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  1. I decided to bid on suites since last week none were available now there is because of cancellations. We currently have ocean view balcony.
  2. Mine said deck 10 for weeks then I was assigned a ocean view balcony on deck 10
  3. That’s good to know! Even if I don’t win my bid I am happy with the current cabin assignment!
  4. 30 days out today for Harmony of The Seas and I wake up to assigned cabin #10156. Ocean view balcony. I’m excited!
  5. I had a GTY balcony, did royal up for a more spacious balcony. 30days out today and got my room assignment so I guess I didn’t win the royal up!
  6. That’s great. I’m sitting at 38 days out waiting for cabin assignment
  7. I was told they can assign it GTY room the morning you check in to sale. As they have royal up offers where people can bid for a better room, you will wait. Someone is willing to pay for a balcony that’s not obstructed view or is slightly larger. I have GTY balcony for my March 22 sailing and also put a bid in for a royal up off.
  8. I’m with you! Prepay is the only way I go! All costs up front and no surprise bills at the end.
  9. Thanks I will see if I can read the bar code with my apple wallet like someone else said. It probably won’t say anything as I did an offer on a Royal Up offer for a larger more spacious cabin/balcony. I doubt I will win as I bid $20 more then the minimum lol
  10. So I’m at 46 days out from sailing. Edocs are ready, I still see GTY for cabin and it says Deck 10. Will that change once they assign me a cabin or am I on deck 10?
  11. I haven’t heard anything on my bid but travel date is not till March 22 on Harmony.
  12. Im quite adoptable 🤣🤣 I could be your new favourite niece from Canada 🤣🤣
  13. Every port we stop in is 10-12hr stop. So plenty of time. I thought most posts are far from the main attractions on this cruise? I’ve been to Europe plenty of time’s but my mom hasn’t so I want her to experience it as best as possible.
  14. It’s not on them tho. Their Genie included them, so that is her call to make. So if she added them, then the problem is not the cruisers. How can you get upset at the cruiser about this when it’s not even in their control? It’s the Genie making this all happen. A Genie’s job is to literally make sure you have the best cruise possible, so clearly this is what she was doing. No harm no foul on part of the cruiser, plus you know the Genie got the ok from her boss.
  15. Thanks for the advice. I greatly appreciate it. This cruise is a working one for my Mom. It’s a huge group of Nurses.
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