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  1. Yes round trip. Thanks for the tips.
  2. Yeah, we want to go as close to our anniversary in November as possible.
  3. We would be going in November actually. Not that it is a big deal.
  4. that is the exact cruise we are looking at. Sky princess October 10th! Do you think Princess will do the anniversary thing even if our anniversary is 3 weeks after the cruise date? We cruised princess on our honeymoon and were very happy with them.
  5. Hi everyone, I can’t decide between these two cruises. I know that they are very different destinations but interested in any feedback regarding these options. This would be a trip for my 10th wedding anniversary with my husband. Prices are comparable so that isn’t a factor. 1. 7 Day New England and Canada - Sky Princess - October 2. 7 Day New York to Bermuda - Norwegian Encore - November Thanks in advance!
  6. I think that is exactly right. That is the real question, which one to do now and which to do later. I’m really starting to think that I can’t go wrong with either choice.
  7. Lots of great feedback. Thanks again!
  8. Sorry for the confusion. This is not our second anniversary. It is just that we want to go in the next two years. It will be our way of celebrating TEN years of marriage. 😊
  9. We actually selected the itinerary we did for Alaska because it included Victoria. I have been there before and fell in love with it and would love to take my husband there. Although it is true that Vancouver Island is beautiful too. (I’ve been there, and Vancouver, also.) I just may have to see about other cruiselines going to Bermuda that time of year. This particular cruise does have 3 days in Bermuda. I’ve already checked Princess.
  10. Wow thanks everyone for the very thoughtful and thorough responses so far! My apologies as I guess I was vague in my first post. This would be my 4th cruise, so I wouldn’t say I’m that new to cruising. As far as timing, we would do Alaska either June or September. Bermuda would be November. I’ve done a ton of research so I’m already aware of the weather conditions that time of year in both locations. The Alaskan cruise is a round trip from Seattle. We have always wanted to do an Alaskan cruise as that is a place we have always wanted to visit, mainly for the scenery. But Bermuda would be much more convenient since we live on the East coast and we strongly desired to be away for our actual anniversary, which is in November. (I know Alaskan cruises don’t run in November.) Also Bermuda struck me as a more relaxing cruise compared to Alaska, where there are a bunch of ports and activities to pursue. Having the chance to just relax is appealing. I selected Princess because we have sailed Princess before (actually same ship as this cruise - Ruby Princess) and were very satisfied. Norwegian was our other choice because they were running the Bermuda cruise on the dates we wanted and I’ve heard good things about Norwegian. We are limited to 7 days for this cruise. I only mentioned the cost because I’m aware that there is a big difference but i don’t want it to be part of the equation in comparing the two cruises. Basically I don’t want to select a cruise based on cost alone. Please keep your responses coming! Thanks again!
  11. Hi fellow cruise lovers. My apologies if this is not the correct forum for this topic as I am new to this website. My husband and I would like to take a cruise in the next 2 years for our anniversary. The top 2 cruises that we are considering are much different. I am wondering if I can get some feedback regarding a cruise comparison and which you would be more likely to recommend. The choices are: 7 day cruise to Alaska with Princess Cruises VS 7 day cruise to Bermuda with Norwegian Cruiselines. I do know that the costs would be much different and Alaska would require us to fly to disembark while with Bermuda we would drive. I am mostly interested in comparison of the cruiselines/ships themselves and the destinations. This is something very special for us that we do not have a chance to do often and we don't want to make a wrong choice!! Thank you in advance. 😊
  12. Thanks everyone. My husband reminded me that we in fact did NOT book the thermal suite on Ruby Princess prior to our cruise almost 10 years ago. We took a tour and booked it on-board. It is nice to hear that they still have it. :-)
  13. I’m not sure that that is true. I’m pretty sure that my husband and I booked it in advance years ago. In fact, the cabin selection was based on whether we wanted to also book a Thermal suite or not. I could be mistaken but that is how I remember it.
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