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  1. No, it stays there even after they issue FCCs, at least in my case it did. They issued FCCs on one cancelled cruise a couple of weeks ago and that cruise, along with the other still appear in the list of past cruises.
  2. Not sure if state consumer protection laws would even apply to cruise lines but I did find this to be an interesting resource: https://www.fmc.gov/databases-services/consumer-affairs-dispute-resolution-services/
  3. I just logged on for kicks and our two cancelled cruises also show up in the past cruises records BUT they have no points assigned to them so I think they must just have a glitch in the system. Probably just a placeholder since they tend to re-use the same reservation number when you re-book a cancelled cruise and assign the credit to the new one. Having said that I would still call them about the MIA FCC because eventually you'll want to use it and no point in having to wait then for them to straighten it out.
  4. They can only blame it on incompetence until a clear pattern emerges... For two months you were one of the 55% who "chose" to accept FCC.
  5. They managed to charge my CC for the balance we owed on our shipboard account by 1PM on disembarking day, hours before we got home but now, some ten weeks later they are still making excuses as to why they can't give us that refund. I've said it before, the number one reason people don't pay what they owe is because they just don't have the money. They are bragging about how "most customers opt for FCC instead of refunds" to reassure their investors and the public, however, as has been seen here many times people are getting FCCs when they did opt for refunds. Celebr
  6. And the longer this shutdown goes on and the more precarious the cruise lines finances become makes it more likely that when they do open up there will be policies in place to limit the way FCC's are used. I don't expect it to be open, published policies but more like they will blackout certain cabins on the most popular cruises to cash only customers. Or the best "guarantee" cabins will go to those who paid with cash. After all, they already have the money from the FCC's. Just like the airlines and their points programs, I predict many will find they will find that using FCC's won't be as
  7. And I am also "the one" STILL waiting for the 25% refund we were all promised on that 3/6 sailing. Promises, promises. I finally put in a CC dispute on 25% of the fare against the charge for that cruise last week too. I didn't want to have to resort to that but after over two months (and Celebrity's attitude that they won't speak to me directly about any of this because we booked through VTG, our TA) forced me to take that step to elevate this as well. Someone here posted the story about what great guys the two board members were who loaned the cruise line
  8. Why does X handle their cancellations like this, so they can get headlines like this on the Motley Fool today: Royal Caribbean Expects to Return to Service on Aug. 1 We all know that cancelling cruises through July isn't really the same as expecting to return to service in August as this headline implies. If you read each of the four cancellation letters X has issued each says they expect to return to service but it's another lie. The fact is these cruise lines won't sail again until there's either a vaccine or effective proven treatment to prevent death fr
  9. And for anyone who thinks that Celebrity's careless wording of their cancellation notices isn't ambiguous I would refer them to the wording of Holland America's notice: "Guests who are currently booked on a cruise listed above will automatically receive a generous Future Cruise Credit (FCC). Guests who require a refund in lieu of the generous FCC offer are encouraged to inform us through our online cancellation preference form by June 1, 2020." (Italics added for emphasis) When offering an entitlement, there is NO question that "guests who are currently booked" is a di
  10. And it's the pattern of waiting until the last minute and putting their customers under duress that is their downfall. They have now done the same tactic at least three times. Telling people they had to act in a way that wasn't in their self-interest or risk losing more, just as they did to me on 3/12. I am sick of people who think X is acting in good faith, they have calculated to the day when it is most advantageous for them to cancel hoping people will take them up on the CWC and then once they do finally cancel and they deem some lucky ones worthy of refunds of their hard earned money t
  11. Anyone who thought they would be sailing this summer was delusional. My bet is there won't be any North America sailing anytime this year or well into next. I read the transcript of the call. Somebody should ask the boss why they continue to be able to take reservations (and deposits) in a timely manner but refunds "are taking up to 45 days" (this is the latest version of the lie). If they can take your money TODAY then they should be able to give it back today.
  12. Trying to understand the post - did you actually get the refund twice? A refund from X plus the dispute credit? If so, then I can understand them re-charging you but if not then why would you allow them to charge-back until you get the refund?
  13. We were booked on the 3/15 and 3/27 Silhouette sailings both of which X canceled on 3/13 (less than 24 hours after I canceled). I disputed charges for both being unwilling to accept 100% FCC when we received an email on 3/13 which I interpreted to be offering us the 125% FCC/100% refund offer. The 3/27 dispute has been accepted and settled in my favor while X tried to fight my dispute of the 3/15 cruise fare by stating to the CC company that the service was either "used or made available to me to use" so I have had to re-dispute that one just a few days ago and submitted the booking records
  14. My take on it is they pay the agents a sales commission to sell the trip, but then, after the sale if you have a question or an issue that needs tweaking making the guest who had been waiting on hold hang up and call the agent (who subsequently has to call Celebrity and then keep you on hold or call you back) just makes the experience frustrating and inefficient. There's very little the agents can do without calling Celebrity and so the extra step isn't "saving a Celebrity employee's time" it is just wasting a guest and agent's time. Everyone's (the agent and Celebrity) goal should be to mak
  15. When you get tired of the run-around, dispute the charges and let the CC company and Celebrity deal with it. And if they try to bounce the dispute, you can appeal it. The dispute process puts you in charge and you will have provisional credit immediately while the CC company does its research. Celebrity is playing the game that insurance companies like to play to hold onto your money as long as possible so they can use it while you cannot. Every dollar of yours they hold is one less they need to pay interest on to a bondholder and they know it. Tell them when they sta
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