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  1. I can't worry either - you can't book any cruises until April 21st in the Caribbean. We are on the Edge on the 12th. Just going to wait it out and see what the cruise line does.
  2. If you go to April, Caribbean, 2020 The first available cruise that comes up is April 21st - Its the only cruise in fact that comes up as available for April 2020 in the Caribbean.
  3. My travel agent said they haven’t received anything official from Celebrity, she sent me the link and I sent her the link that still is active and says April 12th is cancelled. sigh what a cluster
  4. My TA just said Royal will resume operations April 11th but she still hasn’t received anything as to what cruises are canceled as of yet, sounds like they are in the dark also.
  5. Apparently neither have Travel Agents So sorry you are in PR already.
  6. lol my bad sorry Apparently the TA don't even have details, sounds like they rushed the PR out. My TA just said as I typed this, no official details as of yet. So who knows.
  7. From my TA They have not sent anything to anyone yet. I have people cruising this weekend that have only heard it from me. They haven’t sent details to agents or guests yet. As soon as I hear, I will let you know!
  8. Isn’t it March 13th? Wouldn’t April 13th be 30 days? not trying to be a smart a just asking? as someone else said rookie mistake on the press release give dates, locations, and what they are offering.
  9. Very true - this thing changes hourly, so we could wake up tomorrow and they cancel all cruises.
  10. Yep - (Virgin also) but the three largest, Carnival Corp (overall) Royal and NCL are still sailing. Doesn’t shock me, kind of figured the cruise industry overall would be the last to react.
  11. Disney Cruise Line just canceled all cruises for two weeks. Disney closed all parks Universal closing all parks Cruise lines have to be next? Don’t they?
  12. Disagree all you want, that is your personal preference, I would much rather be at Disney World then on a cruise ship and I don't think I am the only one that believes that as Disney World is slammed today. With that said, I am not putting myself or family at risk by going on our April Cruise, and will probably cancel our June Royal cruise and I am not stepping foot on Disney property for another 60 days at least. I could see them shutting down Disney, but, they haven't shut down the cruise industry as of yet. So who knows what will happen.
  13. We went to Disney 61 times last year, and 45 times the year before, I started to get sick from someone in line at Disney one time, went home ( yes I am a local) went to bed and was fine the next morning. been on 25 plus cruises and we clean the walls, ceiling, drapes, bathroom with Clorox wipes and lysol the room multiple times the first day and we always end up getting a sore throat or cold on a ship. we clean our hands like crazy, don’t do the buffet, and don’t touch hand rails, but we still end up getting sick. I personally think Disney especial
  14. We are booked on the Edge on April 12th I have friends in the industry and they all told me to wait because they could see a full refund coming due to canceling cruises. They also said that the industry may have to make 6 days cruises from 7 day, 24 hours to clean their ships and give their staff some rest before the next cruise starts. I heard something big was coming, a lot of people here in Florida feel that the Cruise industry is going to try everything in their power (obviously) not to cancel cruises, but there is some major federal and state pressure to act this
  15. Maybe, seems as though it changes from sailing to sailing and even in the same sailing. I almost forgot, we got two main courses at almost every meal. Actually three main courses, my wife and I would get one each and one to split. Never had an issue at 150 or Jamie's, never asked at Chops, but they brought us lobster for lobster night, and we had escargot every night also we ate at Chops. Never made a fuss.
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