably back onto credit card) ) and other £1,800 would be given out as a credit voucher for any cruise line booking up until Dec2021 … plus the Cunard travel insurance I paid £310 for would not be lost as it can be put towards a new cruise … I did read s
  8. Not to sure if it is true but I did read that they seem to take over the whole ship 😞 when I booked this May crossing I never realised that it was Fashion Week … but I m sure there is plenty places to escape to ..so I am not too worried about it 🙂
  9. There is a video on You Tube that shows the exact walk from QM2 to the red hook ferry terminal ... very interesting and I was so surprised how close it was to the ship 😊
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