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  1. Thanks for your thoughts. I ended up with a small suitcase that was "land clothing" left at the friend's home where we slept before and after the cruise (also my winter coat...as I come from the Midwest). We three had one largish-suitcase each, and a backpack. Suitcases fit under the bed, clothing in the closet. I did have some pieces that I creatively wore more than once (I mean -- when you have a fully sequined jacket for Mardi Gras...it also goes well with an 80's party and fun for formal dinner!) I had 1 shirt I didn't wear. No overweight fees with the airline coming or going, and I spent about 80 bucks total on souvenirs and gifts. Now my luggage and I are trying to figure out when we can cruise again....
  2. 2! Today is my last work day, then I fly to the west coast to spend a night with a friend before we board the Panorama on Saturday 2/22/20. My first cruise! Excited? Um...yeah!
  3. I know 50 pounds is the limit for flying on my airline...but does Carnival care if a bag (that is within their size dimensions) is a few pounds over...like 53? Starting my packing, and would rather move things from a carryon I'll leave behind to my one suitcase...
  4. Carnival didn't need my flight information, since I am arriving on Friday/leaving Sunday after a Saturday-Saturday cruise. I will not be using their bus transportation, so since my flight plans don't bump up against the cruise dates, the rep I spoke to said it was okay if I manually entered flight date in check in if I wanted, but that it wasn't necessary. I booked my own flights (not through Carnival).
  5. I had the same issue. I didn't book through Fly2Fun, and I'm not using Carnival transportation to the ship. Since I'm coming in the day before and leaving the day after cruise, when I called, was told it didn't really matter. So I found some Southwest flights similar to mine...
  6. Newbie here! We will be a group of 3. One of the cabinmates doesn't drink at all, the other two may have 3-4 drinks over the course of the entire 7 days. So Cheers makes zero sense for us...yes, even with the fancy coffee, etc. So I know all drink charges and gratuities will go on Sail and Sign cards. But...if one person wants to pay for a drink for both, how does that work? Will the bartender place both on one card? Is there a 5 minute wait, since one person is purchasing both?
  7. Well, 4 weeks from my cruise (yay!) and FTTF showed up again (after being offered, bought, cancelled and refunded in December). I've read that my sailing date is pretty much sold out, so maybe now they have a more accurate headcount? Anyway, purchased again (it's really important to one of my cabinmates...me, I'm a newbie) and hoping this time it sticks. 2/22/20 Panorama sailing.
  8. I got that same email, same non-explanation...and the link to sign up for "specials and news" at the bottom of that email is busted. I'm going to have a fine first ever cruise!!...but the glitchiness sometimes is frustrating.
  9. The FTTF came off my planner, off boarding passes and luggage tags. Got this email regarding the cancellation of FTTF for 2/22/20 cruise. I find it interesting that the reason, if you read it, is "due to ." No explanation. Also, the link to sign up for "exclusive News and Specials" is busted. I'm going to have a fine first ever cruise!!...but the glitchiness sometimes is frustrating.
  10. When I called, was told it was too many P/D's...but I'd think they would know that after final payment day, which was a couple weeks ago...BEFORE FTTF purchase was offered. Rep claimed no glitch. Now hopefully also no glitch in getting my money back!
  11. What gave you that wonder? Carnival's site states that FTTF will be offered starting with Feb 2020 cruises...so when I called about my 2/22/20 sailing date, and the rep sold it to me, I figured I was set. I know Carnival isn't having their Best Day Ever today...but it would have been nice to get a notification from them before I found out on social media and had to follow up myself. Oh, well...still get to take a great first trip!
  12. Faster to the Fun is being pulled from Panorama sailings. 😞 At least mine, 2/22/20 -- called and was told that there are too many Suite/Platinum passengers....the $109.95 is still on my credit card...told I'd be refunded in 10 business days. So...check yours and see if you get to keep it for your sailing dates. Sigh...
  13. About to call, but I looked in my Planner and see that the FTTF I purchased for my 2/22/20 Panorama Cruise is no longer showing up...my credit card still shows the charge. Am seeing on Facebook groups that this is happening to other sailing dates, too....will update after I hear from Carnival...but grrr...
  14. Did you try calling Carnival? I was able to get it for my 2/22/20 sailing...and it never showed up on the website or HUB for me...
  15. So I kept searching online...still nothing showing up under the Shore Excursions tab. So I tried searching "FTTF - Long Beach" I was able to see it, click "add to cart"...then nothing. Cart stayed empty. Just called Carnival this morning, and was able to book it for our 2/22/20 cruise! Seems like a phone call might be in order...that Carnival website is...something.
  16. Where did you see the FTTF showing at all, even sold out? I'm sailing 2/20/20, and have been checking daily under Shore Excursions/Long Beach...nothing shows up except the bus from the airport. I know they say they are offering it beginning with February 2020 cruises...but not showing yet. Enjoy the Inaugural...bring back a full report and lots of pictures for this first-time cruiser!
  17. Okay...first time cruiser here. Searched here and at carnival's site couldn't find this stated clearly...will be at 90 days and able to do online check in this weekend. My friend made the reservation for our group of 3. Can I check myself in (I'll be traveling across country to get to them and the port, so know they will want my travel details, etc) or is it room level? Are there details (like passport #) that we each need to enter?
  18. Yes! From looking at deck plans, this appears to be the setup...and this should work perfectly for the three of us! So happy to get a visual. Hurry, up, February!!
  19. @bmar808 -- that is incredibly helpful!! Friend #1 (who has booked the room) volunteered to use the upper Pullman as hers, so we can keep the couch available all the time. Seeing the height, etc in your photo is great. Appreciate your help!
  20. I'm just the newbie third person. My friend booked the cabin and, looking at the key for the deck plans, it states that our room number has: two twin beds [convert to king], single sofa bed and 1 upper Pullman. There are three of us listed for the room at this time... So till hoping that someone can tell me, if indeed this is the room type we are in, if the Pullman or sofabed is the less obstructive option. Thanks.
  21. So we are a group of three average-sized adult women friends who just booked 7 days on Carnival Panorama. Requested the main beds to be made up as twins...which is less in the way (we have a balcony room) -- the Pullman used as a bed, with the couch left as a couch, or the Pullman left closed and the couch made up?
  22. Exactly, and that's what I'm planning to do! I was just wondering if Carnival's site will only accept the cruiser #3 fare payment on the site, or if I can adjust the amount I pay to them. If not, I'll be reimbursing the other 2 cruisers the difference...no question of sharing the costs equally...just want to know the best logistics of doing it.
  23. Very helpful, thanks!! So another question -- I'm going to be listed cruiser #3 in our balcony room, I see the fare is greatly reduced for person #3. So will the fare be split as it shows on the breakdown (yes, I'm wearing out the website researching as she gets ready to book) or will/can it be broken into thirds?
  24. A friend with many cruises under her belt is putting together a cruise on Panorama (eeee!!) for herself, another friend and me in Feb 2020. She will finalize the booking this week. We will each be paying our share. So...she said she's willing to pay the deposit up front, we can pay her back, and says the balance will be due in December. That's fine...my questions are more logistic, I suppose... 1. Will each of us have access to the booking to go in and pay, or will she need to pay and have us reimburse her? 2. If I want to add wifi, will that be something I can add and pay for, or will that have to go through her (not a problem, just don't want to make things harder on anyone...) 3. Same with pre-booking a spa treatment and/or excursions...I'm assuming we can do these individually...right? 4. Will we each have our own sign and sail card, attached to our own payment method? Can that be set up prior to sailing? Thanks...I couldn't find these answers on Carnival's help site...and I know there is a wealth of knowledge here! (And of course, she lives in Cali, I'm in the Midwest...so getting funds to her is no big...but not just dropping a check off with a cup of coffee!)
  25. Thanks to all who have replied (and @Joebucks - I didn't edit myself too well...I was hoping to find for her things other than the not-healthy standard "sure - we have one vegetarian option" I see at many restaurants...which is the pizza/veggie burger route...) I'm thrilled to learn there's a vegetarian option in the MDR every night, and she (and I) love Indian food, and a variety of healthy and fun foods (hey, it's a cruise!) will be fun to try!
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