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  1. If it’s one of those portable, light weight folding scooters (the kind that is basically like a large-ish carry-on when folded) you shouldn’t have problems taking it on excursions. The NCL accessibility dept will be able to give you more specific info; https://www.ncl.com/about/accessible-cruising. if it’s one of the full size ones you may have some difficulty. In either case, tendering should not necessarily be a problem. IME the crew is very friendly and accommodating in regards to getting you/your scooter on the tender (thinking back, these were 3rd party tenders, might be differe
  2. Have a dec cruise on the bliss and had a question about access to the vibe beach club. Is there an elevator that goes up to deck 19, or is it only accessible by stairs like on the getaway? Bliss deck plans on ncl show one elevator on deck 19 but the orientation of the opening doesn’t make sense so would just like some confirmation. thanks
  3. Couldn’t agree more. You’re part of the solution or the problem. If the latter I’d very much chose to not spend my vacation around you.
  4. I love this “designated vaccine area” idea. NCL cannot verify your COVID status prior to boarding in FL, but oh you want to go to the buffet? Thats a vaccination only area. Swimming pool? Let’s see the card. It’ll be interesting to see how far they take this. Maybe they say you can board without proof but it’s needed if you want to leave your cabin.
  5. I heard, in one of the many prima videos, mention of renting a cabana; believe it was in the outdoor lounge. Hopefully we’ll have more information soon.
  6. Anyone know when the full deck plans are to be released or info about entertainment and shows? I really appreciate all of the leaked plans and insider info (thanks to all who have posted) but would like to see the full enchilada!
  7. Wow, the handicap accessible cabins and balconies look interesting to say the least. Wonder how accurate this pic is vs real world.
  8. The prices seem much lower than I expected. Thinking about cancelling my dec bliss/mex riviera, which may or may not happen, for the joy out of Jamaica in oct since it’s not as much of a risk of not going. Congrats!
  9. NCL Caribbean cruise on the joy and Gem out of Jamaica and the DR respectively. Good news!
  10. Face coverings are currently required for guests while indoors except for in their own accommodations and while eating and drinking in restaurants, bars and lounges or outdoors when physical distancing is not possible. glad they left that exception; that account for about 95% of my time on board. Don’t want to wear a mask? Better keep drinking! I’m glad this letter was sent to the cdc though. It officially put the ball square in their court. Here’s what we want, here’s exactly what we’re doing. Good on NCL.
  11. you can also have ncl change your flight to arrive a day or two earlier, or depart a day or two later. In the past it was a $25 fee. You can still take their airport transfer even if you land a day earlier, which may or may not be convenient/cheaper or give you extra piece of mind (generally speaking taxis in Europe can be expensive). I have found the flights/scheduling to be pretty good from my experience. Good luck and have fun! No matter how long you’re there for, I’d recommend a Rick steves guide.
  12. Lol that’s awesome. I wondered if that was uncle Albert in your profile pic. During the war....
  13. I noticed that a lot of times when someone takes the card at restaurants, theatre, guest services,they wipe it down after (it's a subtle move). Youre right though, there are many people handling your card. Just gotta wash those mitts! protip: if you're so inclined, catch the Beatles at the cavern club a few times. Got to get there an hour early, almost as long as the show itself, but worth it! They also play in the theatre on Sat. Since this is your first cruise, and you're in the haven, I'd also add: use the concierge! often you make reservations, etc in
  14. Hope you have as great of a time as I did. Looks like you got some rain yesterday, how was embarkation? Seems like we can put the joy in the "business as usual" category now. protip: cover your drink at the end of Elements. Just sayin.
  15. Yes, along with throw pillows/decorative bed pillows which were missing until last night.
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