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  1. You're we'll past final payment, bidding is your only option imo. if the price drops, you may be able to get an OBC, but insofar as upgrading your room by rebooking the lower rates, I'm afraid.that ship has sailed. Once you've made final payment, that's it. You're locked in for your cabin and price, unless you go through the upgrade advantage program. If you can and they're available, I'd bid on a spa m/s over the standard m/s. Or throw a few bids out there. Thats my advice. I've heard stories of people upgrading their cabins after final payment by calling their PCC/ta and paying the difference but not sure if that's policy or luck of the draw.
  2. the premium plus bucket plan comes with a shot of johnnie walker blue and a towel. You just have to decide if that's worth the extra money though.
  3. My flight for an upcoming cruise is being arranged through the NCL free/reduced flights promo. Im assuming if I want to have my TSA pre check number added to the ticket that I'll need to call flight department. From what I've read here though, the time it will take on hold will be more than I'll spend in the regular TSA line. Anybody have experience with this? Could my PCC add this or is there a way to email the flight booking people? im stilll a few months out so they haven't actually made the reservations yet but I think it'll be soon-ish. thanks
  4. Exactly. When the bars are busy, especially the ones by the pools on sea days, it's nice to be able to make eye contact with the bartender, give a knowing nod, and have your drink magically appear. For this reason, I try to have a "go to" drink. Had a great bartender in 15 on the getaway, Larry. I'd give him a nod across a sea of people,then hold up 1 finger for a vodka tonic, 2 for a vodka strawberry daiquiri or 3 for drink of the day. Total cost for bartenders and pool side servers, $100-ish for amazing service. I was happy, they were happy. IMO best value on the trip.
  5. Joy has the brew house as well, and is also a new ship....although technically a year older than bliss. I think the main difference on the bliss is the thermal spa, which the Joy replaced with the galaxy pavilion. Also, joy has concierge class cabins, upgraded and larger rooms with access to a concierge. For some this could be a sweet spot between regular cabins and the haven.
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