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  1. With the current track, its projected to hit Juno Beach, (North Palm beach) as a Cat 4 at 2 am on Tuesday Morning The thing is its only suppose to travel north about 50 miles in 24 hours. So 2 am Wednesday it will not even be to Orlando yet. It maybe Wednesday Evening before the ship docks. Here is link that may help with tracking..... https://www.cyclocane.com/dorian-storm-tracker/
  2. What camera did you shoot this with?
  3. Glad to see this hit the media, it will be shared to all my social media accounts, I have over 20k Followers and get pretty good engagement, and we are in Florida and we were considering trying RCI again because we are so close to Port Canaveral but that will not happen now. We have influenced a lot of friends and co workers into cruising and sent it to many of them. I get it, it’s really no one’s fault, but you have to manage expectations better, I have had “ac” problems, but to be flat out lied to and days and days with out any answers is unacceptable.
  4. We have done the chefs table twice when it was first introduced, it was awesome, good to see it’s still enjoyable, we are driving so no worries about the cookbook. Thanks for the tip about going to passenger services.
  5. I am not a coffee drinker but the wife is, and I have already purchased a coffee card, she likes Starbucks. Thanks for the info.
  6. We did the eastern Two weeks ago; We use to love St Maarten, it’s a hole now, we saw people fighting over tourist, guards by the nicer stores, Celebrity advised us not to wear jewelry and to be careful, charged to use the bathrooms that were in terrible shape and nasty, it looked terrible and it was very sad to see as it was our favorite port. We got off early, shopped in town and went back, we were hit up a dozen times about beach chairs, someone told we were going the wrong way back to the ship and I said nope not when you charge to use the bathrooms, he said oh well that just the way it is and I said and that is just the way it is when you lose tourists. The people in the shops were friendly, but my wife didn’t wear any jewelry and she was completely left alone. We also went to San Juan, and to St Thomas, interesting to see the difference, we met someone on the ship that her brother is ATF agent in PR. He told them to be careful, we walked around old San Juan, it looked like hell, we counted 17 police officers on the roads, I heard a lot of blaming and finger pointing, but I also live in Orlando and outside of PR and NYC it has the third largest population of PRicans and we see a lot of finger pointing, it’s sad, the storm only intensified the problems in PR and that is from people in the know and that work and conduct business there. St Thomas was awesome, thankful for the tourist, thankful for the support, very different attitude and different feel. We are going on the Regal in February, we have zero plans to do anything in St Maarten, they have built up the port area so you can shop there and the locals aren’t allowed in to bug you about the beach or a tour and we may get off and get some guava berry rum and go back to the ship and enjoy it. I love Grand Cayman, another port where the locals are great and thankful for tourist and show their gratitude, I like Cozumel but it’s gone downhill recently and I don’t trust the area as much as I have in the past, I wouldn’t get off in Jamaica, and if I did I would have a tour set up and I would either do it through the ship or someone I really trusted.
  7. I really don’t know much about the Regal, are all of the balconies covered in mini suites? It would be fun, it’s not that expensive imo, it’s the same price as what we paid for Tuscan on Celebrity.
  8. Problem is we just don’t a lot of Pasta anymore, I have lost 50 pounds and my wife has lost 15 pounds, so pasta just isn’t as appealing to us anymore. One of my fondest memories I have ever had was in Sabatini‘s with my wife and my parents (about a year before my dad passed away) and it was an incredible, incredible experience. The maître d’ recognized me from another crusie as we were walking in and said thank you, I was confused and he said the reason he was promoted was because of review when he was a waiter in the MDR, so you can only imagine the level of service and extras we received and my dad was happy and loved it, and my mom still talks about it to this dad. We will check it out onboard, we really want to try the chefs table.
  9. Thanks I booked Crown Grill twice, and hope we can figure out the chefs table. I called Princess this afternoon and they said they would absolutely get us a soufflé if they were serving it in the main dining room and we were at a speciality restaurant. I was excited to see that you can buy some water for a reasonable rate to be delivered ro the cabin. Another thing that irked me was Celebrity in their buffet would shut down the water stations during off hours and the water would pour so slow, being in the beverage industry in my past I toward them how to fix it, it would take 15 seconds to pour 8 to 10 oz of water, it was like you were being pushed to buy a water package. Princess has about two or three packages, celebrity had 10 beverage packages.
  10. So, like the title says we have been gone from Princess for 8 years, 6 years from cruising up until last week. We went on 4 Celebrity Cruises in a row, did Aqua Spa each time, enjoyed it, but we got a deal on the Regal in Feb 2019 and couldn’t pass it up, 1300 dollars cheaper for a mini suite vs an Aqua Spa. Reason we left before was the smoking policy on balconies with Princess, there is no worries about that now. Though I see they still allow smoking in the casino and celebrity is smoke free I believe inside. The other major reason we are coming back is the last cruise we felt we got nickeled and dimed to death on Celebrity. I was asked 31 times in 3 days about a Beverage package and about 40 times through out the cruise about speciality dining. So what major difference will we see? I can tell you this Princess Cruise personalizer is far superior to Celebrity, that is incredible. Also reading the board I see that the medallion thing is an interesting and hot topic. We met a couple last week from the Caribbean Princess in St Maarten and they loved the high speed internet, and the medallion. They said they had been on over 100 cruises and it was the fastest internet they have ever had and over all it was one of their best cruises. I see it’s suppose to be on the Regal, along with potentially new bedding by the time we go in Feb 2019. Any tips on things changed? I see the speciality restaurants are much more reasonable than Celebrity, does anyone know if either has a Soufflé for dessert? Or does the MDR have a Soufflé? It’s my wife’s thing and it’s an Anniversary Cruise, so I have to make sure she gets a soufflé. How does one book the Chefs Table? Any info would be appreciated.
  11. Coming from our last four cruises with Celebrity all in the Blu we looked into Club Class, 600 dollars per per more for a Mini Suite wasn’t going to happen. We could do the Chefs Table and and speciality dining every night and save money about 800 dollars.
  12. Interesting, I posted a bunch of pics to Instagram, added captain Kate and celebrity to my hash tags, I have had two phone calls in the past two days! I had very nice feedback, because the cruise was very good and you make the best of things. I did give a couple of suggestions (about upselling). And the other about the an event they use to do, it was a navigation by the stars on the lawn club at night, The staff captain handled it and it was truly a unique event. I received a follow up phone call asking for more details today about those two items. Nice to see Celebrity listens. Not sure if it was from my instagram or what, but I appreciate it.
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