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  1. I noticed that a lot of times when someone takes the card at restaurants, theatre, guest services,they wipe it down after (it's a subtle move). Youre right though, there are many people handling your card. Just gotta wash those mitts! protip: if you're so inclined, catch the Beatles at the cavern club a few times. Got to get there an hour early, almost as long as the show itself, but worth it! They also play in the theatre on Sat. Since this is your first cruise, and you're in the haven, I'd also add: use the concierge! often you make reservations, etc in
  2. Hope you have as great of a time as I did. Looks like you got some rain yesterday, how was embarkation? Seems like we can put the joy in the "business as usual" category now. protip: cover your drink at the end of Elements. Just sayin.
  3. Yes, along with throw pillows/decorative bed pillows which were missing until last night.
  4. I’ve heard from a few staff that the next cruise will indeed be back to normal. Still haven’t heard of any problems w/ noro etc on the current cruise so I think you should be good. Still need to be vigilant about hand washing tho!
  5. Not yet. I saw attendants with nespresso machines on the hall but don’t have in cabin yet. Was able to get ice but had to ask.
  6. The boarding was pretty long. NCL notified us to show up to the pier from 130-330, cruise to depart at 4. We got there at 12, stood in line for 2 hours; it snaked all down the terminal. Heard the problem was getting the waiting room clear / clean. It wasn’t too bad I guess, just a lot of waiting. Once they opened the doors we were through checkin and onboard in 10 minutes. Insofar as the continuing sanitation, just heard the buffet is now self service. We’ll see if other restrictions are relaxed, but so far so good. There was non noro emergency. Heard guest had a stroke yest
  7. Yes, there’s ice and cups in the buffet. All the usual stuff. Only difference is you have to have someone get it for you. Honestly I think they’re doing an admirable job. Staff are friendly but working their tales off keeping everything clean.
  8. On joy now, yes they’re still in full sanitation mode; buffet is not self service, paper menus, no condiments on table , no coffee machines in cabins (I’m in a concierge and was looking forward to the nespresso too), no ice/ice buckets. Is there anything in particular you wanted to know?
  9. In another thread a passenger on the 24 Nov - 1 Dec sailing took a pic of a letter they received from ncl that gave them the option of a refund if they were not comfortable embarking. One would think passengers embarking 1 Dec would have that option as well. IMO, even after back to back outbreaks, I am still sailing. Will be taking somewhat more extreme measures than usual; bringing latex gloves, disposable face masks, disinfectant wipes. Y'all can make fun of me all you want...I'll suffer the slings and arrows in MOPP 4. flight leaves early tomorrow and still very much looking forw
  10. Where did you see this report? Can you provide a link? I'm on the 1 Dec sailing and have been trying to find reports of an outbreak on the current 24 Nov cruise.
  11. You're we'll past final payment, bidding is your only option imo. if the price drops, you may be able to get an OBC, but insofar as upgrading your room by rebooking the lower rates, I'm afraid.that ship has sailed. Once you've made final payment, that's it. You're locked in for your cabin and price, unless you go through the upgrade advantage program. If you can and they're available, I'd bid on a spa m/s over the standard m/s. Or throw a few bids out there. Thats my advice. I've heard stories of people upgrading their cabins after final payment by calling t
  12. the premium plus bucket plan comes with a shot of johnnie walker blue and a towel. You just have to decide if that's worth the extra money though.
  13. My flight for an upcoming cruise is being arranged through the NCL free/reduced flights promo. Im assuming if I want to have my TSA pre check number added to the ticket that I'll need to call flight department. From what I've read here though, the time it will take on hold will be more than I'll spend in the regular TSA line. Anybody have experience with this? Could my PCC add this or is there a way to email the flight booking people? im stilll a few months out so they haven't actually made the reservations yet but I think it'll be soon-ish. thanks
  14. Exactly. When the bars are busy, especially the ones by the pools on sea days, it's nice to be able to make eye contact with the bartender, give a knowing nod, and have your drink magically appear. For this reason, I try to have a "go to" drink. Had a great bartender in 15 on the getaway, Larry. I'd give him a nod across a sea of people,then hold up 1 finger for a vodka tonic, 2 for a vodka strawberry daiquiri or 3 for drink of the day. Total cost for bartenders and pool side servers, $100-ish for amazing service. I was happy, they were happy. IMO best value on the trip.
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