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  1. Yeh .. I am with you on this @Mike981. Got the best possible airfares for this trip :). Being in the cruise game for the first time, I give it to them..if i like the experience and do decide to take a cruise in future..i am sure i will beat them in their pricing game 🙂
  2. What is frustrating though is I don't see the cruseline having any interest in up selling their remaining inventory. They are more interested in keeping the lower category rooms filled up, as they may be thinking that an obstructed view will be difficult to fill up, that becomes available if the customer is sold a to higher category.
  3. Yeh.. in most possibility it seems to be the case. For me, TA doesn't seems to be flexible at all. I did call the cruse-line to hear their view and as per them few things to depend on TA.
  4. I booked under non refundable category and already paid in full, so not much to get back. Sticking with my current reservation.
  5. I booked obstructed ocean view for 7 night cruise to Alaska(6-7 months in advance). Now that the cruise is coming up next month, I see whole lot of fairs that are way below for full view ocean view and slightly more for balcony and Suites. I requested paid upgrade to Suite or Balcony or complementary upgrade to full view ocean view (Since their current price is way less than what i paid for obstructed view). They are quoting astronomically high price than the current advertised price. I called up the cruise-line directly and they said to work with the travel agency with which i booked my tickets. I kind of feel cheated. Is this how this industry work in general?
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