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  1. bafinegan: many thanks for participating in the trials. I was part of the Johnson and Johnson trials. I've never had more blood tests in such a short period in all my life, but I felt like I needed to support the greater good. Thanks again.
  2. Hi: we're on the 2022-2023 world cruise. Viking hasn't provided any guidance on COVID vaccinations yet. The generic "Health and Safety" guidance that covers all cruises states that vaccinations may be required, but it's more focused on current sailings. I agree it would be hard to pull off a world cruise without everybody being vaccinated. For example, Australia and New Zealand are closed to cruise ships right now. Israel is opening up for cruise visits in May BUT all crew and passengers will need to be vaccinated. The current cruises to Bermuda and Iceland require vaccinations. So we
  3. I researched this for a client recently. The Viking Travelmate trip insurance DOES NOT protect you if Viking happens to go bankrupt. See Limitations and Exclusions # 20: The policy does not cover "Bankruptcy or Default or failure to supply services by a Travel Supplier". Other commercial policies specifically cover for a tour operator going out of business. You need to read the coverage carefully.
  4. Wow! 3 hours after I sent my concerns to "tellus@vikingcruises.com" I received a phone call from Viking thanking me for my input and telling me that requiring vaccinations is under consideration but no additional announcements will be made until Viking is ready to return to cruising. I had mentioned that we'd had 5 Viking cruises cancelled due to the pandemic and have 3 more scheduled, including the 2023 World Journey cruise.
  5. I think it's interesting that Viking is doing surveys in the UK and Australia. I haven't seen anyone in the US mention being surveyed. I followed the lead of several of you and wrote "TELLUS" that I think all guests and crew will need to be vaccinated. Crystal has already announced that policy. Stay safe!
  6. Hi Clayton: could you tell us what company you use for your travel healthcare policy? THanks Paul PaulsWanderlustTravel
  7. We were on the Grand Pacific Explorer, leaving Auckland on March 6. We were notified yesterday our whole 90 day cruise has been cancelled and the ship is repositioning to Alaska for the spring season. We're getting a full refund and vouchers totaling $1000 pp. I think this is relatively paltry. We're less than two weeks away from flying, a room full of vacation clothes waiting to be packed, and now no cruise. We have sunk costs for several visas, private tours and an AIr NewZealand air upgrade that Viking isn't going to cover. It would be interesting to compare notes once people start co
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