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  1. We have GTY balcony for our cruise in March, it’s paid in full but still no assigned cabin.
  2. This is my first time doing this and it was a huge savings so I did it. This is also my second time cruising with RC. I looked online and the good thing about it Harmony balcony cabins are not blocked by life boats which is a good thing
  3. Thanks. We don’t sail till March 2020 on the Harmony
  4. How long after paying your cruise off will they assign your guaranteed balcony cabin? First time ever purchasing a guaranteed cabin. Sorry if this has been asked before but I tried searching.
  5. This is why I always fly in a day or two before depart. Especially winter months
  6. It’s myself, my husband, my brother in-law, sister in-law and my Mom. We are thinking Mediterranean cruise in 2021. As we all have cruises next year already planned. So it would be whatever boat is doing that cruise. I’m already on the Allure next sept for a Western Mediterranean cruise.
  7. I’m trying to plan a cruise for my family, 5 adults. (2 couples and my Mom) What is the best option cabins with joining doors or would a suite be best? Never stayed in a suite before only cabins. Can you share your experience with both? Thanks in advance
  8. Mine is working fine, only 3 people have signed up on the RCI page.
  9. I print luggage tags and place them in my plastic holders and attach them to our luggage as soon as I collect them from the airport.
  10. I will email special needs and ask A) if allowed and B) should I carry on or if it’s ok to put in luggage
  11. I was only going to carry 1 in my carry on and the others in my suit case checked. That way any issue in security I will drink it right on spot. Since they are 11oz, not allowed in carry on in airports. Thanks for heads up tho
  12. Thanks so much. I love this website, my brother and sister in-law told me about this site as they’re Yearly cruisers. I’ve learned so much so far.
  13. I’m going to call RCI, because it’s something I need for medical reasons. I even carry a doctors note when flying so I don’t have issues. Thanks
  14. Yeah I heard about the $18 a day, wish I got in on that one. Lol
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