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  1. Thanks for the suggestion UUNetBill. I took your advice and called T-mobile. Here's what they told me. While on the ship remove your sim card and use the ship's wi-fi. While in port, replace sim card and enter #766# to enable international data roaming which is part of my plan. Without international roaming turned on I could incur up to $15.00 per MB + tax/fees for using data. When returning to the ship enter #763# to turn off roaming and remove sim card. I have a plan that is 25 cents a minute for international calls so making calls won't be too expensive. However data charges are very expensive so by following the instructions they gave me I will supposedly not incur those. This information is for my specific plan so as you suggested it's best to call your carrier before setting sail.
  2. Here's another link for embarkation day. I found it helpful because it shows the dinner times for the restaurants and the time the pool is open etc. http://bigdogfoto.com/bdfoto/bdfoto2.php?user=drib-v&collection=253&album=4157&text=true
  3. Thank you all so much for your replies. I found them to be very helpful. As a backup to the suite phone I got my mom a simple flip phone so she can call me via wi-fi calling while we're on board. I checked with T-mobile and our plan charges 25 cents a minute for overseas calling should we need to call each other while exploring the ports of call. They did warn us to make sure not to use data or it would be uber expensive while off the ship. Any tips on how to avoid that would be appreciated. We are so excited for our cruise. We'll be headed to Miami from Dallas February, 20, 2020 and set sail on the Explorer February 21st. I will provide a full report for everyone. Since this is our first Regent Cruise I'll be very detailed from the eyes of a newbie. I've been reading the live post from those currently on the Explorer. It's been a wealth of information so thanks to all who have participated. Hopefully we'll escape earthquakes and by the time our cruise takes place Regent will figure out if the buffet is self serve or served by the staff and be consistent with their decision and have the staff ready either way. Small potatoes to me either way. We're not going to let those kind of things put a damper on things.
  4. Thank you so much for your reply. Based on your helpful information, I changed to the later flight. You are so right about feeling too rushed and/or missing our flight and not being able to get seats on a later flight at the last minute. That would be a terrible way to end a fabulous cruise vacation.
  5. Just curious....What was the arrival time per your itinerary? Was it 8:00 am? I'll be on the Explorer scheduled to arrive in Miami at 7:00 am on 3/2/2020 on the last day of the cruise. How long does it "usually" take to actually disembark the ship if the arrival time is accurate? We have a flight scheduled at 11:41 am out of Miami on disembarkation day. It's making me a little nervous and I'm seriously considering paying the penalty to change it to 1:48 pm instead. I felt our 11:41 flight time was within the Regent suggested 4 hour guideline for flights but after reading these posts I'm not so sure we'll make our flight home. I'd appreciate any advise anyone can offer.
  6. My mother, Doreen, and I (Linda) look forward to meeting you too Camillius! Good question regarding lunch options on embarkation day. This forum is very helpful.
  7. Here's a CC article that may be helpful: https://www.cruisecritic.com/articles.cfm?ID=419 - Seven Best Cruise Lines for Solo Travelers. NCL is number one on the list in terms of cost, a special place on board for solo travelers as well as special activities. Do your research and try it at least once to see if you want to do it again. You go girl!!!! I hope you go and have a wonderful time. I'm sure it will be hard if you're use to travelling with hubby but not having to share a cabin could be a refreshing change.
  8. Thank you all so much for your very helpful information. You are all such smart travelers and generous in sharing your experience!!
  9. Just got our cruise docs for our Explorer Caribbean Cruise leaving 02/21/2020 and it shows Terminal C out of the Port of Miami. From everything I've read, Regent usually goes out of Terminal J. I checked the Port of Miami Website and Terminal C construction was scheduled to be completed Fall of 2019. Not sure if that has anything to do with the terminal change. Just a heads up to check your cruise docs to make sure you get to the right terminal if you're sailing out of Miami. Happy New Year and happy cruising.
  10. Thank you travelwell for your kind words. So nice of you to gift your parents with luggage transport. It's great they can travel at the age of 84. I hope you have a wonderful World Cruise in 2021. I hope to be able to do that as well someday. I can tell you're a Regent family and that gives me confidence we picked the right cruise line.
  11. Hello everyone. My 82-year-old mother and I will be on the Explorer on February 21, 2020 from Miami to Miami on an Eastern Caribbean Cruise. We are very excited and can’t wait. As my mother’s primary caregiver, I have a few questions and would appreciate if any of you can help with the answers. I have tried to find the answers to these question by reading many posts, on both the Regent and the Florida Port boards but still have some questions. In the meantime, I’ve learned lots of valuable information and appreciate all who have shared their experiences. 1. Has anyone had experience getting a wheelchair at the Port of Miami? Mom can walk short distances but I want her to be able to get to the ship and into the cabin safely. Will we have to walk a long distance to get to the ship from the port terminal drop off point? The same question goes for disembarkation in terms of how far we will have to walk to get our luggage and get to the transportation area. The Port of Miami website says to call ahead to request a wheelchair. Has anyone else done this? I should also note we rented a wheelchair to be delivered to the cabin for the duration of the cruise but we may need wheelchair assistance getting to and from the ship on embarkation and disembarkation. 2. Embarkation time is posted at 12:00 pm. Should we wait and board after the “rush” so we can easily get an elevator to our cabin and maybe have a better chance of getting a wheelchair at the port? We can access our cabin at 1:00 pm but I’d rather wait until the crowds have thinned out. When do most folks board and how backed up do the elevators get? 3. Since the cruise begins and ends in a US port (we are US citizens,) is it necessary to go through customs upon disembarkation? If we must go through customs upon disembarkation, can any of you kind folks give me an idea on what the process is like and approximately how long it takes in the Port of Miami to go through customs? Do they have a Global Entry or Mobile Passport option? 4. The ship is scheduled to arrive at the Port of Miami at 7:00 am on the last day of the cruise. How long does it usually take until passengers can disembark one the ship is docked? 5. We’d like to ship our luggage to the ship, and have it shipped back home. If you’ve used Luggage Free or Luggage Forward, would you please share your experience on the process for them to retrieve your luggage upon disembarkation? Do they show up promptly or do you have to wait a long time for them? 6. Has anyone used the provided pre-cruise hotel at the Four Seasons Miami? If so, how substantial is the breakfast they provide? I’ve read some posts with issues about the free breakfasts and not enough food and/or a very meager breakfast in a small space that is not in the main dining room in other hotels. 7. We will have 15 minutes of free ship to shore phone time. If my mother wants to call my cell phone from the cabin phone (if I’m somewhere else in the ship) will she be able to use the ship to shore minutes? She is not able to use a cell phone proficiently to call or text. I will arrange with my cell service before we leave to get an international plan while we are at sea. Any helpful tips on how to communicate with travelling companions on board, given my mothers technical cell phone limitations would be appreciated. ' I appreciate any answers you can provide. I’ll contact Regent with any unanswered questions but thought I’d reach out to this forum first. My mother and I recently lost our husbands and are looking forward to some healing R&R. So, I hope you’ll understand the reason behind all my questions. If you’ll be on the February 21, 2020 cruise on the Explorer, I hope to meet you in person on the ship. I wish you all a Very Happy 2020 and very happy cruising. Thank you again to all who have posted helpful information on this forum!
  12. I think if you go to this link you can sign up: https://www.cruisecritic.com/rollcall/ select your ship and cruise date and you should be able to sign up. I think it's ridiculous that you can't attend without being on the manifest. I realize they need to plan a bit for these things but it's not like food and drinks are not already included in everyone's cruise fares. I hope you have a great cruise whether you attend or not. Don't let it ruin your sea day. Enjoy the beautiful ship. I wish you calm seas and a happy, healthy cruise.
  13. I don't know if this will be helpful for you but Scootaround Mobility serves Alaska cruise ports. You can rent a wheelchair, scooter, walker, rollater etc. They will place your rental in your cabin on embarkation and you can leave it there for pickup on disembarkation. Here is a link: https://scootaround.com/en/cruise-ports. It saves the hassle of checking your equipment on the plane. I am new to this topic but recently rented a transport wheelchair from them for my mother for our cruise out of Miami on Regent Seven Seas. Since so many cruisers have mobility issues the industry definitely needs to cater to these customers. I hope the trend continues in that direction. I'm sorry I can't be of more help. I wish you the best in finding a cruise where you can be safe, happy and comfortable.
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