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  1. If you want to go to Alcatraz make sure you book tickets as soon as possible, it often sells out in advance. Enjoy San Francisco!
  2. I think it's more related to the loading bridge that is used in Long Beach requires they board on deck 4 where the casino is. Since everyone has to walk through that area they make it nonsmoking until after embarkation. And no ship allows smoking on outside decks while they're bunkering fuel for safety purposes. Hopefully they'll update the boarding bridge since Panorama is going to be there for a while so normal boarding will be on deck 3. Suzy
  3. Yes it will be gold! Enjoy your Panorama cruise! Suzy
  4. We were just on the Vista earlier this month and there was one dispenser but there was both body wash and a separate shampoo to chose from. Have fun!
  5. We got off the Vista last Saturday and I've never seen so many people carrying off their own luggage! I'd say the Platinum and Diamonds started getting off about 8:15-8:30 and then they started calling floors. By 10:15 they'd only called 6 decks! It was a madhouse and people were hanging around and getting PO'ed. We almost missed out flight from HOU and it was at 12:45pm! I think CBP was slowing down the debarkation because once we got off the line was all the way back to the ship! Stay on the right side and grab a porter and they will take you all the way to the front of the line. Best $10 I ever spent! Good luck, and I hope you have a back up plan in case you don't make it. Suzy
  6. Hi All, Leaving on Saturday on the Carnival Vista. We're flying in Friday night and will stay at a hotel near Hobby airport and will take Uber out to the port Saturday morning. I'm sure we won't have too much of a problem getting a car to the port but I'm wondering is there any problem getting one when we're leaving the port? For our return we have a flight just before 1pm the following Saturday so it's too early to take Carnival's transportation and Galveston Express is charging 30/per person each way for their shared shuttles. We'll probably do self-debark so we'll be off fairly early, barring any fog problems, but has anyone had a problem getting an Uber? I'd hate to be stranded at the port for a while waiting for a ride. Thanks for any insight you all have! Suzy
  7. You might want to check with the vendor. I'm sure they're experts on the cruise passengers that come to their city and how they can find a way to accommodate them on their tours. Good luck! Suzy
  8. I believe ship time is one hour earlier than Puerto Vallarta time. When we took this same cruise last year on the Splendor we changed one time zone and then after PVR we changed back, I think we changed after Mazatlan since they're in the same time zone as Long Beach but I'm not 100% sure of that. Suzy
  9. I've taken my 26in rolling suitcase onboard when we left from Long Beach. Assuming they have they same size scanners yours would probably fit. I hope the cruise is fun and makes up for the stress of today! We're boarding the Vista next Saturday so we're keeping our fingers crossed! Suzy
  10. Thanks for all the insight into the Panorama! I'm sailing on her in February and am getting excited! I'm wondering if your scheduled time back in to Long Beach was 9am like my cruise is, and what time you actually docked. I'd really like to take a flight home at 10:30am from LGB as opposed to the next flight at 1pm but if we can't get off until 9am that will never work. When we sailed this same cruise this past February we were at the airport by 8:30am doing self-disembark so I'm wondering if it's likely going to be that same way this time. I appreciate any insight you can provide! Suzy
  11. Try clearing your computers cache. You're probably seeing an old cache version of the Carnival website.
  12. The San Francisco Cruise Terminal is at pier 27. Fisherman's Wharf technically starts at pier 35 and goes all the way down to Fort Mason. I'd say the best way to get around would probably be uber or taxi, or walking if you're in decent shape. It's all relatively flat along the water but the streets going inland can be pretty steep going uphill from there.
  13. We also took the Vallarta Eats tour last year and it was great! The guide was wonderful and told us so much about PV. And there was a TON of food, definitely go hungry!
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